I was watching Rattleballs for reasons when something clicked. At least, I think it did. The facility for producing as well as destroying the Rattleballs robots was the same facility that the Royal Tarts are produced in.

Who’d have thought such delicious pastry would come from the same place as Bubblegum’s killing grounds?

P.S. Hell this might be the huge factory where the Gumball Guardians were first built in The Vault

The Suriel - Flower Girl (fanfic)

@fireheart-cursebreaker - As requested and promised. A fan fiction of the Suriel as the Flower Girl at Feyre’s wedding. I had to decide if I wanted to make this funny or serious. And I had to choose if the Suriel would enjoy the experience or loathe Feyre for all eternity because of it. In the end, I tried to stay as true to the Suriel’s character as I possibly could, which led to some very interesting content. And there’s a little twist at the end that I hope you love. Enjoy!

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All rights to the story and characters belong to SJM.          


          There was too much bustling about for Its taste. Too many people running to and fro with fabric and flowers, jewelry and crowns, platters laden with honeyed tarts and other disgusting, foul smelling delicacies.
           Blood. Fear. Screams of agony. The pleas of the dying for mercy. That is what the Suriel longed to feast upon. It had been in this damned city far too long. But It had made a promise. And the Suriel never broke Its promises. Whether they were promises of eternal torment, or promises of truth and friendship.
           Friend. That is what Feyre had called It the day she once again trapped It deep in the Illyrian Mountains. It had smelled her coming long before she arrived, and was curious to hear what Feyre-Cursebreaker, Defender of Velaris, High Lady of Night would wish to ask.

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somewhere in ishgard…

“bro…I just had the best idea

you know how those dragons keep kicking our ass? what if…what if we made a cake- hear me out, here- a huge cake in the shape of their stupid mountain?

and then we ate the entire cake?

dude, we’ll be able to kick the shit outta those dragons”

Pros of dating me:
-I will cuddle you 24/7
-and also kiss you a lot too
-you can play with my hair I don’t mind
-you get to see me in my undies, they’re lacy hell yeah
-I will always be happy to go to wherever you wanna go tbh
-I share food so you can have my other pop tart
-I’m really cute!!!!
-I’ll call you babe or some other silly nick name
-you can grope me bc you’ll have my consent
-I’ll hold your hand like all the time
-I’ll fight you if you ask me to
-I will fight and destroy anyone that tries to hurt you

-i whine a lot
-and rant a lot
-I cry easily please don’t hurt me or yell at me
-i might or might not fawn over your pets in excess
-I’m annoying sorry

I’m an overall 10/10, tbh so I’m accepting boyfriend/girlfriend applications !!!!

Imagine(Request) that while the fellowship takes a short rest, you take Gandalf's hat and staff, and do a surprisingly good job at mimicking him.

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You started chanting things wise like, “Not all who wander are lost” and “Even the very wise cannot see all ends”, in a low muffled voice. You scurried along to the others and started to hit each one. Gandalf laughed an watched, as the others laughed at you hitting them.

I can tell you that we are together,” he says of the fan-favorite couple while attending the Kiehl’s National LifeRide for amfAR celebration in New York City. “We are together and we’re sort of figuring out our next step.
—  Scott Patterson, the Gilmore Girls star who plays everyone’s favorite diner owner, told PEOPLE on Wednesday that while he “can’t share much” about the show’s Netflix revival, he can confirm that set photos of him and actress Lauren Graham holding hands are exactly what they seem. (

Things were starting to feel normal again, at they were for Amalia. She really wasn’t all that upset anymore and she wasn’t going to let that or anyone distract her from her work. She had been slacking, she caught up on that much. But she couldn’t help but the other agents were tarting to look at her differently. Like she was weak, that she needed to be taken care of herself. Those thoughts settle in her head and she couldn’t take it another more. Bang. She had pulled the trigger to her gun. Her eyes rested on the target for a moment before she lowered her hand to cock the gun and then pull the hammer.  The shot was just off of center maybe by a centimeter. Some would be happy with that result, but not here. She was trying to prove a point. She raised her gun again and took another round of shots. Bang. Bang. Bang. She could feel the kick back from the gun but she didn’t let that break her form. She stood there steady as she looked to see where the bullets had struck. Amalia groaned as the results still wasn’t what she wanted. She knew she could do better, this wasn’t like her at all. She should’ve let her frustrations out on the range but she found herself putting the gun down on the counter before she leaned on it herself. She wasn’t sure how long the other person had been in the room but without the sound of her handgun going off, she could hear their breathing behind her. “Enjoy the show?” she said in a flat tone.

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: I lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: Yes we know; you love Michael J. Caboose, he is your spirit animal you believe him to be a precious cinnamon roll and god of comedy you wish you had his ability to be carefree you wish he was real, just, yes, fucking god, we know! YOU LOVE CABOOSE!
  • Me: I was going to say I love Pop Tarts
  • other person: Oh!.....Oh okay the-
  • Other person: Fuck!

For my wonderful Angelcakes and other sweethearts :3

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overwatch breakfast headcanons
  • dad76 eats the same thing every day: a MASSIVE cup of black coffee, two pieces of toast, and headache pills
  • has to be corralled into eating something other than pop-tarts with extra sugar on top 
  • lucio eats a Proper breakfast (mostly fruit and tea, sometimes various kinds of toast) and loves his orange juice
  • junkrat ?????????? literally anything that isn’t nailed down this kid ate like half a book on a dare ok
  • reinhardt ALWAYS makes pancakes and scrambled eggs and ALWAYS makes way too much of both
  • mercy sits next to dad76 and scolds him for drinking so much coffee “you’ll get hypertension and heartburn, jack, you need to eat more to counteract that” but drinks just as much 
  • roadhog doesn’t often show up to breakfast but when he does, he refuses to eat any meat at all no matter what
  • no one eats sausages in front of him anymore
  • they dont d a r e