Kaladesh storyline starts SOON AAAAAAHAHAHA

The Eldritch Moon storyline ended with a bang a month ago. Very, very soon, we kick off the Kaladesh storyline, and it’ll get going FAST. This week you’ll get to meet some new people, hear more about Saheeli Rai, and read a few tidbits about what event is buzzing on Chandra’s home plane.

And then in less than a week, as a legion of WotC folks heads to PAX West THIS COMING WEEKEND HOLY SMOKES, we’ll blow the doors open, spilling an avalanche of ingenious invention-y details about Kaladesh the world and Kaladesh the set. Streamed panels, social media reveals, discussions from pros, cosplay, a blast of Magic Story episodes, behind-the-scenes making-of anecdotes – you know, the stuff we like to do around PAX time.

We got a glimpse of Kaladesh last year in Magic Origins, but I can honestly say that we’ve barely scratched the polished copper surface of this place. I am just brain-poppingly excited – like pawing-my-own-face anxiouscited and happyfreaked – that we’ll finally get to share all the work that went into Kaladesh.

  • Gray:Now, let's say you haven't eaten for days and your in a desperate need of a sandwich. What do you do?
  • Natsu:I run over to Lucy and have her make me a sandwich.
  • Gray:Okay, yes, but say you can't find Lucy.
  • Natsu:Where's Lucy?
  • Gray:It's not important where she is. She's gone. She left the country.
  • Natsu:She left the country? Why? Is she okay?
  • Gray:Yes, she's fine.
  • Natsu:Well, if she's fine, I don't see why she couldn't make me a sandwich.

the first time bones receives a legitimate compliment from spock he doesn’t even notice it for several seconds. the vulcan is straight-faced and blunt as ever, seemingly casually pointing out that he’s the best surgeon in the fleet

he’s so used to the not-so-indirect jabs and insults that he’s ready to bite something back at him and it takes him a moment to go hold on a damn moment. spock’s just paid him a compliment and suddenly he’s forgotten how to react to him

his brain stalls and his face has gone completely blank and spock momentarily entertains the illogical idea that he’s maybe broken the cmo

they kind of stand there until bones slowly grinds back into motion, mouth briefly moving soundlessly until his brain spits something out, which is a strangled “you’re a real flatterer, huh, spock”

he quickly makes a tactical retreat all the way to his office after that and as soon as he’s through the doors chapel asks him why he looks like he just got hit with a stun blast

all he can manage is a strange flapping motion with his hand before collapsing in his chair to stare blankly at the opposite wall and wonder what the hell just happened

Today I learnt that there is a whole subset of bloggers who call themselves ‘discourse bloggers’ and appear to spend all of their time saying ‘yikes’, ‘lmfao’ and ’[x person] is trash’, really hate asexual people, and don’t generally engage in any actual discourse beyond passive aggression and gaslighting 

this fucking site, I swear 

anonymous asked:

What happened during this "one time."?

(( OOC: I get very affectionate. So it was a whole lot of leaching onto relatives… lots of “LOVE MEEEE!!!!” Me making unfortunate posts on tumblr, and then finally passing out on the couch. Thrilling. ))