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hey! i'm headed to michigan soon for a school trip and we have a few free days. any recommendations on what i should check out while i'm there?

Awesome! Where are you headed? I’m from the Ann Arbor area. :)

1. Greenfield Village/Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn
2. Pinball Petes in Ann Arbor
3. Literally any apple orchard would be fun to go to if you don’t normally go to them in your home state
4. Detroit Institute of Arts
5. Detroit African American History Museum
6. Mackinaw Island 
7. Sleeping Bear Dunes near Traverse City
8. Literally just go to Detroit. Greek town is fun and Campus Martius usually has stuff going on. I’d check online to see what events are happening!
9. Kayaking on Lake Michigan
10. Hiking up north literally anywhere is beautiful. The upper peninsula is the place to go if you love foresty nature.
11. Ann Arbor usually has a lot of events going on!
12. Frankenmuth is a cute town where it’s Christmas all year long and has Christmas stores and fudge and a badass cheese factory lol.
13. Check out the University of Michigan (that’s where I went!)
14. Grand Rapids is also a huge city with a lot of events going on.
15. Grand Rapids has one of the largest indoor/outdoor gardens called Meijer Gardens.

Honestly there’s more to do in the summer but these were just some things I enjoying doing :) I hope you have an awesome trip! Where is your field trip going to be?

fanfic prompts for writers

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  1. we pretend to be a couple to get on a couples game show and win the prize money
  2. laundry mix-up, we have to find a way to exchange our bags, but I don’t know how to tell you your DC underwear sucks- marvel is better
  3. I need to save you from the beep test before one of us passes out
  4. you are the announcer at an event, I am the participant, you accidently hit on me during the game/fair/dance & I go to talk to you after I stop laughing
  5. “okay, so you’re looking for our daughter who time traveled here?”
  6. you are the witch/wizard on 9th street and I am the poor patron who’s cursed been cursed by a succubus. Help me.
  7. your sexy dance is giving me a migraine, I go to show you how it’s done
  8. We are both in limbo and our deaths were somehow connected, we don’t know how, but we might as well go together to find out
  9. I am the museum curator and you can’t sleep inside the exhibit!! Stop moving the displays around at night for fun 
  10. DND game gone wrong
  11. revolution is upon us, I am the plucky newspaper reporter sent to stab you, you are the moderate trying to stop the bloodshed
  12. “Okay, I have to draw your freckles. Right now.”
  13. there is a rogue Roomba in our dorm playing music in the middle of the night, I go to try and track down the owner
What their plan for This Summer


*Going to every single fun place he can find
*Spending time with their S.O
*Eating takoyaki
*Play sport with their S.O
*Annoy Reiji
*Do pranks


*Have sex~
*Make some macaroon with S.O
*Have sex~
*Drink S.O blood
*Buy new boxer
*Buy underwear for S.O
*Take S.O to dinner
*Spend even more time with S.O
*Have sex again


*Eats Sweets
*Make sweets with S.O
*Playing with S.O
*Make S.O clean teddy
*Give teddy new outfit
*Try not to kill everyone


*Listen to music while sleeping
*Tease S.O
*Cuddle with S.O


*Work on new formula
*Help S.O with their summer homework
*Spend time with S.O
*Clean up mess his brothers make
*Take S.O to fancy dinner
*Buy S.O something special
*Teach S.O more manner


*Take a walk outside with S.O
*Give S.O a white rose
*Spend time with S.O
*Yells at his brothers
*Try to get Kou to stop annoying him
*Protect S.O


*Make soup
*Drink S.O blood
*Help S.O
*Spend more time with S.O
*Clean after his brothers


*Go on world tour
*Send S.O special gifts so they won’t be lonely
*Take S.O on world tour
*Buy a neko outfit for S.O
*Give S.O a kitten
*Take S.O to fun place
*Annoy Subaru
*Drink S.O blood


*Work on the garden
*Spend time with S.O
*Tease S.O
*Make something with S.O
*Eats sugar cubes
*Yells at Kou


*Clean his knives
*Help Ruki with chores
*Spend WAY more time with S.O than before
*Cuddle with S.O
*Kiss S.O


*Eats ham
*Finally take S.O to Art Museum
*Sleep with S.O


*Spend time in his wolf form
*Helps his brother
*Eats peanuts
*Tease S.O
*Be rude to S.O
*Cuddle with S.O

