Day Three: The Moment You Knew Riley Would Always Like Lucas

2x22- Girl Meets Texas Part 3

The way Riley started to cry and told Farkle not to tell anybody, because she wanted her best friend to be happy, after remembering all the moments she had with Lucas clearly showed how much she loves Lucas and how giving him up is hurting her. 


scenes with no dialogue
“When you are telling the truth like it’s a lie, or when you lay down all 52 Queens, or when you explode the very notion of a lie so that it covers the entire universe, then that’s the world wearing itself as a mask. It’s called “divination” because you are being reminded of the divinity of all things; it’s just opening up the tiniest crack in reality so you can see how wonderful things are behind the scenes and how much sense it makes. God wearing us. That’s what truth nets you: Everything. And all you have to do is be brave enough to admit how small you always were.” –Jacob Clifton

“Fiction doesn’t effect reality” is such an awful quote that it makes me sick.

Have you guys ever met a cosplayer? Bought a shirt from your favorite movie? Saw that character eat some fucking ice cream and now you want some?

Fiction DOES impact reality, even the smallest (sometimes silliest ways) and it’s not always a bad thing! It can be wonderful and it’s what makes people happy they can have an escape.

Don’t ever tell someone who needs something to cope that you think they’re and idiot or mentally ill for wanting things to be different. Grow up, life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows as much as we want it to be, so let us have somewhere we can PRETEND it can be… If only for a little while.

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#onlyingotham do you show red hood bat metal and he laughs his head off says he remembers that everyone else was drunk he was trying to embarrass bats while showing off his guitar skills I have an autographed on of his old helmets now he took out the explosives and tech I won a cosplay contest with it and the other parts of his costume that have somehow made their way into my house I wear the boots almost all the time they have knives in them like a lot of knives he told me im his sidekick now

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OK I totally respect your opinion and I agree that there are ways to allude to a kiss without actually showing one, the reason Rucas hasn't had even that is another issue. My point about the moralistic aspect though wasn't about the cast, it's about the creators. They're grown adults and to write a scene where a 17 year old actor kisses a minor probably wouldn't sit entirely well with them. Hand holding and hugging is fine but a kiss is a bit inappropriate considering, like you said, (part 1)

(part 2) there are ways they can allude to it without encouraging a 17 year old to kiss a 14 year old. And again I’m not debating the fact that there are ways around it, I think having Riley sneak a kiss on Lucas in First Date was one of those ways. It came across as entirely innocent and because it was Riley who initiated it and Lucas had no idea it was happening until it did gives the whole thing a different feel. I doubt they’ll ever have Lucas initiate a Rucas kiss for that reason.

(Part 3) I want to make it clear I agree with you but I think that Rucas not having a kiss alluded to is a separate issue. That I believe is done deliberately to tell the story they intend to tell but the moralistic aspect the creators have to deal with is completely separate from the story.

Agree to disagree, anon. I know there are legal issues in regards to what minors can and can’t engage in (though I believe that’s settled mostly with parental consent), but I think that, ultimately, this isn’t a matter of the writers saying, “There are legal issues” or “We don’t feel comfortable with Rowan having to kiss Peyton”. If they could pull off a peck on the Subway when she was 12, then fairly certain they could do the same now. Age gap or no, Peyton himself is still a minor, and again, this is just a kiss. We’re not talking about making out or anything. We’re literally just talking a kiss.

Ultimately, I think the driving factor is the story and what the writers want the story to show and to say. If they really felt it was necessary for the story they were trying to tell, then I don’t doubt for a second that they’d include a kiss. I don’t believe it’s a matter of “morals” at all. This is a show that is actively exploring the idea of an 18 year old college freshman playing the long game with a 14 year old high school freshman and as of GMGB, this idea isn’t questioned or chastised outside of Zay’s commentary in Bear. It’s actually left relatively ambiguous. If the writers are willing to leave the romantic storyline between an 18 year old and 14 year old open and relatively un-questioned (even with the potential lack of a season 4 to clarify why it’s messed up), then I don’t see them having an issue with two actors, who are both minors doing their jobs, kissing with a quick peck, if they felt the story warranted it. 

Sorry, anon. I don’t agree with your assertions.

I want to be loved the poetic way, you know?

Be loved with the way my captive brown eyes glow like the sun at gliss moments. Be loved with the way my body is home at night.

I want to be loved the way I love him. I want to be put in words. I want to be told about out loud in public, I want to be a part of literature. I want to be loved.

