Some Voltron art on the AJ Art Studio, which is literally what I call, “Death of my hand” 

What I’m saying is, the Art Studio has no layers whatsoever, and no way to erase anything, so you are literally stuck trying to find a way to make everything look good. It’s honestly so painful to my hand, but when I finish these “masterpieces,” I am very proud of them.

I happen to be the only Voltron artist in the whole community too :,)

Heavy referencing was put into some of these, including the black lion and the red lion with Keith, the red paladin. I didn’t reference anything else though, those came from my imagination!

Hopefully I don’t sound to cheesy but here, take them all!!

In other news, Steffan is gay for Byrnjolf and it’s the funniest thing because he’s a dramatic asshat.