Crusader Arts “Red Room” Tribute + 4K Wallpaper

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Once upon a week ago, I stumbled across a design named “Red Room” by @crusaderarts, and it charged me with such inspiration that I had to create something. So I did. The first few revisions of this design looked nothing like this; In fact, they almost looked a lot more like one of my previous designs, “Cascading Tiles” - and I would almost have been happy with posting that… but I was having a hard enough time with the -execution- of the design that I was almost willing to give up on some of the creative aspects I wanted, and just post it so I could have something new up before the end of the month.

Then I showed the design to a few friends, and they said that it still needed some work. So I worked at it, and I recreated the piece from scratch with compound matrix transforms rather than with modifiers and face instancing. I spent a lot more time caring about what shapes were actually being tiled, rather than just using some boring, segmented and beveled planes. I payed a lot more attention to each of the specific details which I liked in the source image, and created a reference to each one in my design. Later, a happy accident with the hue slider in post-processing -really- brought the design to life with these wonderfully vibrant purples. All of the extra effort shows in this design, and I couldn’t be happier with it. :)

The lesson I learned this time, is that sometimes it’s a lot faster and easier to start over knowing what mistakes not to repeat, rather than to keep iterating on something which is difficult or inflexible to steer in the direction you -want- to be going.

you know why people infantilizing junkrat is doubly insulting bc not only is there the ‘oh he’s ~crazy~ so he can’t take care of himself’ there’s also the ‘oh he grew up in junkertown where everyones poor so he’s ignorant about basic ~civilized~ things’

like yeah i call junkertown/the outback a wasteland but theres obviously some kind of society set up out there. poor people don’t magically sit untouched by the rest of the world. people who lived before junkertown didn’t suddenly forget everything when the omnium blew. junkertown cropped up from the people who were already living out there living off scraps and looking for better. it wasn’t an easy life and there was no government funded schools or hospitals or help out there. but there was a society and those things had to exist for junkertown to survive.
Accepting Criticism - Evolution Counseling
How to differentiate between constructive criticism and abuse.

This post by Michael Schreiner meant a lot to me because I’m working on accepting criticism myself, for the same reasons he discusses here. I have difficulty accepting criticism unless it is delivered in a very gentle, tactful way.

Constructive criticism mirrors abuse in a lot of ways, and this is a key to understanding why we shy away from it…Some live with abuse when they shouldn’t because they are fooled into believing it is actually constructive criticism meant to help them, while others discard constructive criticism when they shouldn’t because they are highly sensitive to anything resembling abuse. … Criticism is always going to sting a little bit, but it stings a lot more when we equate it with fundamental flaws in our being.    

Then follows one of the best definitions of abusive behavior I’ve ever seen:

[A] hallmark of abuse is that it tends to try to cut you to the core, making you question who you are as a person, not just what you do. Ask yourself whether the remarks are specific or global, focused on one aspect of your behavior that is changeable or on deeper personality traits that are not.


I guess this is a new-ish trailer for Xenoverse 2.  Some observations:

Trunks used the Dragon Balls in XV1 to recruit a “powerful ally”.  Now he’s just doing infomercials.

According to Trunks, it’s the Time Patrol’s job to protect everyone’s memories, and prevent history from being changed.  That’s pretty rich coming from a guy who recons his hair color whenever it suits him.  Also, I’m pretty sure Cell remembers killing Trunks, so who’s going to protect that memory, huh?

Trunks is also like “We have a school for Time Patrollers!”  I was starting to come around on Trunks, but now I’m remembering why I hated his guts in the first place.  I specifically created a character for this game who is too cool for school, so what possible use would I have for such an institution?

Then the bad guys interrupt with a vague heel promo.  Towa’s all “Those jerks can’t fix history!  Not while I have Turles and Slug backing me up!  They’re like the eighth and ninth strongest movie villains!” 

There seems to be a major emphasis on fighting battles as part of a team.  That’s funny, but I seem to recall a certain DVD from the Kid Buu Saga entitled “True Saiyans Fight Alone”.  Also XV1 was laggy as hell whenever six guys were on the screen at the same time.

FUCK YEAR FINAL EXPLOSION.  I’m gonna spam the hell out of that. Unless that’s just a cut scene, and Majin Vegeta doesn’t actually have that in his move set.  Then I’m gonna be pissed. 

Also FUCK YEAR SUPER DRAGON FIST.  This time they showed the player using the move, so that’s gotta be in there. 

Pre-Order now and get a crappy Re-skin of Goku that everyone was already making as a custom character in the last game!  Plus… a stick!  No seriously, it’s a stick and you stand on it and hover around like a dumbass.

No Demigra in the trailer.  I don’t know if that means they’re saving him as a surprise reveal, or he actually stayed dead from the first game.  I like Demigra as a villain, but there’s something about killing him with your own custom character that would make it really frustrating if they revived him.  Besides, Towa’s ready for the main event.  She’s paid her dues.  #PushTowa2K16.