*Play his phone
*Tease S.O more
*Spend time with S.O
*Annoy Ayato

Fed Up (Crowley x Reader)

A/N: Hewo reader-chans. Ta-da! An actual early post! I stay up late to finish these for ya peeps! :V This was really fun to play with haha. Hope you enjoy it as much I did writing it! ^-^ Your notes inspire me to keep doing the do! Alright I’ll stop blabbering now Cx

Word Count: 3,706

Warnings: Smutty smut! Rough!dom!Crowley, teasing (huehue), slight bondage (not over overbearingly so)

Originally posted by dean-winchester-crush

You growl, slamming your hands on the table. “Why the fuck do we have to bring Crowley again?” You sneer, glaring at Dean and Sam. They look at you, an annoyed gleam in their eyes.You were less than pleased when they had told you the King of Hell would be joining you on your guys’ hunt. He enjoyed picking on you and you just weren’t having it. “Hey, trust me Y/N. I’m not happy about it either. But he’s the only who can go in and retrieve the necklace.” Dean replies, crossing his arms. You scoff, turning your head away. “Why can’t Castiel do it?” “Because Cass hasn’t been answering our calls.” He grumbles. You groan, rubbing your face. Why was he so inconsistent? It wasn’t too hard to press a green button and put the device next to your ear.

The brothers had caught word of a necklace that’s rumored to give the person the power to curse whomever they pleased. So naturally, they explained to you how they had a spell that could destroy it before it landed in the wrong hands. The problem? It was locked behind a high security door within a museum in Montreal. And only a being with the ability to teleport could get in and out without setting off any alarms. And of course, it had to be Crowley.

You pout, pulling out a chair and sitting in it. You really didn’t want to deal with him. He was arrogant and annoying. He also seemed to enjoy angering you by pointing out your flaws and making fun of how you did things. Not to mention he’s called you a slut and whore a few times. It really pissed you off to no end, knowing he could do this to you but you couldn’t to him since he had the power to kill you with a singular snap of his fingers. So you took it like a bitch, biting your tongue through every quip. Everytime wishing you could get ahold of the demon knife or an angel blade. 

“When are we leaving?” You ask, rubbing the bridge of your nose. Sam replies, head in hand. “Whenever Crowley decides to grace us with his presence.” You snort, crossing yours arms. “Why can’t he teleport there and just bring it back to us so we don’t have to deal with him for 7 fucking hours?” “Because we can’t guarantee he’ll actually give us the real necklace. I mean, c’mon, the power to curse whoever?” Dean quickly intervenes, shooting down your idea. “At least this way, we can keep him in line.” You nod, understanding. You didn’t like it, but he was right. Crowley had a knack for stealing things that endangered lives. 

“Hello boys.” Speaking of the devil. His gaze shifts to yours and he smiles. “Y/N.” You glare, a sneer finding a way to your face. He only smiles, looking back to the brothers. “So, Montreal?” “Unfortunately.” You mutter, shifting your arms. He frowns, looking back at you. “I can hear you.” “And?” You ask rudely, smiling sarcastically and tilting your head. Sam clenches his jaw while Dean gives you a warning glare. Crowley narrows his eyes. “And I wasn’t talking to you. Mind your mouth love. I’m sure it isn’t used to talking when something’s lodged within it.” A surge of anger washes over you but you grit your teeth. Dean was giving you a stern look, as if to say ‘shut up’. “Alright enough. Yes, we’re going to Montreal and we’re bringing you with us.” Sam steps in, glaring at the King of Hell. “I trust that won’t be freely of course?” Was his simple reply, head tilting back with a squint in his eyes. “You expect us to trust you? After all those stunts you’ve attempted to pull? No. We’re putting you in the cuffs.” Dean growls, pulling out the demonic cuffs. Crowley looks at them, then to him. “How about-” As soon as he raised an arm to snap away, Sam grabbed the cuffs and tightened them around the wrist, quickly grabbing his other one and cuffing it too. Crowley grunts, struggling to no extent. 

He stands there then, staring at hands. “Bollocks.” 

You hide your smile, silently snickering. He glares at you, squinting his eyes and biting his cheek. You show your smile then, nothing but evil. His face twitches and he looks away. You silently celebrate your victory. The older Winchester rolls his eyes, muttering something about kids and grabbing Crowley by his elbow and dragging him out to the Impala. “C’mon. Let’s go.” You get up from your seat and walk behind them all. You were sure Dean was going to set Crowley in the trunk. You were wrong. He set him in the backseat and Sam quickly occupied the passenger seat, leaving you with one last option. And it wasn’t the trunk. Swallowing your complaints, you get into the backseat next to Crowley, who smiles. Dean gets into the driver’s seat and starts the car, which comes to life with its usual roar. You stare out the window, not giving any attention to the King of Hell.

