Neither ever came, but around seven pm there was a knock at the door.

Awakened from my nap, I tried to sit up. Even though my sleep had been peaceful, the moment I was upright my illness came crashing back down upon me. Ughhhh. I was tempted to lay back down and wait for whoever it was to go away. I was in no mood for company, but as fate, or curiosity, would have it, I looked out the window.

I certainly was not expecting who I saw.

Top Tier monster smooching material from Heroes of The Storm

A guide to “kissable monster skins”

Sweet snout. Most excellent face and A++ teeth. Lower jaw kinda moves separately from the top when he talks so that’s great.
His “lovebug” skin speaks for itself tbh. His pincers say “giant insect”, but his carapace says “gentle lover”. Also one of his voice lines is “kinky”…so you know you’re gonna have a good time.

Have a monstrously good time with the lord of destruction in their lovable Kaiju skin! Bonus: also comes in “deep sea” variety for extra cuddlyness.
For those not afraid of the rough stuff! Piercing eyes and strong arms. Plus a kill-to-death ratio that is off the charts.

NOW WE’RE TALKING.A skull face that’s his actual face? Glowing eyes? Mile long tongue? Claws? This is A+
Another A++ choice. Tassador’s “Anubis” skins are most excellent. Big ol’ teeth and nasty ol’ face. The Good Shit.

Now here’s something for the gay ladies out there. This zerg queen has many arms and pincers to hold you with, plus she’s a queen so you KNOW she’ll treat you right.
(Infested) Tychus
Tychus of the infested variety. The only variety that matters. End of story.

Chapter Two – A Party to Remember.

 You sat on the couch with Lex, you were enjoying catching up with her as Connor’s teammates filled into the house. You took another sip from the red solo cup resting in your hand when you felt the other side of the couch dip beside you. You turned your head and caught the glance of your red-haired best friend.

“Brownie!” You exclaimed cuddling into his side mid-hug.

“You got started early on the drinks?” he questioned raising an eyebrow.

“I can’t just be happy to see you? It really has been too long.”

“Well someone was off being a smarty pants at some prestigious college. What was the name again…?” He began to act like he was racking his brain for the answer.

“Don’t remind me or I will need more alcohol.” You giggled.

“You do know that we are going to talk about it eventually right?”

“But I am going to avoid it for as long as I can.” You raised your cup.

“I wouldn’t expect anything different.” He chuckled as he hit your cup with his own.

Auston’s POV

I watched as she sat next to Brown making some kind of conversation. I couldn’t take my eyes away as I watched her head move back in laughter. She was gorgeous, I was unaware of how she could be related to Carrick.

“She is going to think you’re creepy if you keep staring at her like that.” Mitch chirped from his place beside me, taking another sip from his beer.

“I am not staring. I am taking long glances.” I answer taking a swig from my own.

“She is pretty. But it looks like Capone already has dibs on her.” Mitch noted

“I think they are just close from Connor’s Marlies days.” I stated, or at least I had hoped.

“Are you two still talking about my sister?” I heard questioned from behind me, causing me to jump.

“Uh..Uh…No.” I stumbled with my words.

“Listen Matts, I already warned her about you but I have a feeling she’s not going to listen to me on the matter.”

“Warn her?” I cocked my head towards my teammate.

“It’s nothing against you Matts, she has been through a lot in the last year. She’s not one of those girls you normally go for, she is my sister.”

“I would never do that to her or you Carrick.”

“Well then go talk to her then buddy. Mitch is right, if you keep staring she will think you are creepy.” Carrick quipped as he patted my back. I watched as she stood from her place on the couch leaving Brown behind. I followed behind her as she headed outside.


You excused yourself from the couch, the loud music that the boys had playing was giving you a headache. Connor nodded and turned his attention to a conversation between Zach and Willy. You walked outside and glanced at the night sky. You sat down on the edge of the porch when you heard footsteps between you. You turned your head slightly and watched the tall figure come and sit beside you.

“Hope you don’t mind the company.” Auston noted as he looked ahead.

“Not at all, just a little loud in there. I forgot how loud a bunch of hockey players can get.” You smiled.

“We do get pretty loud don’t we?” He asked sending you a smile of his own.

You both sat there for what seemed like forever. Auston made you feel so comfortable. It was like you had known the boy forever. You talked about stupid things that didn’t really matter. You were just so happy that for the first time in a long someone was treating you like a normal person. He wasn’t asking you a million questions about college or where it went wrong. You were happy, genuinely happy.

So when he leaned in, so did you. You weren’t sure where the conversation had taken a turn to get you here but you weren’t complaining. Your lips met with Auston and as cliché as it sounded you felt the sparks. You both scooted closer to one another. You allowed the moment to get away from the both of you. That was until you heard a thump against the back door.

You both snapped your heads towards the door and saw a very guilty looking Mitch and Will. They looked like deer in headlights. Mitch offered you a quick wave before running off into the house. You covered your face with a giggle.

Auston met you with a chuckle. “As much as I don’t want to, if we don’t go inside, Mitch will have told the entire team before long.”

You nodded as Auston helped you up from your place on the porch. You followed behind as you both walked inside. You were met with expectant smirks from everyone, well everyone except for Brown. You didn’t think you could turn any redder.

Living with Connor might be fun.