when did Icarus become
the boy who fell? 

tell me which poet heard his story
and decided that this, 
     this is a story about falling
                              about drowning.
show me the poet, and i will show you
a blind fool who does not understand that
     heroes are made of the same stuff as boys who plummet in the sky

legends love to tell of the foolish boy with wings 
who forgot that beeswax and summer sun make nothing but tragedies,
but we have forgotten the most important part of the story: 

     Icarus learned to f  
                  before he  f

And for one shining moment–
     before the fall,
     before the fear and the cold,
     before the screaming rush of air and the splash of seaspray–
for one shining, iridescent moment, 
he kissed the clouds.
he tasted sundrops on his lips. 
he stood where gods only dare to tread.
he held the whole sky in his outstretched arms
     and the whole world in beneath his winged shoulders.

—  the boy who fell flew ( j.p. )

anonymous asked:

Hey! I was wondering if you could explain what a libertarian socialist is? My understanding of libertarians was they they were masked conservatives! I'm not trying to disrespect your political view point at all, I'm just curious :o

yeah np! libertarian socialism falls under the libertarian left square of a political compass (ignore for the time being that political compasses kinda suck and cant accurately map out all ideologies). libertarian socialism itself is also a broad thing but most libertarian socialists advocate for a limited or nonexistent state under socialism, workers control of the means of production (rather than state ownership), etc. basically the opposite of “authoritarian communism” ppl think of. libertarian was orignally a leftist term used by anarchists and socialists DECADES before the modern usage, which conservatives and capitalists coopted from us, which is why people associate “libertarian” with conservatives. again theres a lot of more specific ideologies under the umbrella of libertarian leftism (anarchism, council communism, luxemburgism, and what have u) but thats like a basic idea of it. libertarian socialism is really good and u should look more into it if u want