Victor Sjöström’s pioneering ghost story THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE is our repertory pick of the week.

The otherworldly masterpiece, widely celebrated for its revolutionary special effects, will come back to life this weekend in Minnesota with live instrumental accompaniment by musicians Jackie Beckey and Jonathan Kaiser.


A few days before his new film Louder Than Bombs opened in the U.S., director Joachim Trier stopped by to talk about his favorite films.

Poster for The Phantom Carriage, 1921

Part of review from Total Film (entire review here):

“Using superimposition and double-exposure to bring the rickety wagon and its wretched occupants to ghostly life, The Phantom Carriage balances visual poetry with emotional violence. This is [Ingmar] Bergman’s favourite movie, after all, and it throbs with torment, remorse and vicious confrontation (“I’ll come to show you God didn’t give a fig about you and your twaddle,” lashes one intertitle). There’s empathy and hope, too – attributes often overlooked in Bergman’s own work – while the image of Death, cloaked and clutching a scythe, would dominate The Seventh Seal 37 years later.”