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Okay, so…I’ve been sitting on this forever (or, y’know, a month and a half), because I can’t decide if it’s really cheesy or not. Long story short, I made a Baphomet/Morrigan playlist and I thought it’d be fun to post a link before the spotlight issue comes out. I tried to tell a story, lyrically, and it’s sort of my whole theory of how their relationship developed and evolved over time. Mostly, it’s just songs that I love. Lemme know what you think!

(Also, apologies for the Spotify link, but I have no idea how to use 8tracks)


O Morrigan, we call your name
Across the dusty years.
You speak to us, of blood and lust. 

“The Morrígan is probably the most powerful yet mysterious figure amongst the Celtic Gods. The popular image of the Morrígan is as the Goddess of Battle and Sex, a perception that only scratches the surface of this complex and manifold Goddess. From Bestower of Sovereignty to Earth Goddess, from Lady of the Beasts to Faery Queen, from Lover to Witch Goddess, the Morrígan stands out as one of the pre-eminent Celtic Goddesses. More than any other Celtic deity the Morrígan embodies the resurgence of the divine feminine, appearing in a wide variety of guises to express the full spectrum of feminine power. The strength and control the Morrígan displays, as well as her ferocity and tenacity, and her ability to control events to ensure the desired result are all displayed repeatedly in the myths. As a Liminal Goddess the Morrígan connects not only the different realms of earth, sky, sea and otherworld, but also the myths of the British Isles through her different guises.”

- Sorita d'Este & David Rankine
The Guises of the Morrigan - The Irish Goddess of Sex & Battle

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The reaction of most people to the presence of The Morrigan is fear because her presence is said to bring with it the aura of death. When she is near, the doorway of death is visible. The portal is composed of silver branches creating a doorway against the darkness. Beyond the door lay the worlds of incarnation.

Mor walking through the crew in The Hewn City like :

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Stories of the Morrígan

This list was originally compiled by Morpheus Ravenna in her text, The Book of the Great Queen.  Her site includes downloads of the poems and prophecies of the Morrígan being read aloud in both Old Irish and English.  All credit goes to her and her incredible work, as well as the contributions of the Coru Priesthood.  This is both for my own reference and for those who have an interest in the Morrígna but no idea where to start.

These works are the major texts in which the Morrígan or one of the Morrígna appears, but there are other texts in which she’s mentioned in passing that I haven’t included.  There are many versions of the same stories, so I would highly recommend reading more than just the links I’ve provided.

An Index of Irish Myth

The Mythological Cycle

The Ulster Cycle

The Finn Cycle

The Cycle of Kings

A collection of places whose names reflect that of one of the Morrígna, some of which are attested in the

  • Ailech Néit / Grianán of Ailech
  • Ard Macha / Armagh
  • Emain Macha / Navan Fort
  • Brúg na Bóinne / Newgrange
  • Slíab Bodbgna / Slieve Bawn
  • Mag mBreg / Plain of Brega
  • Berba / River Barrow
  • Mag Féa / Plain of Féa

Other Texts