The Fight
  • You:*Pass between Minho and Newt and give them each a smile*
  • Minho:*Stares at your ass as you walk*
  • Thomas:Seriously, Minho? Can you please just stop?
  • Minho:*Scowls* What's it to you? And it's obvious that Y/N likes me, I'm sure she wouldn't mind.
  • Newt:First of all, Y/N would not fall for a douche-bag like you, and secondly a girl never likes it when a boy is attracted to her because of her sexual appearance.
  • Minho:*Scowls even harder at Newt* What the hell makes you think she isn't into me? Who do you think she likes anyway, YOU? *Doubles over laughing*
  • Newt:*Frowns* Why not?
  • Minho:*Stops laughing and raises his eyebrows* You don't stand a chance.
  • Newt:She does NOT like you.
  • Minho:Does too.
  • Newt:Does not.
  • Minho:Too.
  • Newt:Not.
  • Minho:To-
  • Y/N:*Walks over to them wondering what's going on* What are you guys arguing about?
  • Chuck:*Who happens to have been standing next to Newt and has 'overheard' the whole conversation* They were fighting about y-
  • Minho:*Jabs his elbow at Chuck's side*
  • Chuck:YEOWWW!
  • Newt:Don't you have work to do, Chuck?
  • Chuck:*Curses and heads towards the fields holding his ribs*
  • Minho:So Y/N, you available for dinner tonight?
  • Y/N:Actually I-
  • Newt:Y/N, I really like you, and Minho’s only attracted to your physical features and I-
  • Minho:Am not!
  • Newt:Are too! Anyway I’m not like him-
  • Y/N:Wait, are you both implying that I’m unattractive?
  • Newt and Minho:No!
  • Minho:Okay, this has to end now! Y/N, who will you go out with tonight; me or Newt?
  • Y/N:*Looks at them blankly, and then starts laughing* Sorry boys, I’m dating Thomas.
  • Newt::(
  • Minho::(
Change of Mind-REQUESTED

You were sitting, holding your sweet baby girl in your arms. You were completely mesmerized by her. The slight upturn of her nose just like her daddy’s. The little smile that forms when you tease her. Her beautiful brown eyes, the softness of her skin, her baby powder scent.

You could stare at her for days, nothing else. You were always content holding her when she was in the mood. The amount of love you had for her was like no other.

“God I love you two,” Dylan says from the doorway, startling you.

“Oh my God, how long have you been standing there?”

He looks down at his watch “About 5 minutes,” he laughs.

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Because you both looked so beautiful.”

You roll your eyes and smirk.

Dylan jumps into the sweet next to you. “I swear to you, you are the most beautiful person, wife, and mother. But our baby girl is going to give you a run for your money.”

Your heart swells, “I love you so much.”

“Seriously neither of you are allowed to leave me,” Dylan says to your daughter. “Your mommy can’t leave me because I’d be lost and you’re not allowed to leave me or this house. Ever. No dating until you’re like 40 and I’m dead. Okay?”

She just looks up and flashes that dopey grin of hers.

“You think I’m joking, but you’re wrong,” he teases her. He sticks his finger out, letting her take a firm grip of it with her whole little baby hand.

“We should go out and do something,” he states, not taking his eyes off her.

“The three of us? Where?”

“No, the two of us. I feel like we could go for a night out or something.”

“Oh babe, I don’t know-”

“Y/N, we’ve staying at home with the baby ever since we brought her home from the hospital. I think you secretly want to go out for an evening just as much as I do.”


“Come on, I think it’d be good for us. Get out of your mom jeans, get dolled up, I’ll even shave.”

“The shaving alone might be enough for me to change my mind,” you joke.

“So is that a yes?” he devilishly smiles.

“It’s a maybe.”

Small Bump

*Newt one shot based on ‘Small Bump’ by Ed Sheeran, song and lyrics here: *

I watched as your mother gently rubbed her stomach involuntarily. My sweet sweet Y/N. I couldn’t wait to hold you gently in my hands and smooth out your blond hair, the same as mine, and look into your eyes, the same as her’s.

I couldn’t hold you inside of me the way she could hold you, but I promised to put every bit of my being inside of you, a future, a hope. Because you’re my one and only child, and I will never let that go.

I would watch your mother twirl a strand of hair with her finger and I would think about how the little life inside of her, you, would grab my thumb and hold it so tightly I’m surprised by your strength. When she smiled I knew you’d have an even brighter smile and a small dimple on your chin.

I know the Glade can be a rough place for a baby but with Y/N and I, I knew you’d be safe and I could watch you sleep. Your tiny feet would move slightly as you dreamt about walking or running.

But you won’t be able to do that. Your mother doesn’t smile anymore. Her fingers stay away from her beautiful hair. Four months. We had you for four months inside of Y/N. And we never got to meet you or hear your precious giggle.

We don’t know why, but maybe you weren’t meant for this earth or maybe you weren’t meant for the Glade. But sometimes I swear I can feel your small unborn hand wrapped around my thumb.