August 30 : The idea was to write the things I experienced in Canada in the small journal everyday, but one day I did not have the time to do so and wrote it real quick on my phone. The problem now, is that I have 20 days to copy from my phone to the journal…. Sigh. Anyways, New York was fun! 2 More weeks in Canada before heading back to Amsterdam. I’m gonna miss this country!

1/100 days of productivity 17.1.2017
Sometimes things just don’t go as planned… I decided to start fresh with my 100 days of productivity since my last one last year didn’t work out so well. Sad things so I don’t blame myself, but I am ready to rock again! 🤘🏻🌸

IG :
Ph : Niklas Haze
Styling : Lilian Buechner
MUA : Carly McInerney Make Up
Model : Zélig Wilson

Danielle Cathari -

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This season, the VFiles platform (now in its eighth iteration) hosted only three labels—it usually has been five. They were Snow Xue Gao, Daniëlle Cathari, and Strateas Carlucci.

Next came Cathari. She is still a student in Amsterdam; VFiles marked her first fashion show ever. She sent forth quite ably made separates, rendered from remade vintage Adidas tracksuits. There was something intriguing about this idea—a coy hint that streetwear is both dead and immortal. It will always be around, even if its trendiness comes and goes. With ruffled wool topcoats balancing the graphic sportif, Cathari’s concept was the strongest of the trio.