Abbati, Giuseppe (1836-1868) - Oxen and Cart by Milton Sonn

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<br />Giuseppe Abbati was an Italian artist who belonged to the group known as the Macchiaioli. He was born in Naples and received early training in painting from his brother Vincenzo. He participated in Garibaldi's 1860 campaign, suffering the loss of his right eye. Afterwards he moved to Florence where, at the Caffè Michelangiolo, he met Giovanni Fattori, Silvestro Lega, and the rest of the artists who would soon be dubbed the Macchiaioli.

While his early paintings were interiors, he quickly became attracted to the practice of painting landscapes en plein air. His activity as a painter was interrupted during 1866 when he enlisted again in the army for the Third Independence War, during which he was captured by the Austrians.m

Returning to civilian life at the end of the year, he moved to Castelnuovo della Misericordia and spent the final year of his life painting in the countryside. Abbati died at the age of thirty-two in Florence after his own dog bit him, infecting him with rabies.

back when i lived in Massachusetts aka The Halloween State, one of my uncles worked at a Haunted House/Trail thing during October.  

So he’s around six foot six and sorta scary if you don’t know that he’s a huge mush mush.  They put him in this armor with an really cool lifelike ox mask to be some sort of minotaur.  He looked absolutely terrifying.

My sister and I have always been really into Halloween and scary crap like that because our parents are also 1000% into it.  Seriously, my mother covers our kitchen in fake blood and makes lifelike organs for huge halloween parties she throws.  

So my sister and I decide to go through the maze with some other teens we just met, so it’s this group who don’t know who we are or that we have a relative who works in the maze.  We were about halfway through it when this giant of a man swoops in out of nowhere and grabs my sister, lifts her up over his shoulder and runs off with her while she screams (it’s joyous fun screaming, but the others don’t know it) and everyone else in the party just 

freaks out.  They fucken scatter like a bunch of roaches when u turn on the lights.  I walk through the rest of the maze to the end where I find the rest of the party to scared to leave because my fucken uncle is standing at the exit waiting for me.

So I walk up to him and hug the huge fucker and tell the rest of the group it’s alright.  They laugh and shit and go on their way, my sister was drinking hot chocolate right outside cackling like a fucking witch.

I love my family. 

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