So Ryan, we are done. All your working has paid off and given you a wonderful home. 

It has, but I feel that this isn’t the end. 

It isn’t, but for me torturing you, it is. For now at least. 

You fill me with such confidence. 

Don’t worry, you will still get to enjoy the house. You will just have to keep an eye open for what I do next. 

I will sleep with one eye open then.

Haha, very funny. Should have put you in the comedic career. I know someone who would have enjoyed seeing you in a clown costume. 


  • Atsushi:I'm... grounded?
  • Dazai:*folds arms* Yes, you're grounded!
  • Kunikida:You disobeyed an order.
  • Ranpo:[holds up a shovel] and now we're gonna bury you 'til you've learned your lesson!
  • Fukuzawa:Ranpo... that's not how grounding works
About RP asks/ims

Okay folks.  This will not apply to the vast majority of you but I think I need to make a public announcement as I’ve had an uptick in this particular kind of activity.  I don’t role play online.  The only RPing I do is with a character sheet and a 20-sided-die across the table from really good friends.  If you send me a message “in character” I will not play along.  It’s not something I have any interest in.  I don’t like to single out fandoms like this but it really has been people with homestuck-style avatars who send me bizarre or antagonistic messages “in character.”

I have been on the Internet a long time and have become very liberal with the block button.  This is because I see it as a win-win, the person who is upset no longer has to see my posts online in their feeds, and I no longer have to deal with a potentially unstable individual who can’t look away from what they don’t like.  However there have been people role playing as antagonistic “characters” but otherwise enjoy my work and just want to interact with me, they just don’t know how to do so outside of RPing.  This has significantly complicated the situation and now I have to confirm whether the person sending me hate mail is acting “in character” or if they have a genuine grievance with me, which makes me feel extremely silly.

If you want to talk to me, just talk to me like a regular person.  I like to think I am professional, courteous, and will try to answer most correspondence eventually if I have an answer I can give.  Thank you.



Don’t get me wrong, I’m so so happy that Mystic Messenger got the attention it did! But as a fan of Cheritz’s LEAST HEARD OF GAME IN THEIR LINE I feel like a lot of people would really like it! It’s made by the same company, and it has a pretty similar vibe to it, with an even deeper storyline and character development! So please, if you have time and money, I really really suggest looking into it! Please. I’m So lonely….

Here’s its steam page