Okay so this game I’ve been playing is ridiculously good

It’s called The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Okay so take Diablo dungeons and give it an auto loot system, then take the sims and make it about castles, then take upgrade complete and throw them all in a mix and you get this game

It’s so fantastic and it’s free to play

(Yeah that means some micropurchases but only if you want to because from what I’ve seen and experienced it is NOT pay to win)

Seriously everyone who has a computer with steam on it download this game, it will run on almost any computer and it’s so fucking fun


The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot trailer.

Mostly because it’s adorable.


Yeah…. all I’m thinking about is Potter Puppet Pals “Wizard Swears”….


The trailer for “The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot” is like a cross between Shrek and the Team Fortress 2 animations. All right, maybe not THAT awesome, but the writing is still great!

This is not a battle of gameplay as the two games are wildly different. Instead, this is a comparison of a good “free” to play game business model verses a bad one.

I always put the free part into quotation marks. Because these games aren’t free. If you’re not dropping money then someone else is dropping enough for the both of you. Otherwise the game wouldn’t be profitable and would be shut down. But there are two very different ways of going about this as you will soon see.

So we’re going to look at two different games here. One with a good free to play model and one with a bad one. I’m going to compare Flight Rising to The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot.

Both game promise that you don’t need to drop money to get the items you want. While Flight delivers giving you a Gem every day, chests with Gems in them through monster battle grinding, and the ability to purchase Gems from other players with in game gold. I dropped 20 dollars on Flight to get 2000 gems. I now have 4000. Every gem I bought I earned another through in game actions.

Epic, on the other hand, has a limited number of quests that create a very small amount of Bling. For about two weeks there were Bling mines that would create Bling for you if you dropped the money to buy them. But they pulled those pretty fast.

Flight Rising has no DLC or content packs. Epic has DLC and content packs that can only be obtained with money. You can’t even get them with Bling. And the prices are… extraordinary. With one costing 50 dollars. That’s right folks. A content pack that costs as much as an entire fully finished game.

Flight’s in game purchases are 95% cosmetic with nothing necessary for game play that couldn’t be procured easily from playing the game. Epic sells not only cosmetic items but materials needed crafting monsters. An essential part of the game. You could, in theory, get those crafting materials in game. But they are so rare you will be grinding for weeks. Weeks! All while there is a small button at the top of your screen reminding you that what you want is just a credit card number away… Guess what they just introduced? Limited time monsters! You will never get the crafting items fast enough through grinding to make them before the window closes and they are no longer available. So you MUST drop money for them. And they are not cosmetic! They are more powerful than the always available monsters.

While Flight Rising has never made me feel pressured to drop money The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot just dipped its foot into the pay to win pool.