In the new age, Artemis is a girl
who doesn’t believe in love.
Aims her arrows at the stars,
sees Orion in the night sky.
Drops her bow, doesn’t
pick it up again.

(The twenty-first century has no room
for warriors and huntresses and
goddesses who bleed silver,
if they bleed at all.)

In the new age, Apollo is a boy
who loves far too deeply.
Falls head over heels for
a girl wreathed in laurel.
Out there, in a big city
somewhere, Eros laughs.

(The twenty-first century has no space
for poets and musicians and
golden-hearted gods
left shining alone.)

In the new age, the twins
can’t find each other.
The forests are cut down and
the sun hides behind smoke.

On an island off the coast of Greece,
Leto weeps.

—  we built ourselves a dystopia | m.j.
Fantastic Beasts Headcanon- Queenie is a BAMF

I don’t know if anyone else felt this way but for me, it really seemed like Graves had it out for Tina, even before Newt came along.  Yes, she made some big mistakes that resulted in a large group of no-maj witchhunters/protesters needing to be obliviated, but it still seems like something that would result in being suspended from work, or maybe even being demoted in the department itself, but to remove a highly qualified witch from the Auror team when everyone’s worried about safety as it is?  Seems fishy.

Next, we have the interrogation with Graves, Tina, and Newt himself.  Yes, they were in a lot of trouble.  Yes, Madam Picquery herself was livid, and there was the death of a no-maj to consider.  But in what government can someone like Graves order the immediate execution of a witch and a wizard- one who’s crime isn’t terribly serious (this time around,) and the other who isn’t even a US citizen?  And without a full trial?  Wizarding laws may be different, but that seems beyond extreme.  So why did Graves want them out of the way so badly?

Queenie.  He was afraid of Queenie.  

In all the wizarding world we know and love, have we ever encountered someone who is as effortlessly skilled with Legilimency and empathic abilities as Queenie Goldstein?  She says herself that if someone is hurting, she can’t help but know what’s going on inside their head.  She knew her sister was in mortal danger from a pretty fair distance away, and knows the secrets of her colleagues, flawlessly using them to her advantage at the drop of a hat when necessary.  

So.  Grindelwald is known to be an incredible Occlumens, and even Voldemort himself couldn’t penetrate his mind.  But that’s years from when this all takes place, and Queenie is empathic on top of being a Legilimens.  Not to mention the fact that Grindelwald has some skill with divination, but doesn’t always get his information right.  What are the chances he had a vision about Queenie?

Queenie, the sweet, airheaded Congress employee who fetches coffee, and is the sister of one of the Aurors on his team?  It could be possible that with his skill at Occlumency, he has some ability with Legilimency, and it wouldn’t take much to skim the surface of Tina’s mind, and find out just how dangerous her sister could be.  The sweet smile and bubbly behavior that hides a devious mind, a cunning wit, and quite possibly, the ability to expose him if she ever gets too close?  

Gellert Grindelwald was afraid of Queenie Goldstein.

You know, lately I started talking to Coach Q in English! In broken English, to be honest (laughs). I was even trying to joke. Well, I was just pretending to be funny. So it’s fine! I like him, I like the demands he places on me. I understand what he wants from players, from me, personally. I’m happy with having him as my coach. I remember I had an injury during my first days in a training camp, so I wasn’t training. I did like one workout, and my injury got worse, so I wasn’t playing again. Coach Q gave an interview later where he said he thinks I’ll be fine. I read it, and I started worrying less. The fact that I wasn’t training and couldn’t really prove myself was making me nervous. Joel did reassure me. I started feeling more confident.

About Kane? I got along with him from the very first day. We were working together pretty well. After my recovery I started playing right away. We’re not a perfect duo, I mean, we argue sometimes like everyone else. One day we’re enemies, another - best friends. If the game is going well we’re cool, but when it’s not we’re “biting and scratching” each other on the bench. Of course, I’m happy with having an opportunity to learn from a player like Patrick every day. If you want to be the best you must surround yourself with the best people.


Artemi Panarin,

about his relationships with Coach Q and Kane


NHL Bromances + text posts