Alternate Titles For Every Futurama Episode, Part 3

Season 6

Rebirth: The “Shoot her, she’s the robot” Situation
In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela: Very Weird And Not Interesting Zapp/Leela Fic
Attack of the Killer App: Cool Technology And Meme™
Proposition Infinity: We Saw You Shipped Bender With A Human But Didn’t Understand Which One
The Duh-Vinci Code: Leonado Da Vinci Is An Alien
Lethal Inspection: Hermes And Bender Will Make You Very Sad
The Late Philip J. Fry: Best 22 Minutes You Will Ever Experience
That Darn Katz!: Cats Are Evil, And Also Aliens
A Clockwork Origin: Meme™
The Prisoner of Benda: Go Google The Futurama Theorem, It’s Real
Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences: Fry Will Sacrifice His Life For Leela When You Least Expect It, part 2
The Mutants Are Revolting: Badass Leela, Very Ugly Fry and Depressed Bender
The Futurama Holiday Spectacular: Don’t You Dare Make A Three-part Episode That Is Not An Anthology Ever Again
The Silence of the Clamps: John F**** Zoidberg
Möbius Dick: Leela’s Obsessed With Very Cool Space Whale
Law and Oracle: Uniforms Kink
Benderama: How Laziness Doomed The World
The Tip of the Zoidberg: Zoidberg And The Professor Will Make You Very Sad
Ghost in the Machines: Ghost Angst
Neutopia: Genderbend!
Yo Leela Leela: Leela With Puppets (?)
Fry Am the Egg Man: Fry Is The Cutest Pet Owner
All the Presidents’ Heads: Andy Warhol Was There
Cold Warriors: Fry’s Childhood Is Always Painful
Overclockwise: One Of The Best Bender You Have Ever Seen (Also Freela Is #Canon)
Reincarnation: I Thought I Had Warned You About The Three-segments Episodes!!!!

Season 7

The Bots and the Bees: Accidental Baby Acquisition
A Farewell to Arms: 2012 Mayan Calendar, Also Leela Broke Her Leg
Decision 3012: We Told You We Could Predict Trump
The Thief of Baghead: Romeo And Juliet With Calculon’s Suicide
Zapp Dingbat: Bender, Fry And Leela’s Dad Go Surfing
The Butterjunk Effect: This Episode Is Not Good But Leela And Amy Are
The Six Million Dollar Mon: We Saw You Shipping Hermberg, So Here You Go
Fun on a Bun: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 Good Kiss
Free Will Hunting: Bender’s Solo Mission Because Of Reasons
Near-Death Wish: Fry Adopts Two Grandparents
31st Century Fox: We Hate Fox And We’re Saying It
Viva Mars Vegas: Invisible!Zoidberg
Naturama: Seriously Where Is My Anthology of Interest?
Forty Percent Leadbelly: Bender Becomes a Folk Singer And He’s Not Ever Paralytic This Time
2-D Blacktop: 2 Fast 2 Furious
T.: The Terrestrial: Remember Popplers? Here They Are Now. Feel Old Yet?
Fry and Leela’s Big Fling: A Sex Vacation To The Zoo
The Inhuman Torch: Bender Carries Fry In His Underpants, While The Building Is On Fire
Saturday Morning Fun Pit: The Last Segment Makes Up For Everything TBH
Calculon 2.0: Bender Biggest Gayest Crush Won’t Die This Easily
Assie Come Home: Just How Shiny Do You Think Bender’s Butt Is? The Answer Is Hella
Leela and the Genestalk: Freela At Its Purest (And Tentacles)
Game of Tones: Killed 17 People In the Last Two Years
Murder on the Planet Express: Last Tribute To All The Ships That Never Sailed
Stench and Stenchibility: Bender Tip Taps A Girl Back To Life
Meanwhile: The series Is Now A Perfect Circle, And If You Play the First Episode After This It Will Be Like It Actually Restarted

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anonymous asked:

hi! can you provide a list of fry and leela centric episodes please? thank you!

hey boo! i was considering making a gifset of this exact thing actually but i prob won’t get to that anytime soon so here :) ones that have a subplot regarding them will be marked with an *. their a plot episodes will just be marked regularly. 

  • space pilot 3000
  • the series has landed*
  • my three suns
  • a flight to remember
  • xmas story
  • put your head on my shoulders*
  • parasites lost
  • the cyber house rules*
  • time keeps on slippin’
  • love and rocket*
  • teenage mutant leela’s hurdles*
  • the why of fry
  • the sting
  • the farnsworth parabox*
  • the devil’s hands are idle playthings
  • bender’s big score*
  • into the wild green yonder*
  • rebirth
  • attack of the killer app*
  • the late philip j fry
  • the prisoner of benda*
  • lrrreconcilable ndndifferences*
  • the mutants are revolting*
  • fry am the egg man*
  • overclockwise*
  • a farewell to arms
  • fun on a bun
  • naturama*
  • fry and leela’s big fling
  • leela and the genestalk*
  • meanwhile