At least, you tried. 

Within the first hour, the brothers stopped for road snacks for you and them, leaving you alone in the car to ‘keep an eye on the jackass.’ You silently seethe to yourself, just looking out the window and watching people walk by. “So…anything new?” Crowley asks. You mentally growl. Why did he have to talk? “Other than sitting next to a demon who I want to kill, nothing but rainbows and butterflies.” You mumble. You heard him scoff softly. There were no words exchanged after that. 

Throughout the car ride, however, there were rude comments he’d often say to which you quickly threw back with sass and stinging insults. You could hear Sam chuckling as the King of Hell growled, left burnt with your quick wit. You only stare out the window, a content smile on your face and feeling satisfied you’d finally gotten him back after all this time. Dean would always snap at you both, telling you both to shut up before he made you. Didn’t stop you from smiling.

Towards the end of the drive, it was about night and Sam had dozed off. You were a little tired, resting your cheek against the window and feeling the vibrations of the moving vehicle. Dean didn’t seem too exhausted, keeping his eyes on the road. It was most likely because he was used to these long rides. You know Crowley couldn’t sleep, so you didn’t bother. You could, however, feel the anger radiating from him. A smile slowly turns up on your face again. Guess you really hurt his ego. Not that you care. It seems he can’t take a simple roast. Your smile widens. ‘How pathetic.’ Crowley seems to take notice. It only angers him more. “Best you wipe that smile off your face Y/N.” You hear him whisper lowly, probably to ensure Dean can’t hear him. Your eyes widen a bit in surprise and your smile stays. “Or what?” You whisper back, looking to him with an evil smile. There’s a look in his eyes you’re not so sure about. He rubs his bottom lip with his teeth, like he’s trying to refrain from saying something. His eyes narrow. “…you’ll see. You won’t be aware but you’ll see.” He says, looking back out the window. You frown suddenly. ‘Is that a threat?’ “What’s that supposed to mean?” You ask, suddenly growing nervous. He doesn’t respond, keeping his gaze out the window. His handcuffs jingle eerily in the silence. You look back out the window nervously. ‘Better watch my back then…’ 

Soon, you all arrived to your destination. It was late, maybe around 12 in the morning. Dean pulls up near the museum. Apparently, no sleeping would be happening. Yawning, the older Winchester shakes Sam, who was still out. “Sammy. Sammy, wake up.” The younger Winchester jolts, taking a quick inhale of air and sitting up, yawning. “Hmm what?” You chuckle. There are times where it all seems natural. But you mustn’t kid yourself. You knew the real world. And it wasn’t pretty. “We’re at the museum.” Dean says. Sam nods. “Right. Okay.” “Finally, I can get out of these blasted-” “Don’t get yours hopes up. It’s only if you actually give us the damn necklace or it’s back into the cuffs you go jackass.” Dean growls, getting out of the Impala. You smirk, getting out as well and stretching. It has been a long damn drive and it felt good to stretch your sore, confined limbs.

Sam steps out soon after, Crowley stumbling out last with Dean gripping on his arm, demon knife in hand. His cuffs jingle and clink with each sudden movement. “Alright, so here’s how this is going to go-” “I know I know. Spare me the drama. I’ll retrieve the stupid necklace- the original one- but you’ll have to let me go afterwards.” Crowley buts in, rolling his eyes. Sam nods. “It’s a deal.” “Great to hear. Now uncuff me.” He says, holding out his hands. Dean glares at him, no trust in his gaze. “If you even try-” “Bloody hell I get it! Just fucking uncuff them!” Crowley snarls, patience limited. Sam pulls out the key to the handcuffs, unlocking them. Crowley takes back his wrists, rubbing them. You stand there, still thinking of what he said earlier. ‘You’ll see. You won’t be aware but you’ll see…what?’ You look back up to the King of Hell, suspiciousness in your gaze. 

