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With all this CN on the MCU discussion, particularly CW, today I was at worked and the image of Ross trying to touch Tony's neck and Steve bursting into the room and impaling Ross with the american flag came into my head. I spent an hour giggling and none of my co-workers were sure of the hell was wrong with me hahaha

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some unlucky kiddos :’)

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I can't wait for the CN Steve remix!! Fic of the summer 😍 do you think it'll be a oneshot or a longer fic like how CN was ?

Glad you are excited!  As for how long it might end up…the honest answer is that I’m terrible at guessing.  At this point, I kind of think long, but not as long as CN itself.  I will likely post it in parts as it progresses, but my plan is to kind of incorporate some things that were mentioned in CN, but that we didn’t actually get to see happen and flip some scenes to Steve’s POV of them so you get his perspective.  I don’t want to just totally re-do the whole thing from Steve’s POV.  Honestly, that’s a pain in the ass to do b/c you have to keep the dialogue and mannerisms consistent, which ends up being tricky.  I found that out doing Steve’s POV for Poster Child.  So far, it is mostly just leading up to them meeting, but I think it gives some backstory to where Steve is emotionally when he meets Tony that is important.  

Anyway, thanks for the ask and thanks for reading!

I get really sketched out when people bring up California’s former history as a part of Mexico as a point of pride. Mexico was also a colonial state, and the time of Spanish then Mexican rule resulted in the deaths of 160,000 California Natives. Mexico actively engaged in *many* massacres of Native peoples in California. I understand it gets brought up as a way to critique oppressive/racist nationalism and border policy in the US, but for certain that can be done without celebrating another violent colonial history.

Can we just admit that mass effect 1 is a bad game and the only reason its even still played is for a feeling of a complete run? Or by first time players?

Look at this!  LOOK AT THE DOG TAGS AND THE ARMY SHIRT!  Omg, I’m dying.  @spaceliondad has killed me dead, but in the best possible of ways.  Thank you for this gorgeous work to go with Celestial Navigation.  Look at my happy boys!  This is absolutely beautiful and really captures how they end up in the fic so well.  Very much appreciated.  

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“I’m serious, Yu. You don’t realize how terrifying humans are.”