—  the poetic way

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Psst you can also steep tea in butter (fats carry flavor better than p much anything) and then use the butter in baking recipes to infuse goodies with herbaceous goodness. I typically make earl grey brownies but you could use herbal teas to impart some of the same properties of the tea to the baking, like as part of a spell or just to direct some intent. The way to a heart is through the stomach, etc. 2 oz of tea per tablespoon of butter, simmered on the stove for 5 mins and then strained out!

Are you a kitchen witch? Honestly that is genius? God I could go for some brownies. Someone make me herbal brownies.

I’m so lost. We got a new manager in my department and ever since then everything has been so fucked up. A little background: I was a cashier for a little over four years and I moved to a different department this past year. It’s still part of frontline so I have the same managers but it was way better and I was happier and less stressed since the move.
It started a few weeks ago when she (new manager) told me straight up to go to another manager and tell them I wanted to work in their department. She didn’t ask me my opinion or if I wanted to switch departments, but I did it bc I don’t know her well and I was afraid she would ask that other manager if I talked to them or not and I would get in trouble if I didn’t. Ever since then, they have been scheduling me in every other department but my own. When I asked about it she said it was bc its in my development plan to learn other departments but I felt like I was being kicked out. Other TLs from frontline, one of whom is my good friend, assured me that I wasn’t kicked out and I trusted them and just let it go for a while. But, next week will be the sixth week in a row where I don’t have a single shift in my department. I tried applying for other departments bc I was torn between the one that I love and coworkers I love to work with and this new manager that I hate and who apparently hates me bc she’s trying so hard to get rid of me. But I got passed over for a younger cashier who has less experience and who does nothing but goof off all the time. And now I’m hearing from other coworkers that one of the frontline TLs is telling people that I got moved bc “she can’t stay in frontline forever” and I learned that they transferred a cashier to work in my department while I’m gone. So basically they replaced me in my home department and I can’t get hired in a different one. Yesterday I was so upset that I went walking after work and I walked for like three hours until I could barely stand and I felt so emotionally drained by the end that by the time I got home I was just empty inside and I couldn’t even talk. Today I’m angry and scared and hurt and I can’t deal with this. I’m trying not to let this poison my spirit. It’s so hard when my depression tells me that I’m worthless and nobody likes me and I should just die, and being at work just confirms what it says. The obvious answer is that I should find a different job. I don’t deserve to be treated this way. But. I’m too scared to move. I don’t feel like I even have the energy or enough feelings of self-worth to go to an interview and tell someone why they should hire me. I wish I was dead. I wish I was different.

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As someone who makes said rec lists, let me assure you, @star-aniseand @bomberqueen17, that I have read and love you both.

oh, this wasn’t meant to be any kind of, like, grasping for reassurance or whatever! I just was so glad to see a post go by that encapsulated so well how I feel. 

I hate being jealous about stuff. I hate it, it’s counterproductive. Every time a rec list goes by and I’m not on it, even if it’s using criteria I don’t quite fill (I still remember being so bummed when the list in question was explicitly for completed works and like, all of my shit is WIPs), I still twist myself all up inside. 

It’s so counterproductive. It sucks away any sense of perspective. The more hits you get, the more kudos you get, the worse it seems to get, paradoxically enough. Back when literally nobody read my shit, I didn’t care. Now that some people do, I want it all. I get so green that I can’t enjoy certain authors (many of whom are not, in fact, more popular than me, but I perceive them as being so). And i get so that I don’t notice the rec lists I am on. I get so that I can’t appreciate the comments I do get and all I can do is be bitter there aren’t more. It’s nonsensical and it’s stupid.

But. Just knowing that I’m not the only person who has this kind of problem makes me at least feel like I’m not a freak. It’s still a thing to work on. It’s still really important for me to settle down and notice that people do care.  But at least I’m not some kind of lunatic monster for having this problem in the first place. It’s just human nature. 

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browncoat-named-cauthon replied to your post “i’mma start tracking IP addresses and going after these people who are…”

what are they saying?

someone literally sent her an email saying they hope keyleth dies in the most tragic way so that marisha will leave the game. they also said that she was “matt’s ugly tagalong girlfriend”, and then proceeded to tell her to “die in a fire”. and that’s just the G rated part.

and i’ve just seen some tweets sent her way today/night that were just…rude. 

Someone will love the way she cries at sad movies. Someone will love her when she’s had a tough day. Someone will love her when she’s overly excited and can’t control her happiness. Someone will love how she laughs like a fool when she’s in a good mood. Someone will love the way she sleeps and look at her like she’s his whole world.

