i am really not surprised by blizzard pushing gency seeing as the entire plot to overwatch and its lore is blatantly racist. (omnic crisis reflecting black history in the us, omnic discrimination mirroring racism and characters making anti-omnic comments with no backlash or punishment.)

but it’s especially fucking disturbing and uncomfortable for me, as a person of color, to see this white woman who has ruined the lives of two different men of color being written to be in a romantic relationship with one of them. her whole character is a personification of the “white savior” trope/complex. she turned genji into a literal living weapon. to save his life she didn’t need to do that? she put weapons inside of him for no reason, forced him to kill his family, and destroyed the way he saw himself.

for me, gency is just an example of white people taking from us and telling us that we should be grateful for it. it may be in a fictional setting, but it’s a very real experience. i’m very uncomfortable with that. it’s a very degrading, very unsafe feeling.