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I really like that you often have Tony hissing (hysterically, usually) in response to something Steve or Bucky or both has done. It just makes me laugh :)

If Tony had pearls, he would clutch them tbh. 

I mean, Tony Stark is a genius. And it is his completely scientific, completely unbiased opinion that Captain America isn’t supposed to act like that.

And if Cap doesn’t act like that, Bucky certainly doesn’t.

Tony probably totally read the comics. All he sees when he looks at Bucky is that kid in the black mask that was Cap’s younger sidekick. This is not okay, Barnes, you’re too young to be saying such filth!

“I’m ninety-eight fucking years old,” Bucky tells him at one point. “If I can’t talk about how cute my guy’s ass is, what the fuck is the point in being this old.”

Tony makes a strangled noise and goes to find Pepper. Pepper will make them stop. (Pepper doesn’t make them stop.)

In all seriousness, though, I just love the idea that Tony and Clint are the two Avengers out of everyone that just cannot handle Steve and Bucky’s…everything, really. 

I just love imagining their hysterics over it.

                 i just suffered through aou & i have some conflicted feelings so bear with me for a moment. the thing is i don’t actually have a problem with the bruce & natasha story line, it’s how it’s executed. initially it provides a nice tension from what was provided in avengers, bruce is ultimately natasha’s biggest fear. he suffers from a lack of control, natasha’s had her control taken away from her & she fears losing it again. ultimately, this relationship at the end of age of ultron developed her further —— natasha’s story is about survival & loss, & how you continue in spite of everything. she devours her lovers from a widow’s curse yet she continues to live & love. even if she’s the only survivor. a black widow will always survive their mates & so will natasha, she isn’t strong because she’s ice she’s strong because of her compassion. & compassion for a killer is a very deadly aspect, so she keeps it reserved, like a poison ready to strike ( loving her will always be deadly, sharp corners & wounding edges, she knows that. she knows her curse but it takes real bravery to continue on ). at the end of the day, bruce didn’t survive her bite ( sorry but c’mon ) he was too weak & was burned by her empathy ( even if she did act like a sexual predator and jump straight onto him, she showed care when it’s believed that she has none ). natasha isn’t robotic, she isn’t feeling-less. she wears a mask to protect herself, because she knows how deadly she is inside. the strength of natasha’s story is losing & learning to love again no matter how long it takes. 

i learned love from sacrifice. i learned love from living & no matter where i’ve gone, or what i’ve done — all the dark things i do not regret, but will never speak of — that is the one part of me that i have always kept safe —— name of the rose. 

                 she finds the compassion & the courage to continue when everything is falling apart on the inside. she has loved men on the battlefield as brothers & uncles, women like strangers. her skills may have gotten her so far but it’s her compassion that has kept her living ( redirects you to liho in volume five, she can’t keep the cat out forever, she can’t not care forever ). she survived a cold place that stripped her bare & made her cold but in spite of that she has a flame still lit. even if it’s reserved & hidden deep, deep down that is her secret weapon. it’s the widow’s poison shared between blossoms & violent blossoms. even if it takes a while to knock down her walls & denial is upon her shoulders, it will always be her decision to love. yes, natasha does jump on bruce & that’s the writing’s fault, but she goes along with her heart & that is her decision. yet, this doesn’t excuse natasha acting like a sexual predator & invading his space which is completely out of character for natasha ? she has her boundaries, her limits & her isolation. walls have to be chipped before they can be broken & truly, what did bruce even do to knock down her walls ? flirt with her one time at the bar ? share a sob story ? there is nothing wrong with natasha going after something she wants because after everything is ruined she gets up & continues fighting — but, this however was not written in the right context, at all. there was no real development ? no bond ? & let me tell you something, she would not have some guy face plant her boobs & stay there. she would not openly cry to some guy she honestly barely even knows ? yes, it’s a touchy subject & it’s okay for her to get emotional !!! she is not robotic !! she has feelings !! but in terms of the movie natasha is sacrificed at the hands of bruce, she reveals her sob story just to aid his moment in that scene. natasha wouldn’t spill her secrets like that, it takes a while to earn that key. even steve has a better relationship with her because there’s actual development ? she opened up to him for the first time in the mcu because  she had a reason to, he saved her life. & don’t get me started on the cell scene. it’s disgusting how little she’s involved in the plot & is sacrificed for the end goal. at the end of the day, i don’t have a problem with the bruce & natasha ship it’s how it’s executed, how it’s written & the answer is very poorly. everything is too rushed with no development & makes minimal sense for her character. she would not run away from a fight, not from the team that has became her family, she practically joined the fight in the avengers to save her best friend ? now she’s running away like lol bye guys see ya, luckily she doesn’t go through with it. the thing is, i do see where age of ultron was trying to go. bruce banner offered natasha the matt murdock style relationship, to be a different person & escape who you are but she can’t, that’s not who she is or who she wants to be. 

