This tiny cemetery is actually the grave of one man: Colonel Henry G. Woolridge. In the last years of his life, he began collecting statues of dead loved ones. By the time he died, his grave site was full of stoic representations of everyone he’d ever loved and lost, like an eternal funeral procession that stares into the East, watching over a field of dead. Source Source 2

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Your fave jackbum moment?

↑js got hit on the butt for teasing jb

THERE’RE LOTS MORE, in conclusion, just any moment where they look and smile at each other. Any moment where JB starts off by saying ‘jackson no’ but gives in and complies with whatever Jackson wants the moment puppy stares at him with those beautiful eyes. Any moment where Jackson still finds JB chic&sexy when I just think he’s being a dork….. They’re gross I hate them.

Rather than acknowledge the bias/racism that can and does exist in shipping Reylo and Kylux, the shippers from both groups would rather claim that everyone is ‘bullying’ them for pointing out and rightfully criticizing their works/discourse/meta. It’s like a cycle that repeats itself when it comes to white fandom, it’s almost like a disease that infects fandoms, and it’s always going to be someobody else that has to bear the blame so they can victimize themselves.