No one is perfect, everyone has bad days and bad attitudes, but you have to love them through their rough parts. Everything isn’t going to be sunshine and rainbows, relationships are hard and they require constant work and love. If you can’t picture a future with her through the hard parts, let her go.

If you don’t love every part of her don’t stay with her out of guilt because you don’t want to break her heart.

The only thing that is truly worse than being alone is being with someone who makes you feel alone, and that’s what you’re doing to her.

You’re making her feel alone by not giving her love.

I’m not saying she’s perfect and I know there are things that drive everyone crazy about the people they care about, but you can’t dissect those parts of her. You can’t pick and pull at the pieces of her you don’t love. You can’t change her into the perfect person and you shouldn’t try. If you don’t love every part of her, you need to let her go.

If she isn’t your absolute best friend through the good and bad times, let her go. If you don’t want to run to her with good news, let her go. If you don’t want to take care of her when she’s sick, let her go. Let her go unless you want to love her, all over her, through the good, but especially through the bad.

Don’t stay with her because you’re scared to break her heart while you’re already out looking for someone new. You’re a shitty person and she deserves better. She deserves someone who will love every piece of her and that person is out there. Let her go so she can find the person whose heart throbs every time he sees her and is certain he wants to spend forever with her

How To Become An Awesome 3D Modeler (Part 2)

External image

In this post, we continue from Part 1 and look at ways to become an awesome 3D modeler. Without wasting any more time, let’s look at some tips!


This is one of the most powerful ways of learning 3D modeling and one that I highly recommend. You can accelerate your learning by seeing how others create their models and replicate it yourself under their guidance. There are two types of tutorials; text-based tutorials and video tutorials.

Text-based tutorials are sites that show you step-by-step how to create something. This is not only limited to websites and blogs. It could also be paper-based or PDFs. A book can also be a kind of tutorial. A mega-tutorial if I may. Text-based tutorials are best utilized by having the tutorial partially available on your screen (or desk if using paper-based), with the 3D software you regular use covering the remaining part of your screen. This way, you can refer to the tutorial while attempt to create the 3D model. Windows 8 users can use the split screen feature of Windows to partially open different screens at the same time. If you have a dual-monitor setup, you can use one screen for the tutorial and the other to work on your 3D model. Text-based tutorials that utilize screenshots tend to be far more popular since a screenshot is generally the equivalent of a thousand words.

Video-based tutorials are those where the instructor shows you step-by-step how to create a 3D model. This gives you confidence that you will also be able to do the same thing if you copy what the instructor did. You can’t split the screen here (unless you have a dual-monitor setup or another tablet beside you). You’ll just have to keep switching back and forth with your 3D software and also keep pressing the pause button a lot. The main advantage compared to text-based tutorials, is that you get to see first-hand the 3D model being created. A text-based tutorial can tell you to press button A, but it won’t really help if you can’t find where button A is. With video tutorials, you see the instructor navigating to and pressing button A, so that you can easily identify where button A is. Now you may be thinking, this is clearly first-world problems. But it really does get annoying after a while. There has been many times I’ve followed a text-based tutorial and I’ve been left frustrated not knowing where to click and what will happen if I click it. Honestly, it’s like a feeling that if I accidentally press the wrong button, I will somehow set off Windows 10 and make my computer burn on fire. Video tutorials makes life a whole lot easier in this regards as you get to see first-hand the instructor doing it, so you can be left confident that you won’t set off some secret Windows 10 fire command.

Especially for a visual craft like 3D modeling, video tutorials are always going to be far more popular and far more helpful. It’s just a lot easier to show a vertex being added to a specific part of a human ear compared to the nightmare of reading some complicated text about it.


This is perhaps a more modern day approach. The idea is to collect any helpful infographics related to 3D modeling. If you don’t know what an infographic is, it’s basically what it sounds like. It’s a graphic image with information on it that can help you. Infographics are quite popular nowadays and big websites and bloggers utilize them since a lot of people download and consume them like hot cakes.  Infographics can show you how to do something or teach you some useful facts in a visually nice looking way.  As they say, a picture speaks a 1000 words.  People tend to learn better by looking at an image and interpreting it rather than just reading plain words all day.  Your journey to mastering 3D modeling can be sped up through infographics as you’ll find you are better able to process the information then reading of book or tutorial for example.