He looks to you, a repeat of the earlier gaze that made you anxious. You swallow, feeling your heart rate slowly rise. “Well. I suppose I better get to my task then. Toodles.” With a wink in your direction, he’s gone. Hopefully into the museum. You let out a breath you didn’t realize you were holding, putting your hands in your pockets. “That son of a bitch better be in there.” You hear Dean grumble, leaning against his baby. Sam lets out a scoffing laugh, nodding in agreement. You simply just stand there, looking at the museum from the distance. Your nerves were slowly creeping on you. ‘What does he mean…I won’t be aware?’ A few minutes pass by. You can hear Dean tapping his foot in impatience. 

“I swear-” “To what? God? He won’t hear you. Or he’d just ignore you. Both are the same.” Crowley interrupts, standing in front of you all. “Oh. And I come bearing gifts.” He throws the necklace at Sam, who quickly catches it. Dean looks at it, then back to Crowley. Sam investigates it. “Don’t worry. I didn’t do anything to it.” You sneer. “Right and we’ll just believe you?” You snip, glaring at him. He looks to you, annoyance in his eyes. ‘Now you know how we feel about you.’

The younger brother pockets the relic, nodding to the older one, confirming it’s real. Dean looks to Crowley. “Alright. You can go now.” The King of Hell looks to him. “Would it absolutely kill you to just thank me for once?” The older Winchester simply stares at him, no emotion whatsoever in his eyes. Crowley rolls his eyes. “Right. Anyway, off I go-” Suddenly, you felt a warm hand on your shoulder, a dizzying sensation, and you find yourself in an unfamiliar location. “What the-” “Welcome to Hell. Well, not exactly Hell but…my personal domain.” You hear him drawl from behind you. You were in a small, gray room, the walls covered in smog and a greenish stain you really didn’t want to know. You spotted a throne. Not much of a surprise.The rest was tables covered in things you didn’t really catch the detail of. But one question swam through your head. ‘Why am I here?’ You turn around to ask, expecting Crowley to be a few feet behind you. He wasn’t. Instead, he was right in your face, dark gaze in his eyes. You mouth immediately shuts and your eyes widen, heart rate speeding up. Slowly, it becomes more evident why he brought you here.

With a sneer on his lips, he grabs you by the throat, squeezing it to the point you could just barely breathe. You elicit a choked gasp, grabbing his wrist with a hand. “Surely you understand how much of a pain in the ass you’ve been?” He growls, the hand unmoving. You inhale deeply, shaking your head best you can. You felt that familiar feeling low in your stomach. ‘No…no not like this…’ “Don’t lie pet. You’ve taken joy in being able to crawl under my skin for the day.” He rumbles, voice lowering an octave. It shoots straight to your core. ‘Dammit.’ He smiles then. “As I’ve taken joy getting under yours all the time.” You glare, grip tightening on his wrist. He chuckles and lifts you, momentarily cutting off your oxygen as he clears a table, setting you down none the too lightly. A grunt leaves your lips as your back hits the concrete surface roughly. His hand finally leaves your neck, giving you some time to breathe. You lay there, taking a breather. Definitely gonna bruise. You feel the discomfort of your undergarments slowly soaking through and that undeniable heat beginning to burn in your loins. 

‘Why does it have to be him…’ 

Your mind was screaming at you to run. ‘This is your chance.’ But you didn’t. You couldn’t get yourself to move. Maybe because you didn’t want to. That deep down, you wanted this instead, even though you were sure you hated him. ‘Well it’s happening.’ And you couldn’t bring yourself to be too upset about it. You were still, of course, angry at him for everything he’s said to you. Crowley circles you like a predator would prey. “You know…I could use my magic…pin you down so you can’t move but…something tells me you won’t trying to escape anytime soon.” You glare. “Don’t start feeling special now. You never were and never will be.” You sneer, unmoving from your position. You feel a hand grab your hair, using it to yank you towards him. Right into his face until your noses were touching. “Just for how fucking long are you going to keep up with your attitude?” He snarls, heated glare causing a shiver down your spine. Your scalp burns and aches at how tightly he is holding it. Your demeanor unwavers. “For as long as I have to.” You snarl back, matching his glare. 

There was a pause.

