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did my ask got deleted? I asked about help with my sudden lost data on mystic messenger :o

I have a lot of questions about Data Loss, which I can’t help any of you with, only Cheritz can.

There is also the option of if you have a save from where you were at last and the load that. You should always save after you complete a chat room in the event that auto-save messes up.

Also, I don’t usually answer MM questions during the week because I get A LOT of them. I save the bulk of them for Sunday.

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Did you get the mm update? I dont kbow how the ufo chat thing works. Can you explain please if you've gone through it please?

You tap it and a screen pops up showing someone’s thoughts. They are color coded, so you see Red, that’s Seven, you see Green, that’s Yoosung ect ect.

When the bag lights up, you tap it.

This is what happens when after you tap it:

It says “tap tap” but I only tapped it once. Not sure if tapping it multiple times changes the potential prize.

I have over 500HG, so I’m not really hurting for freebies, but those of you that are, here is your way to earn them.

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Idk if you've done this before, but can you do a mysme headcaon where everyone and the mc get into their first fight?

omg tears but at the same time, I have a bone to pick with some of them. I’m sorry if you sent in an ask and I didn’t answer it! I’m pretty sure tumblr ate some of my asks since I saw I had some in my inbox but when I clicked there was nothing. Also, I’ve scheduled all my requests so if you think yours was eaten, just wait a bit to see if it comes out! This one was scheduled for October 19th.


  • the first argument between MC and Yoosung is about how he constantly compares MC to Rika
  • #triggered
  • boy oh boy do i have a bone to pick with you little blond
  • one day he’s all like, “you planned the party perfectly just like Rika.”
  • and MC just snaps and turns around and asks
  • “is that all I am to you? a replacement for her?”
  • Yoosung just freezes and doesn’t have an answer
  • and MC just leaves the venue to go back to the apartment in disbelief like are you kidding
  • you couldn’t even answer just that question
  • and he chases after MC as they try to catch a bus
  • and he apologizes
  • “I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to compare you to her or make you feel like this. I’ll never do it again. I’m so sorry.”
  • first fight over and he never does it again


  • MC and Zen are both not the type of people to start fights unnecessarily but then why you provoking Jumin so much smfh so it’s serious
  • it would be over him spending so much time with his fans and career
  • and MC tries to be as supportive and loving
  • but it’s so hard and MC just completely snaps when he mentions having to cancel another date for a fan meeting
  • it’s the fifteenth time that month and “are we even in a relationship anymore?”
  • Zen is completely floored. “why can’t you support me trying to expand my career? i just want to give back to my fans.”
  • MC just gets so frustrated because he doesn’t get how little time they’ve spent together
  • MC just shows him how many times he’s cancelled in the past month and MC leaves the house because of sheer frustration
  • Zen is just so sorry but he can’t find MC or contact them
  • he has Seven find out where MC is staying
  • he’s panicking because he hopes he didn’t push MC away enough to end their relationship literally ready to cry at the thought
  • he begs on his knees in front of MC’s hotel room


  • they’re fighting over something MC said in worry for Jaehee
  • “you need to stop working so hard.”
  • and Jaehee’s already so stressed and she accidentally snaps at MC
  • “why don’t you worry more about yourself?”
  • MC’s so hurt and she looks at Jaehee with kind of watery eyes
  • like she’s trying to be supportive and shows she cares
  • Jaehee isn’t sure why she reacted the way she did
  • and when she goes to apologize
  • MC just goes to lock herself in the bedroom for a few minutes to gather herself
  • and then Jaehee manages to apologize through the door
  • happy happy times they made up


  • there is honestly so much to fight about i cannot
  • Jumin gets overbearingly possessive for a few days daddy jumin hello
  • and after it becomes two much, MC opens a discussion about it
  • Jumin gets defensive, MC is insistent, things blow up and go overboard like when you try to salt your food and drop the entire container in
  • MC tries to get Jumin to understand they wants a little freedom
  • “if you don’t like the relationship as it is, perhaps there should not longer be one.”
  • oh shit oh shit he did not mean to say that he did not want to hurt MC
  • MC’s just in shock and when Jumin tries to touch them, they step back
  • oh shit now kicked kitten Jumin appears
  • MC just heads to the bathroom and lock themselves in there
  • Elizabeth the 3rd paws at the door and looks at Jumin like you fucked up boy get her back because i like to cuddle sessions
  • Jumin waits outside of the bathroom until MC is ready to talk after crying a bit
  • he literally begs on his knees for forgiveness
  • and then the entire night is composed of makeup sex don’t fight me on this


  • literally begins with him pushing MC away again after all that mess
  • seriously will you make up your mind this is no tug-o-war game
  • and MC just wants to be a cuddly couple
  • but Seven falls back into one of his bouts and pushed MC away
  • MC is having none of it and is sick of this game and wants to just be normal
  • Seven keeps getting further and further away
  • MC gets sick of it and tugs him to the sofa and forces him to cuddle
  • therapy no jutsu activated you’re not Naruto tho MC
  • shhhhh saved
  • MC forces Seven to talk about the problems
  • they make up uwuwu
  • sex in the living room and kitchen just saying makeup sex


  • cut my heart out with a spoon why don’t you i’m not crying at all
  • the argument begins when MC broaches the subject of eye surgery
  • after Jumin asks them to discuss it with V
  • and literally everything blows up from there
  • V insists on keeping his eyes as repentance and remembrance for Rika
  • MC is #triggered and asks V to understand that Rika hurt him and it isn’t the way to remember her
  • V gets emotional and a bit upset and still blames himself
  • MC gets frustrated and tries to make V understand it’s been a yearl that if he doesn’t get the eye surgery now he’ll never be able to get his eyesight back
  • V asks if MC really loves him since MC keeps on insisting on his eye sight because if MC really did love him they’d accept his choices
  • MC is in total disbelief #triggered and walks out
  • V takes a while to think about what MC said and about the surgery
  • he realizes the mistake he made and panics captain you fucked up
  • MC ends up getting persuaded by Jumin to return
  • V gets the eye surgery in the end after they made up


  • he’s still delicate so MC is willing to accomodate
  • but this isn’t a fight over any spectacular
  • it’s just him being jealous
  • and he rants a whole lot and MC just tells him that they’ll always love him the most
  • but the complaining gets to be too much
  • MC snaps and goes to sleep on the couch
  • MC wakes up with horrible kinks and Saeran feels really sorry
  • honestly the couple to fight the least surprisingly
  • MC will still fight him over touching his cold ass feet to their legs when sleeping tho you rude little shit
  • you can tell I’m no good at fighting scenarios unless it’s a full on fic and that’s not going to happen sorry

By borrowing the strength of the sun,

the moon glows into a brilliant white.

Won’t you rely on me in the same way? 

Someday I promise I’ll cut you loose and set you free

High up above the satellites and out of this gravity

We will be in a place where all your tears and all your fears are cut down to 1/6

Although a spaceship is clearly too crazy for us

I hope that if we’re with each other then it will be enough

So won’t you put your hand in my hand, take a deep breath and

Then someday we’ll be out of this gravity (x) (x)