tldr ; i’m not really sure of the point in this any more, i’m not defending age of ultron because i have several issues with it —— i’m saying that, natasha does deserve to have her more tender side shown in the mcu but in the right way. her compassion & empathy is what keeps her living, keeps her human even if everything’s broken inside. but the context completely ruined everything. like all of her relationships, she cares for him in that moment & finally let go.


On this day in music history: August 24, 1975 - Queen begin recording “Bohemian Rhapsody” at Rockfield Studio 1 near Monmouth, Wales, UK. Written by Freddie Mercury, the band will start the process of recording the complicated and intricate song after three weeks of rehearsals. The remaining sessions for the track will take place at four different studios (Roundhouse, SARM (East), Scorpion, and Wessex Studios in London) over the next three weeks that it takes to complete the song. The most complex portion of the track, the multi-layered vocal harmonies sung by Freddie Mercury, Brian May and Roger Taylor, will spend anywhere from ten to twelve hours a day, perfecting their parts. Some parts of “Bohemian Rhapsody” feature as many as 180 separate overdubs. Due to the limited number of tracks available on the 24-track master, will make it necessary to bounce the vocal and instrumental tracks up to eight times. In fact, at one point it will be necessary to transfer the entire 2 inch reel to another fresh tape when master begins shedding oxide due to the numerous times the tape is run over the record and playback heads during the tracking and mixing process. When the song is completed, it will clock in at nearly six minutes. When Queen presents the finished track to their UK label EMI Records, they will immediately insist that the band edit it down to a more radio friendly length. The band will get around this by leaking a tape copy of the song to Capitol Radio DJ Kenny Everett who immediately loves the track, and plays on his show fourteen times in two days. Public reaction will be swift and overwhelmingly positive, forcing EMI to release the record as is. Word of the sensation the record has created in England will reach Paul Drew of RKO Radio in the US, who will acquire a dub copy of the still unreleased song. This in turn will force Queen’s US label Elektra Records to release the song as a single. “Bohemian Rhapsody” will go on to top the UK singles chart for 9 weeks in late 1975, peaking at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 in April of 1976. The record is re-released after Freddie Mercury’s death, returning to the top of the UK singles chart for another five weeks, and is featured in the comedy “Wayne’s World” which will put it back on the US Hot 100, peaking at #2 in May of 1992.

The fantastic allisonargrnt tagged me for this (thank you so much, m’lady) and I just have to state six random facts.

1. I would rather be at a concert than celebrating any holiday

2. When I’m older I want to move as far away as I possibly can

3. When I was younger I pulled my teeth out before they were ready and at one point I was missing all eight of my front teeth

4. My favourite thing to do (besides concerts) is basically anything on the lake. Boating, cliff jumping, jet skiing, tubing, you name it

5. I liked the same guy for four years (finally over it, yes!)

6. When I was a baby I had nearly black hair, but now in the summer it gets so blonde it’s almost white.

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Welcome to In Memoriam, a new monthly series that chronicles Americana Legends. So often, one giant is memorialized in their field while the others are displaced to historical footnotes. In Memoriam will spotlight influential musicians that are fading from the collective conscious and commemorate them on the month of their passing. Everybody knows the name Hank Williams, but few remember Lefty Frizzell.

