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Archer: Yeah, Duh. I only invented it.

Burt Reynolds: Oh, how nice to meet you Hal Needham.

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Hal Needham is a stuntman who often doubled for Clint Walker and of course, Burt Reynolds, whose guesthouse he lived in "for the better part of 12 years.“ He worked in stunt coordination making innovations, such as designing airbags, before he wrote Smokey and the Bandit. Then, when Burt got involved it bumped the project up from a B-movie to a Blockbuster.(He better have, his pay was ¼ of the budget!) He continued to direct action comedies such as Hooper and Cannonball Run.

"The Man from Jupiter” - S03E04

{Random thought: Smokey and the Bandit randomly came on the day I wrote this.}

What They Said: Favorite Quotes From Archer "The Man From Jupiter"

Episode: “The Man From Jupiter”

  • “I’m sorry is something funny?” “Just the last part where she slapped you.”
  • “Oh my God. You’re Burt Reynolds.”
  • “Yeah. It’s pretty hard to stay anonymous when you’re the world’s greatest secret agent.” “Well calling yourself that can’t help.”
  • “What’s awful Mr. Reynolds is I almost punched you.” “No you didn’t.”
  • “Let me buy you a drink. I want to tell you my idea for a Gator sequel.” “Gator was a sequel.” “I know. This will be the final chapter in the McKlusky trilogy.”

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  • Burt Reynolds:You should get a bat pole.
  • Archer:Nine thousand bucks.
  • Burt Reynolds:What?
  • Archer:Lowest quote I got.
  • Burt Reynolds:Well that's ridiculous.
  • Archer:For basically putting a pole where the garbage shoot already is. But the co-op board was all like, "where are we going to throw the garbage?"
  • Burt Reynolds:You can still throw it down the same shaft. And you'll have some garbage to land on.
  • Archer:If you're coming in hot it's a win win...
  • Burt Reynolds:And you were going to pay for it. No assessment or anything.