Day 10 Favorite scene from TnaoS: 2.18 Tempus Fugitive

My favorite scene is a bit hard to pinpoint as i love the entire episode. But from the moment they step into the past with HG. Lois finding out via Tempus that Clark is Superman; Lois getting made at Clark but coming to understand and then saving baby Kal-El.  The entire sequence epitomizes to me exactly what made LnC so much fun…

So i was watching smallville, and you see lois’s mother for the first time on a vhs (since she is dead) aND ITS THE CHICK WHO PLAYED LOIS IN THE ADVENTURES OF LOIS AND CLARK!!!!! ADSLDJKJ!!!! FEELS!

This makes me so happy, because The adventures of Lois and Clark show is my ALL TIME FAVORITE SUPERMAN!! with smallville as a close second because I can see them linked, the characters are dead on for me!! And then to hAVE THEM LINKED FOR REAL IS JUST AHAHAHSHDHDFJF!!!

#castle S04E20 – “The Limey”

Castle follows Richard Castle, a famous mystery novelist who has killed off his main character in his book series and has writers block. He is brought in by the NYPD for questioning regarding a copy-cat murder based on one of his novels. He is intrigued by this new window into crime and murder, and uses his connections to charm his way into shadowing the captivating Detective Kate Beckett. Castle decides to use Beckett as the model for the main character of his next book series starring “Nikki Heat”. Beckett, an avid reader of Castle’s books, initially disapproves of having Castle shadow her on her cases, but later warms up and recognizes Castle as a useful resource in her team’s investigations.

This episode concerns Castle and Beckett being approached by a detective from Scotland Yard looking for help in solving the murder of a family friend. 

Last week on Castle, he admitted to his mother that he like Kate. It was a turning point; actually the turning point was him admitting it to Kate after she had got shot. But he admitting it to someone else was a big step in the on/off relationship between them. This week, it was Kate’s turn to admit it to someone, well, it was stated by Laney, and she confirmed it. Of course after last week, when Castle overheard that Kate remembered the love you comment and taking it badly, it wasn’t that much of a shock when he reverted to his old “man about town” persona, leaving Kate out in the cold. Once again, the writers have done that thing where it builds up toward them admitting their feelings to each other, but something gets in the way. It’s a classic move, one which keeps the storyline going. Shows like Moonlighting rely on the two lead characters “loving each other” but not able to admit it, and some shows when it has been admitted seem to lose the ratings. Moonlighting, and The New Adventures of Superman being lead examples. So keeping the storyline going, and finding ways to keep them apart will happen until they take the plunge. Bones did it after 7 seasons, but didn’t give them enough time to have an actual dating phase, and just moved straight towards them having a baby, which kept it fresh. What will Castle do when they eventually take the plunge and have them admit their feelings?

Side note, the name Richard Castle was chosen, because when it is said Rick Castle, it kinda sounds like “Rich Asshole”. The “limey” character in this episode has the name Colin Hunt. I’ll leave you to decide what that sounds like, especially when Americans say it.

So I’ve been watching Lois & Clark: the New Adventures of Superman, and really enjoying its adorableness. And it’s SO TROPE-Y! I mean, I’m not even halfway through the first season, and we’ve already had:
– Fake Married (For A Case!)
– Amnesia!Fic
– Sex Pollen (well, no actual sex, but perfume that causes people to *really want* to act on attraction)

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What did you think of the bits of Smallville and the other Superman media that you've seen? Does your version of Clark come more from a comics inspiration, a DC animated movie inspiration, or a television inspiration?

Short answer: we have many mixed feelings.

Long answer:

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I saw something earlier on the subject of marriage, and I just have to say.

If it’s a matter where the two characters/people involved aren’t likely to want to have one of them give their name to the other (or for the other to accept this) then it is possible to just… not do that.

Seriously, it does happen nowadays.

In fact, one of the main examples I think of here is of a thing of ‘professional’ names. If someone knows you really easily/well as one name, then it’d be a bother to have everyone get used to the new one - so some people might have a ‘professional’ name, which is basically their unmarried name, and they might keep their name exactly as it was or have it legally changed, but carry on as before otherwise.

Think about how in the old New Adventures of Superman series, neither Clark nor Lois changed their names - notably, Lois didn’t suddenly become ‘Lois Kent’ - she was very much still Lois Lane, as that was her professional name.

Another thing that people do, which is gaining traction and popularity, is double-barrelling. This has some flexibility, as far as I’m aware, and I think it’s possible (don’t quote me, I’m no expert, just jotting down for reference what I think I know) that M. Smith and M. Jones could become M. Jones-Smith and/or M. Smith-Jones.

They both keep their family names, but also keep a very clear and obvious show of who they’re married to.

But overall, I think I have noticed that the thing of one party (usually the woman) changing her name when marrying is not being as absolute as it once was; perhaps this is because attitudes are shifting, since the reason the name would be changed was, I think, originally because the woman was marrying into the new family - she was leaving her old relatives, and becoming a part of her husband’s family. But this is no longer the way people live and marry, so I’d like to think that naming customs echo this, at least somewhat.

Overall, you need to choose something that suits your couple. If they’re the kind that would like to match their names, then by all means, go for it! If they wouldn’t want to change anything, that’s fine too! If they want the best of both worlds, double barrelling is good! 

This goes for all sorts, as well - heterosexual couples as well as same-sex couples, and others as well.

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Rules: list 5 otps from different fandoms, and tag 10 people.