Lefty Frizzell is the honky-tonk archetype. He sang like an angel, dressed like a dandy, and had a weakness for whiskey and women. Before this was a stereotype, it was Lefty. Born William Orville Frizzell, July 19 marks the 40th anniversary of Frizzell’s death. There is no better time to take a second look at this influential singer.

Frizzell burst onto the national music scene in 1951. Dressed to the nines in his tasseled Western suits and trademark bandanas, he was a massive success. He had eight top 10 hits in 1951 alone. At one point, Frizzell had four songs in the Billboard Top 10 at the same time: “I Want To Be With You Always,” “Always Late (With Your Kisses),” “Mom And Dad’s Waltz,” and "Travelin’ Blues.” It was an unprecedented accomplishment.  

Read the full story on BGS.


I just finished watching Sense8. I was going to try and spread out the episodes to make them last until season two has been filmed and is available to watch, but I epic failed and binge watched them instead. Now I’m wondering what I’ll do until season two. (Probably binge watch them all over again.).

My biggest fears for the show at some point one or more of the eight will die. I love them all.

Two is Jonas good or bad?

Can the episodes, please be longer, I just can’t get enough of the show. It’s so unique and I don’t think there’s anything else like it to watch at the moment.

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Today I learned that Canada has football. Your Tumblr teaches me so much. ;)

We do! I know that’s recently popped up on some people’s radars because Michael Sam is with the Montreal Alouettes now. Meanwhile Ottawa’s been in raptures since they got a football team again last year.

It’s not very good football. A lot of Canadians just watch the NFL, though it’s definitely still a big live thing, and far bigger in the prairies than in the East. But it is the reason for my Roughriders inside joke, because at one point the CFL had eight whole teams, and two (A FULL QUARTER OF THE LEAGUE) were named the Roughriders (to be fair, Ottawa’s team was named the Rough Riders, which is obviously very different than Roughriders. One of my favourite Just for Laughs jokes covers it).  

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Suddenly I really want to to read like a full-length series of novel-length Animorphs/Twilight crossover fanfic

Oh believe me it wasn’t just Animorphs and Twilight like the main character’s boyfriend was Hiei and one of her friends animorphed into a cheetah to get to their hogwarts class on time and it got to the point where it was like. Eight different things in one crossover and it’s always the first things to come to mind when I see those massive clusterfuck crossovers and UPDATE I FOUND IT I FUCKING FOUND IT I THOUGHT I’D NEVER FIND IT BUT I DID OH MY GOD



up to player

→Senior at University of Puget Sound, majoring in Criminology


Nick Holden→ Coworker

Rahul Patel→ Coworker

Asmita Singh→ Coworker

Ezra Ozawa→ Roommate


✓ suave, crafty, charismatic, mature

X aloof, quiet, touchy, violent


Face Claim: Luke Pasqualino
Status: Open
Housing: Lighthouse Apartment, Point Road


The ESPN league I set up over the weekend filled up quickly, so here’s another chance to play some high quality fantasy football with me. Just click here or on the picture to go to the Yahoo league site to sign up.

It is a 12-team IDP (Individual Defensive Players) league that starts eight offensive players and eight defensive players. No kickers. No team defense. One point per reception and no negative point plays.

I have played this format each of the past two seasons, and if you are looking for something a little different and a little more challenging, this is your league. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of playing IDP, it’s a lot of fun and it definitely makes your NFL Sundays a little more interesting.

The draft is this coming Monday (August 31) at 9:00 p.m. EST. I’m looking forward to you guys joining me.

Justin tackling one of the eight ziplines at Long Point Eco Adventures! Flying through the forest was so much fun with such beautiful scenery!

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