 His eyes narrow. ‘What’s he planning now.’ As if on cue, he growls low in his throat and slams his lips into yours. His stubble chafes against your chin. Your eyes widen in surprise. ‘Ok. Wasn’t expecting that.’ You don’t respond however, choosing to be stubborn. You can practically feel the frustration on him. It was so palpable. Your victory was quickly ruined when he bit down hard onto your lip and squeezed one of your breasts through your clothing to the extent to where it fucking hurt. You open your mouth to let out a yelp, but it was quickly muffled when Crowley places his mouth over yours hotly, shoving his tongue into it. You squeak, a blush rising on your cheeks and your core successfully soaking through your underwear. He moves his mouth against yours roughly, groaning. You whimper, kissing him back. That hurt. But you had a feeling there was worse yet to come. ‘No pun intended.’

 Crowley grabs your hips in a crushing hold, connecting yours to his in an impatient manner. You bite and suck on his bottom lip, earning a few groans from him. You shudder as he grinds his hips into yours, making you feel his arousal rub against you. ‘No denying he’s a decent size…’ You reach up to touch him but he deters you, taking off his belt and wrapping it around your wrists so you were unable to to do anything. You writhe, not quite happy to be unable to touch him. “Aw. Not happy about that?” He mocks, feigning a pout. You glare, sneering at him. “Fuck off.” An eyebrow raises and he snaps his fingers. You can feel the cold air and the rough texture of the concrete on your back and ass. ‘He didn’t just…’ Yes. He just did. Crowley stares at your naked body beneath him, eyes darkening in want and lust. You blush as he stares at your folds. Now he can see just how wet he made you. A proud smirk reaches his lips. “Is this for me?” He says cockily, looking at you. ‘God fucking dammit.’ “I’ve barely even touched you love.”

You look away, choosing not to respond. “She has nothing to say for a change…I’m quite shocked honestly.” You glare, clenching your jaw. “Whatever the case…I’m going to fuck this little cunt of yours until you’re unable to walk straight.” He says, rubbing two fingers up the length of your bare slit. You manage to hold back a moan, but your eyes roll to the back of your head. ‘Please do.’ He licks his fingers, groaning. “You taste divine love.” You look up to him through half-lidded eyes, licking your kiss bruised lips. He stares back, gaze darkening. Suddenly, his clothing disappears and his body is all for you to see.

Shoulders…chest…arms…your gaze drifts lower. He did have a bit of a belly but who doesn’t nowadays. Nobody is perfect. You sure as hell weren’t…to a point of course. Your eyes keep going until they reached his arousal, widening in a bit in a pleased sort of way. You felt more juices flow from your folds, dripping down your thighs and onto the concrete table below. You hear Crowley groan at the sight. He quickly puts himself on top of you, running his fingertips lightly up your restrained arms. His face goes straight to your neck and you begin to feel him sucking roughly on the sensitive skin, his teeth grazing against it. You let out a squealing moan, wrapping your legs around his waist and throwing your head back in pleasure, exposing more of your neck to him. ‘Mmpf…please give me the darkest hickeys…’ He kept going, even biting every now and then. He sucked and nipped at your skin until it was almost black in color. You beg him on, overflowing at this point. His stubble added to the sensations as he rubs against your neck and clavicles.

 You were a mess and he hadn’t even done much of anything. A thin sheen of sweat coated your body and there was a small pool of your slick growing between your thighs. ‘Agh I’m pathetic…’ Crowley groans into your neck, resting his forehead on your collarbone. When you wiggled, writhed and begged like that, it became increasingly difficult for him to stick to what he originally had planned for you. You pant, raising your hips, silently begging. He shuts his eyes. Want punches hard and low, but he wanted to do one last thing. Crowley raises his head back up, staring you in the eyes as he licks his way down to your chest. Transitioning to kisses, he goes to his right, giving your left nipple a lick, not shifting his gaze. You mewl, frustrated as you struggle with your confined wrists. His other hand grabs your other breast, massaging softly. His licks and sucks on your left nipple, groaning into it. You moan at the sight, throwing your head back yet again.He gradually gets rougher, biting your nipple and squeezing your breast tighter each time. Your back arches as you praise him and beg him for more. You whine in frustration again as you can’t touch him or yourself. He mentally smiles at that. He switches breasts, giving the same treatment as the last. You whimper, squirming.

 You want him inside you so badly. He was teasing you and you totally knew it. “C’mon…pleeease.” You’d thought you said mentally. Crowley stops his ministrations, looking at you whilst licking his lips. “Why, please what love?” He drawls, staring at you with that lustful gaze of his. Your cheeks flame in embarrassment as you realize you said that aloud. His hands trace the curves of your hips, awaiting your answer. You undulate your hips, rubbing against his member. He groans, moving out of reach. You whimper, finally saying the words. “P-please just…j-just fuck me already! You’ve teased me long enough!” You whine, furrowing brows, pouting your lips and arching your back towards him. He presses a sweet kiss to your lips, positioning himself at your entrance. “Honestly, I thought you’d never ask.”