I’m putting these into chronological order.


1. Clark Kent/Lois Lane* - Superman (1978), Superman II (1980)  *most versions I’ve seen, actually

2. Princess Marie de Namour de la Bonfain/Captain Richard Warrington - Naughty Marietta (1935)  First saw this sometime in early teens, a VHS tape in a VCR checked out from the public library–new and exciting technology allowing us to see movies at home!

3. Vinnie Terranova/Sonny Steelgrave - Wiseguy (1987-1990)  1st season absolute best, 2nd good, eh for the rest.

‎4. Clark Kent/Lois Lane - Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993-1997)  Show jumped the shark spectacularly, but was so darned good until then.

5. Goliath/Elisa Maza - Gargoyles (1994-1996)

6. Xena/Ares - Xena: Warrior Princess (1995-2001)

7. Jarod/Miss Parker - The Pretender (1996-2000)

8. John Crichton/Aeryn Sun - Farscape (1999-2004)  Forever OTP of my heart.

9. Lex Luthor/Clark Kent - Smallville (TV series, 2001-2011)  If only, if only…

10. Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr - X-Men prequel films (2011, 2014, 2016)

11. Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham - Hannibal (2013-2015)  I was strongly reminded of the equally intense series finale for American Gothic, also cancelled before time.

Honorable mentions*:

1. James T. Kirk/Spock - Star Trek (1966-1969)

2. Duncan MacLeod/Amanda - Highlander (1992-1998)

*Sex is optional for these to be my OTPs

I also immensely enjoy obsessive rival/enemy ‘ships, i.e. non-con OTPs

1. General Zod/Kal-El - Superman II (1980)  Kneel before Zod, baby, mmm-hm. This came out when I was nine, so I didn’t know what I wanted to happen if Zod was truly triumphant, but I was really, really into handsome Kal-El unwillingly, under extreme duress, kneeling down and raising up his big blues and taking Zod’s hand to swear eternal loyalty.

2. Sawboss/Jayce - Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors (cartoon in 1985 or so)  By this point, I’d started to figure out that I liked seeing pretty boys captured and tied up and threatened by their enemies. Heck, even that stupid 1987 movie Masters of the Universe had one scene that that I still vaguely recall, with He-Man surrendering to Skeletor (due to a threat to friends), allowing himself to be taken and chained without resisting. And there’s a scene in Legend (1985), where Jack is fighting Darkness: for a brief, lovely moment, Darkness knocks the sword from Jack’s hands; he’s crouching, flinching, frightened and at bay at the end of Darkness’ massive blade.

3. Murdoc/MacGyver - MacGyver (1985-1992)  I wrote fic for MacGyver. Murdoc won. Gosh, now I really want to re-read that story. It was the first time I ever researched real world topics for fic.

4. Sonny Steelgrave/Vinnie Terranova - Wiseguy (1987-1990)  God, the angst. I remember watching this, leaning forward in my chair, mesmerized. When the DVDs came out, and the season finale, the penultimate scene’s music had been changed from The Moody Blues’ “Nights In White Satin" to some unholy remix of the theme song, the protests were fandom-wide–and I only knew I wasn’t alone years after the fact, when I discovered online fandom, and later found Wiseguy, and heard of a fan who, on their own, had magnificently restored the original version. That was Astolat, if I am not mistaken, and I am the proud owner of one such corrected version.

5. Servalan/Kerr Avon - Blake’s 7 (1978-1981)  I first watched this in ‘92. Confident, self-assured woman (lawful evil) versus damaged genius (lawful neutral: a kiss, a proposal, a rejection meant stage set for mutual obsession. I was a goner.

6. Alex Krycek/Fox Mulder - X-Files (1993-2002)  Sex and violence, please.

7. Victoria Metcalf/Benton Fraser - due South (1994-1999)  The poetry of the 2-parter, the history, the obsession and longing and long-suppressed desire–this could never end well.

8. Mr. Lyle/Jarod - The Pretender (1996-2000)  Violent and vicious; seek, locate and capture; predator versus predator

9. Scorpius/John Crichton - Farscape (1999-2004)  I can no more imagine John Crichton existing without Scorpius breathing at the back of his neck than I can imagine him existing without Aeryn Sun at his side. Two faces of a coin. Also, there is a point at which Scorpius literally sniffs John’s neck, and I re-wound the VHS recording until the tape wore out. Same for whenever Scorpius gets handsy with his quarry. I have written much, much fic about Scorpius and John Crichton.

10. Erik [Magnus] Lehnsherr (Max Eisenhardt)/Charles Francis Xavier - X-Men comics/ films (2000-2016)  Can’t have him, but the thought of him is never far from mind; can capture him, but can never convince him to stay; can take his hand, and betray him for what you see as the greater good.

11. Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham - Hannibal (2013-2015)  Delicious. Pursued becomes pursuer. Blood, love and rhetoric are compulsory and fully explored. {Tom Stoppard}

Bonus: book edition


1. Francis Crawford/Philippa Somerville- Lymond Chronicles, Dorothy Dunnett

2. Harry Dresden/John Marcone or Thomas Raith/Harry Dresden - Dresden series, Jim Butcher

Non-con OTP:

1. Doro/Anyanwu - Wild Seed, Octavia E. Butler

2. Anzha lyu Mitethe/Zatar Karvati - In Conquest Born, C.S. Friedman

3. Omne/James T. Kirk - Star Trek novels Price of the Phoenix and Fate of the Phoenix by Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath

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