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Okay Mom I've decided to draw the mugs. Simply because this hc gives me life. However could you give me some ideas? I feel like George would have an old college mug that has like the college logo on the side. For Laf maybe something with flowers and a nice quote? And maybe for Alex one of those that says something like "don't talk to me until I've had my coffee". I don't know help.

ok so since its been awhile, here’s the mug hc for anyone who has no clue what we’re talking about!! it’s my favourite thing ever tbh, its v important to me

OK SO i feel like papa gwash’s mug is one of those ones with a photo of alex on one side that he like made in school???? and on the other side is writing that says “#1 dad” or “happy father’s day” or something like that!!! (like this maybe?)

alex’s mug is definitely super old and is something like one of those really cheesy things from a gas station where it just says his name in giant letter, you know the one???? ? (something like this or this)

aaron was the first one to get a mug!!! it was before The Mug Tradition became The Mug Tradition so it’s not super special, it was just like he was sleeping over one night and papa gwash realized “o shit!!! we only have two mugs!! how is aaron gonna have hot chocolate?????” so he ran out to the store and found like a rly cheesy virginia mug like this (because it was the most colourful one he could find and also bc gwash was fresh from his military days so he took this opportunity to teach the bois about the civil war)

john was the next one to get a mug (not like in ttfou 21, he doesn’t get his Official Mug till later) but when he realizes he has his own mug on the shelf beside gwash’s, alex’s, and aaron’s, he feels so!! special!! its a super cheesy one like this because gwash needs john to know how much he’s appreciated (OR IF U WANNA GET SUPER EMO, ITS SOMETHING LIKE THIS AND ALEX GETS ALL JEALOUS LOL)

also bonus: when alex and john get married in the future, they decide to tell papa gwash by buying him this (bc alex is bi, but john is gay so its like bam guess what im gonna acTUALLY BE UR SON NOW) and papa gwash cries. this is his new mug and no one is allowed to touch it. he uses it every day

laf’s the next mug boi!!!!! he spends a summer with alex and papa gwash and one morning he wakes up to find his own mug up on the shelf next to john’s (because he kept stealing papa gwash’s mug for his morning coffee and that just could not happen anymore) and its something like this (or its a paris mug and laf gets rly salty bc HES NOT FROM PARIS lol) but ya laf gets all emo because he misses home so much!!!! but he loves his friends SO MUCH TOO

HERC OHHHHH BOYO herc has to wait a long time for his mug because he doesn’t spend that much time at alex’s house and because papa gwash doesn’t know him that well bc herc is scared of him. during the summer he spends at alex’s house, he’s too much of an anxious bean to ask for coffee so he just pretends he doesn’t drink it. one morning before he’s up, papa gwash and alex are talking and alex makes a joke about how herc’s been caffeine deprived all summer. papa gwash is like !!!!! whHAt>????? ? ALEX? // >??? ??? WHY DIDN”T YOU TELL ME?? ?? / and gets all flustered and dad and feels RLY BAD!!!!! so he runs out to the store right!! away!!!! to get herc a mug, but something like this is all he can find so he feels rly bad because he thinks its dumb????? but when herc gets up and sees papa gwash rinsing a new mug out in the sink, leMME TELL U HE ALMOST STARTS TO CRY BECAUSE HE’S SO HAPPY. he sits with papa gwash over his first coffee of the summer and they chat easily for a few hours. after that, herc isn’t scared of him anymore bc he realized omg!!! alex was right, he isnt scary at all!!1!!!!!

papa gwash doesn’t even realize The Mug Tradition is even a thing?? but the bois keep track of it rly well and they all celebrate when herc finally gets His Mug bc they’ve been placing bets on when it would be!!! they are ss so ha pPy such happy bois in their happy mug life aaahhgfdjslk do U aaLLL SEE WY this is my favourite thing 

yaA i put a lot of thought into this bY E 

The Time Chocolate Eggs Exploded in my Microwave

I wasn’t smart that particular morning.

One Saturday, I was watching cartoons in the living room. My sisters were asleep and my parents had gone off to work already. It was a very beautiful day. The sun was rising slow but steadily, casting white rays of light onto the floor of my dark kitchen.

I really wanna eat a brownie.

I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet but I had a strong craving for a chocolate treat. I picked up my mother’s laptop and started doing research. Luckily, I found a ton of “1-minute mug cake” recipes. 

I went to work.

Flour, sugar, baking soda, chocolate powder, etc. It seemed easy enough. After combining all the ingredients, all I had to do was mix it properly. 

All I had to do was mix it properly.

I stopped halfway. It wasn’t a smooth liquid when I stopped. Chunky. But my eleven-year-old mind didn’t care. I opened the microwave, popped the mug inside, slammed it shut and pressed on one minute. It hummed to life and with apprehension in the back of my mind, I went back to the living room, plopped on the couch and continued watching cartoons.

After about fifty-five seconds, I started back towards the kitchen.


Four …

Three …


My heart dropped and I instantly felt sweaty. Quickly but with caution, I came to the microwave and opened it. Scrambled eggs. Except they were the color of rich, hot chocolate. Shaking, I wiped the mess, silently thanking God it didn’t explode in my face. My whole body was trembling. 

I made sure every speck of evidence was gone before I crawled up the stairs and slipped under my covers, resolved to forget it ever happened.

Thus starting a chain of baking fails in the oven for the next years to come. Now, brownies are the best thing I can bake these days. xD Thanks for reading!