With that, he thrusts into you. You scream out, body rippling in pleasure. You’ve been prolonged for so long that it just felt that good. You dig your fingernails into your palms and bite your lip, your eyes rolling back. Crowley groans, savouring the moment for a few seconds before slowly pulling out, only to thrust back in brutally fast. You let out a loud moan at that, back arching. He rests his forehead against yours, setting out a rough pace. He got to spreading your legs to the point where your knees rested on your shoulders, hitting depths deep within you that no one’s hit before. You were a hollering mess within minutes, eyes somewhere in the back of your head. Crowley groans, stimulating your clit as well. Eventually, you lost how many times you had oragasmed. It’s been a while and you’d never admit it to him, but Crowley was a good fuck. Got you off faster than anyone else. ‘Imagine how much that’d stroke his ego…’ 

After maybe about your fifth oragasm, Crowley came to his end after, choosing to cum all over your stomach. You arch your back for the last time, mewling. He moans softly, kneeling over you. You finally lay back, panting. You lazily scoop up a fingerful of his ejaculate, licking it. “Mmm…you don’t taste too bad yourself.” You breathe, looking at him through tired eyes. He stares at you, staring at the all the bruises he’s left and the mess he’s made of you. He grunts a little.

“Pet, don’t get me started again. Or else you’ll most likely be condemned here until tomorrow night.”

So I was thinking… Why does Larry need to do anything? Keep everyone in check? Ahkmenrah has been shown to be able to control the other exhibits with the aid of the tablet right…

Then I realised that what Ahk did was essentially removing their free will, and was an absolute LAST RESORT thing that he probably actively avoids ever needing to do again. With Larry being in charge the way he is lets the exhibits decide. They still have their free will when Larry gives orders, they can refuse. They can’t if it’s Ahk.

For a children’s film it’s a million times more interesting and filled with potential than any other film I’ve seen. Kinda wishing we’d been able to have a TV series instead…

shishkebab09-blog  asked:

I noticed during Indie Game: The Movie, your wardrobe gave away some great musical taste. Who are your favorite bands overall, and is there a certain band/genre that helps you stay focused while working?

havent answered this one in a while so might as well list a bunch of bands.. 

my top fave bands of all time are probably (in no particular order)…


The Melvins

Arcade Fire


Butthole Surfers

Fiona Apple

At The Dive-in



PJ Harvey



and the list goes on…

Babes in toyland

Ben Folds

Big Business


Book of knots


Bosnian Rainbows


Die Antwoord

Dinosaur jr.


Faith no More


Fucked Up




Jesus Lizard

King Crimson

The Knife


Little Dragon

Mars Volta


Meat Puppets

Mr. Bungle

Mr. Gnome

Neutral Milk Hotel

Pearl Jam

Perfect Circle




Queens of the Stoneage

shannon and the clams



Sleepytime Gorilla Museum 


Team Sleep



weezer (the old stuff)

Yeah yeah yeahs

that’s basically what i listen to these days… 

My grandmother's reaction to Animal Crossing
  • Me: And there is an owl who runs the museum. He sleeps during the day. And a raccoon you have to pay back a loan too for your house.
  • Bopshe: Just like real life.
  • Me: Yeah. I have to go build them a bridge. A bird moved into town today too.
  • Bopshe: A bird? Do you get to decide who you want in your place?
  • Me: No, but sometimes they move out and new people move in.
  • Bopshe: Animals.
  • Me: Yes, Animals with names and houses and clothes. Who give you stuff. They want me to build them a lamp so they can see at night.
  • Bopshe: Well make sure they pay their taxes and are immunized.
The signs and what I first think of

Aries: bright colors, Sunday afternoons, hot drinks
Taurus: horses, unkept hair
Gemini: quiet music, talks a lot
Cancer: cigarettes, talks a lot, late nights
Leo: museums, sleeping in
Virgo: loud music, sketchbooks
Libra: the night sky, inquisitive
Scorpio: video games, yelling
Sagittarius: thoughtful, movies and soft blankets
Capricorn: holding grudges, sports
Aquarius: Eating, hot summer days, parks
Pisces: selfies, forests, high mountains