alright internet lets clear something up

this is “children’s media”

this is also “children’s media”

but these

are not children’s media

these are family entertainment. they are meant to appeal to the widest audience possible.

not just children.

the. widest. audience. possible.

teenagers. young adults. adults. your grandma drinking ovaltine.

all. ages.

this is why Disney is so successful. this is why they are the adored media giant that they are. Walt Disney himself even said that he doesn’t make movies just for children, but for the child in all of us, whether we be six or sixty, and this is still the company’s modus operandi today.

so no, you cannot dismiss criticism of any of these movies on the basis that they are “children’s media”, and that therefore discussions surrounding them are pointless. not a valid argument. get out of my inbox.

*~vegan chocolate mousse~*

hi from your mod! my boyfriend’s mom sent me this recipe and i can testify that it is not only DELICIOUS, but accommodating of a ton of dietary restrictions!

to make this more affordable, i bet it can be made with nesquik or ovaltine instead of cocoa powder, or any kind of milk rather than almond. items like vanilla extract are great to keep stocked anyway because they last forever. if anyone tries it with substitutions, i’d love for you to submit your take on this yummy, simple dessert! <3

Sarge: And we've drilled that since day one! Simmons answered 'Hi.' That was my first clue!
Grif: So maybe he's just ups-
Sarge: He also said the radio was in disrepair. When has Lopez ever let something go without the proper maintenance? 
Grif: Never. 
Sarge: And look at the time. 
Grif: Can't, clock's broken. 
Sarge: It's 17:30. And everybody knows that 17:30 is...
Grif: Donut's daily wine and cheese hour! 
Sarge: I didn't hear any tinkling glasses. Did you?

Red vs. Blue Revelation: Episode 2 Drink Your Ovaltine