There are plenty of infographics all over the Internet in relation to 3D modeling.  They can show you how to model something as simple as a soccer ball to something as complex as a high-detailed cinematic character. They can teach you the process of becoming a 3D modeler and some useful tips and shortcuts you can use during 3D modeling. There are many places you can go to find helpful infographics. Places like Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest are littered with a whole bunch of infographics related to 3D modeling. If you subscribe or follow those 3D profiles, you can get regular feeds full of awesome eye-catchy infographics. I, myself regularly put out infographics on my website from time to time. You can find them on I don’t think I was that subtle there with the self-promotion of my site.

My best advice is to subscribe to wherever you can get helpful infographics on 3D modeling and download as much infographics as you find useful. This way, when you check out your regular feeds, you get the added bonus of learning new things. Facebook friend feeds can get boring after a while. You just get the same old pictures of the same old holidays they went to or the same old parties they attended, pulling the same old poses over and over again. With regular infographics feeds in between, you at the very least get to develop more understanding and grow your knowledge base. If you have friends that like 3D modeling, you can share the infographics with them too, making you look all knowledgeable and smart.

Another bit of advice which I may recommend, is to print out all the most important infographics you find. The ones where you will regularly refer to again and again. Once you’ve printed these out, stick them on your wall or keep them beside your bed table or wherever you work. That way, you can quickly refer to them as needed. I actually keep an infographic showing the modeling of a basic human as well as the right way to model a human face. Of course, I may not always remember this process of modeling the human off the top of my head. I may forget as I move onto other things like other aspects of production.

You can actually just download a copy and store it in a folder somewhere. But I find that whenever you need to refer, you need to open the folder and find the infographic. It hurts my finger muscles. Whereas, with a printed version, I just turn my head and eyes slightly and it’s right there. Also, switching back and forth is a lot smoother with the printed version. Again, maybe first-world problems, but it really does make the experience of 3D modeling quite enjoyable when you can refer easily. You may also feel more confident when modeling knowing that you have everything you need right there beside you.

Continue onto Part 2 –> (Coming Shortly)

Or go back to Part 1.

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Pastel I'm freaking out there's a minor leak on the main Author of TTG's Tumblr about Story Mode. SOMETHING HAPPENS TO IVOR IN EPISODE 8.

Ah yes. That one post that got everyone bucking like horses and blowing up like TNT on a griefing day.

Anyways, yes I have seen it, my dear follower. But it can be taken two ways, especially the “That grumpy lil sourpuss has come such a long way” part.

1. It could be taken a way as that Picus/the writers will not want to kill him off. Reasoning would that because so many, including himself, had developed a connection with this salty potioneer. It would be so hard to kill him off, especially considering he is such an important character to the series. He is a special character indeed.

2. It could be taken as a way that he could possibly kill him off and that he is saying the last sentence emotionally as something will likely happen to him.

And as in my opinion, I wouldn’t think they would kill him off because that would anger so many fans. Not just children, but the gamers, adults, and older audience who grew in love with him and played the game. Plus they already killed off so many characters already that they can’t kill him off. If Picus and the gang kills him off… well, it is their game, their characters, their property. Nothing we can do about it except creating an AU where no one dies and everyone is happy.

This also brings another thought up. I hope they bring Magnus/Ellegaard back. Again like with my theory on some earlier post, Magnus/Ellegaard didn’t die like Rueben or the YouTubers did. They didn’t poof or drop items. They just went limp. So that’s another thing I am looking forward too other than hopes in of Ivor being safe.

Just wish and pray guys.



Dating Ellie Bishop would involve:

  • It’ll take a lot of trust to start a relationship after Jake
  • So dating Ellie means she trusts you completely
  • Late dinners when she gets off of work, or late dinners at the office if you both are on the team
  • The dinners mainly consist of pizza or take-out
  • Lots of pet-names on Ellie’s part. One of the many ways she conveys affection
  • It’s hard for her to open up to you. It’ll take time
  • Meeting the team and they’re a little cautious because of Jake. But sooner or later, they’ll come to find that you’re not like him. They’ll soon like you
  • Dates are mostly movie nights. Not many fancy restaurant dates

Requested by Anon~

The Lioness in Black

Serene didnt mind being one of the teen titans and if she was being completely honest she loved being here most of the time. Serene had a reputation back home and loved the fact that she was at least part way feeling better now.

Serene sat curled up on the counter quietly typing softly on her computer. She had a nightmare a few hours before and curled up on the counter next to the kettle and just sat drinking tea. Her long jet black hair hung over her face and shoulders and her long legs awkwardly folded around her. Serene was deep in thought when she heard someone round the corner and enter the kitchen. She quietly popped up her head but didnt seem to shocked.