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The pop pop pop of the corn exploding and turning into white crunchy popcorn invades his ears and the sickening smell of the caramel he’s stirring on a small pan on the stove top invades his nostril and make him roll his eyes - you’ve always been addicted to caramel popcorn and he never understood why. He always told you it was too sweet for his taste and he couldn’t eat more than a handful but you… you could eat it until the bowl was empty and you had sticky fingers and smacking lips.

Mixing everything into the silver bowl you said was designated to your popcorn addiction, he makes way for your bedroom, where the two of you are setting up to watch a movie for the night.

“What’s that smell?” You yell and you sound… disgusted. He’s ten feet away from the door and he sniffs, trying to find what’s the smell you’re talking about but still, the only thing he can smell is the caramel from the popcorn in his hand.

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Writing Inspiration 💜

Hey, are you stuck writing your first draft? Please, remember that first drafts don’t have to be pretty— they just have to be written. Okay?

Seriously. Culture puts a lot of pressure on writers (specially young writers) to make something amazing right off the start, but that just isn’t how writing works. First drafts are always bad. Always. How could they not be? You’re experiencing the story firsthand. I’ve met so many writers over the years who get stuck trying to make the first draft good because they think it’ll save time later on. SPOILERS: It doesn’t.

Here’s a piece of advice:

Nothing wastes time like trying to save time.

Just write your book. As the story changes (and it will) make notes of what you’ll fix later. Keep writing. Don’t stop ‘til the end. Remember that as a writer you don’t have to get it “right” on the first try. Revision is your best friend. Give it a call when you’re done. Okay? Okay.

I hope this helps. Keep writing, writerly friend~ ⭐️


all jokes aside: I really do think someone is going to have sex in Becca’s room this Season. It’s too pretty a set, and they spent too much time showing us the romantic luxury of it, to not use it again before the apocalypse rolls in again. 

I also think there was foreshadowing/symbolism in showing Clarke on that bed, and having her eyes drift over to the empty side briefly. 

anonymous asked:

Think it's kinda common sense that H and his girl would just settle into a relationship but... if he had to ask her to be his girlfriend (just cause she's clueless and doesn't realize she an call him her boyfriend), how would that be? Can we talk about that? 🙊

Hmm… so maybe at first he kind of just brushes it off, but then it’s like… it’s been awhile, and he’s already let the girlfriend word slip to some of his mates. His mum calls her that, his sister, too, and he feels like he’s confident in calling her his girlfriend.

But he’s yet to hear that word – boyfriend – from her mouth.

They spend almost every night together by this point – 4/7 at least – they’ve gone around to friends’ places, his family’s… neither one of you go near another person, and he’s seen you in your cozy clothes on a Saturday night when the two of you had decided to just stay in with a movie and he’d fallen asleep on your shoulder with his mouth open as he snored a bit and you’d had that fluttery feeling in your stomach as you pressed a lingering kiss to the top of his thick, fluffy curls. I really don’t want this to ever change.

But that word.

That bloody word.

You avoid it. This is the person I’m dating, the person I’m seeing, this is my friend, Harry. That’s where he draws the line, cause he loves his friends, but he doesn’t fuck them like he does you, nor does he want to. And he’s been avoiding this for awhile, cause he figured you’d come around, but now he’s hit his limit.

“What’ve I got to do?”

“Do for what?”

“To get you to be my girlfriend?” he says, frustrated.

“Oh….” You’re thoroughly taken aback. “I was kind of waiting for you to ask….”

His lips flap uselessly for a moment, because that’s one of the most infuriatingly simple things he’s ever heard. This? This was it?

“Well, will you be?” 

“I’d like to be… Harry?”

“What?” He’s kind of scowling and grumpy cause he’s annoyed that after all this time that’s all he had to do, and he can’t believe he hadn’t tried it sooner, and also that it wasn’t clear, but he’s also glad it’s over with? 

“What’s wrong?”

“I didn’t know I had to bleedin’ ask yeh!” he exclaims and you can’t help but smile a bit. “Been calling yeh my girlfriend for ages, haven’t I?”

“You have?”

He goes pink and you grin and wrap your arms around his neck, even when he goes stiff as a board and strains to get away from your cheek kisses cause he’s still kinda grumpy, but eventually he caves after the first few ones to his neck.