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Did you get a chance to converse with William Hope? Have you interacted with Walrider

“We were discussing something important a little before this incident.”

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Have you or anyone you know purchased the vizbig edition of the manga? I was wondering what the translation was like, but I may just find out for myself soon enough.

I have the normal viz volumes at home but I’m pretty sure it’s the same translation as the ones in the vizbig edition. I think the fan translation is a little bit closer to the orignal text in japanese but I’m not really sure… 

What I mean is that, I think Viz took some liberties when they translated it, kind of like the english dub is sometimes really different from the japanese dub. There only one example that comes to my mind right now and it’s this from chapter 72: 

This is a picture I took from my book and this:

is the translation I see everywhere online (it says the scanlator is  MangaProject)

So there’s kind of a big difference! But I don’t speak Japanese so I can’t say for sure which one is the most accurate, maybe inu-fanon could give us a better answer on that?


Light bow and arrow - Legend of Zelda - WIP

The bow is almost done, I only have to do a few more paint layers and it’s gonna be finished! The arrow only needs to be sanded and it’s gonna be ready to paint!

I took a size comparison pic with the bow to show how big it really is :) orignal pic isn’t as blurry but tumblr keeps messing it up so blurry pic it is! (Also I look like a patato, it’s my day off so whatever!)



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This is the nameless seashore ghoul. His body is made of whatever was washed ashore and he lives hiding under the docks by the seaside. Even though his appearance can be frightening, he is a kind creature at heart that just struggles to find someone that will accept his morbid looks. He just want to find a person that’s willing to see behind his façade and let him show them that he can be a really nice guy once you get to know him.

23cm (9 inches) tall.  Head is a resin replica of a flying fox skull made by Skullery, eyes are glass cabochons made by Natalie Amber. Hands are sculpted of Free Form epoxy and Sculpey polymer clay mix. His body is handsewn and has high quality ball socket armature inside (the armature wouldn’t wear off or snap, but the doll should be posed gently without too much pressure on it’s neck). This doll is well balanced, can stand on it’s own  (leaning on it’s tail for better support) fully posable, head and hands can be rotated, the doll can open it’s mouth too. His charm is made of a coyote finger bone, shorl, jasper, carnelian and mother of pearl beads. Arm bandages are faux leather, foot bandages are cotton tied with hemp cord.

Attention! This is a piece of art. Not a toy for small children. Completely handmade, one of a kind. SOLD.