The African vs African American debate. Very interesting convo here. Never thought I’d see it on the internet.

When I was at the Gurdwara today, there was an old Bibi Ji talking amongst her friends in the Langar hall. She was talking about her upcoming pilgrimage to Pakistan to visit Nankana Sahib during Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Gurpurab and how difficult it is to be able to get permission from the government of Pakistan to make the journey. She then began tearing up and started talking about her childhood in Sialkot and how it felt to be forced to leave the only place she knew as home when politicians decided Punjab would now have a border run across it.

Please pray to Akaal Purakh Waheguru that the generational trauma of Partition is healed, that one day we may be able to visit our entire motherland freely, and that we may be given open access to our places of pilgrimage and worship.

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hey, so I'm Chinese and my other (mainland) Chinese friend as a joke started referring to China as "the motherland", idk if she's referring to it as so bc it's where she's from or bc she thinks it's also the "mother" of other Asian countries, but if it was referring to the last one would that be racist/rude to other Asian countries

honestly it’s a stretch to interpret it as the latter
There is a working-class engine behind the poems in Motherland, which is to say these poems get dirty. These poems use their hands. The examination of a first pregnancy in this glowing collection by Shannon Curtin may lead us in many different directions: gender expectations, fear of inadequacy, feminism and the internet—but each place can be traced back to the womb, to love. The poetic explorations of birth are, after all, an exploration of life itself. I wish all kids had this kind of insight into their parents—their flaws and terrors—as this book provides so generously. What I mean by that is—this book should be read by anyone who has ever been a child. —Megan Falley, author of Redhead and the Slaughter King

Guess who’s book is available for pre-order today? 

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Like which country in Europe? Have you ever visited? That would be cool!!!

Ireland, Scotland, England, France, and Germany. But I haven’t. My mom did go back to the motherland once. Kept looking the wrong way when she crossed the streets in London.

Most lovable Alphonsa, you were chosen by the almighty and everlasting Father to share in the profound mysteries of the passion, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. In holiness you grew and were crowned with heavenly glory. You are indeed a proud child of the Indian Church. We commit our motherland and ourselves to your care.

Oh! Doleful daughter of God, grant that following your example, we may discern the hand of Providence in our troubles and tribulations. We beseech you to help us resign ourselves to the will of God and be with you in heaven. Amen.


this post is in honor of all the girls who feel the need to shun their culture and heritage because it’s not white, and yet have to endure all the “how do you get so tan” questions from white people. this post is for all those girls who grew up - either in america or india - being told that to be white is to be beautiful. this post is in honor of my culture, my background, my heritage, my spirituality, my religion, of which i am fiercely proud. #reclaimthebindi 

top: me at one of my vocal performances

middle: me at my high school graduation, where I wore a bindi and a churidar dress under my robes

bottom: my senior pictures in high school