Getting a glimpse of what Fifth Harmony looks and sounds like as a four piece on stage last night was very promising. The harmonies, the solo distribution, and the arrangements were already so much better and it was only their first real performance...

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At first I was going to say, no, it wouldn't have changed a thing, but then I really thought about it. Larries and their venom has filtered to every part of this fanbase. Larries have helped to teach this fandom that it's okay and normal to be invasive and entitled, never trust anything the boys say, everything is shady and everything is pr. With this mindset, people in this fandom go onto social media making unreasonable demands. There's no way, this hasn't affected them. (cont)

Part II-It’s affected me as a fan, in how I interact with other people in this fandom and who I follow. There’s no way it hasn’t affected them. Imagine dealing with this for several years. How tired they are? You can’t even mention the word dating without people becoming hysterical. Somehow people have come up with two members not having one, but two fake babies. IT’S A BOYBAND, yet here we are. Little to no interaction, with Nouis providing the interaction, the safest pairing.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ All of this.

Just watching them carefully dance around it onstage was enough. The way twitter interactions started becoming different around the same time as Louis and Harry distancing themselves from each other began. 

I find it hard to believe on an emotional level it wouldn’t affect them.

When I think about my friendships with people, if I had a friendship that had hurt as many people as Larrie had, that caused as much drama and fuss, that lead to everyone around me being threatened or having their privacy invaded, where the fans involved said they would get so stressed about it they’d cry or threaten to hurt themselves… how would it not affect you or how you were with them or other people? It would affect me a huge amount. I would hate to be that kind of fuss to anyone. I can’t imagine how embarrassing Larrie must be to them. Knowing my bosses were constantly being sent emails demanding they free me… just so embarrassing to think about.

i just wish i had ppl i could be completely honest and ugly w when it comes to my depression and my experiences but. it’s really hard to do considering i only interact w most of my friends when we are all drunk. its like no one really knows me and the sad part is that ive made it that way bc i refuse to reach out. the only friend i see everyday is just as fucked up as i am and the only way he knows how to help me is by smoking me out

the signs as things my theater professor has actually said in class, part two
  • Aries: "I want to save my bony, pasty white ass from being fired"
  • Taurus: "I once took half an aspirin and basically started drunk texting my friends"
  • Gemini: "Within the first hour of meeting her, she had already told us all about her Russian mafia fight club"
  • Cancer: "I was once almost fired for having porn on my hard drive when I gave said hard drive to a student. she thought it was hilarious"
  • Leo: "I don't want to say I was wearing a jockstrap, or a banana hammock, because I don't like those words, but there wasn't much material there"
  • Virgo: "Fuck professional development! We're serving sundaes all day"
  • Libra: "I was taken off all advertisements for the school for what I said. But I have tenure, so it's chill"
  • Scorpio: "First of all, fuck"
  • Sagittarius: "I love shopping for couches! I could lay on those mofos all day"
  • Capricorn: "Unfortunately, my friend didn't tell me that what I smoked wasn't just weed- there was PCP mixed in as well. I blacked out for an entire day"
  • Aquarius: "I propose we change the school song to just having everyone chant 'smoke dat shit'"
  • Pisces: "What if we had a required class called Marijuana 101?"

…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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Begin!AU - Reflection Series : Snowdrop

// o2.18 Happy Birthday J-Hope!

I was as pure as a river
But now I think I’m possessed

Another commission for @wedomorrison for Golden Grain and Bird Bone, that’s also now doubling as Reaper76Week Day 3. Enjoy laddies~