I have been waiting to post this for 3 days now… Finally hit 444 followers :D

I’ll also post a customized version to use as a phone screen saver/whatsapp background.

@allsheith-notsorry mentioned how nice Shiro’s butt looked so there’s a NSFW version under the cut ;)

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Wait... do you not own Luna?

Nope! I’m the main contact for the breeder, was the one who flew to meet and fetch her, and have helped raise her, but she’s my mums companion! She does a decent job of it, too.

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My dads white and i turned out to be white passing. Im too white for poc crowds and too poc for white crowds and im left in limbo. Im sick of poc talking to me like im not poc enough, and im sick of white people thinking its ok to talk shit about poc because they think im white. I dont fit.

you know whom i miss?? min holly. would love to see a cute pic of him. esp of when he was a baby pup cause he was rly the cutest. n preferably in the min household. like during chuseok. u know when jimin was visiting. and with jimin and yoongi on the pic. just holding him together. smiling. glowing from happiness. u know cause they were spending time together. just the two of them. when they really didnt have to. and they didnt upload a single picture. didnt even talk about it directly. kinda weird if u think abt it? the one break they had. They’ve Lived Together For Years And Still,

The Beach AU Playlist

i. Chocolate//The 1975
ii. Cleopatra//The Lumineers
iii. Dancing Queen//ABBA
iv. Gracious//Ben Howard
v. Home//Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
vi. Lay Me Down//Sam Smith
vii. Mess Is Mine//Vance Joy
viii. Morning Has Broken//Yusuf (Cat Stevens)
ix. Old Pine//Ben Howard
x. One//Ed Sheeran
xi. Only Love//Ben Howard
xii. Piece Of My Heart//Janis Joplin
xiii. Promise//Ben Howard
xiv. She Lays Down//The 1975
xv. Stay With Me//Sam Smith
xvi. The Pretender//Jackson Browne
xvii. Touch Me//The Doors
xviii. Under Pressure//Queen and David Bowie
xix. Who Needs You//The Orwells
xx. Wouldn’t It Be Nice//The Beach Boys

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