Alexandre Dumas

(French-Afro-Caribbean Creole (Haitian)/ French) [French]

Known as: Famous Writer, Playwright and Correspondent (Novels: The Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Man In The Iron Mask, Twenty Years After)

More Information: Alexandre Dumas’ Wikipedia page, Project Gutenberg: Collected Works of Alexandre Dumas, Alexandre Dumas Society

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Small interpretation of the roles of the silent MCs in the Persona series and why these characters were chosen to be silent:

In Persona the MC/Boy with Earring is merely just a supporter for Maki who the story actually is about. This is especially emphasized in the ending and with Maki’s appearance in P2 since it shows how she overcame her problems also thanks to the MC. His decision making in the game and protector role could be interpreted to be influenced by his Persona Seimen Kongou.

In Tsumi Tatsuya’s Shadow points out that Tatsuya is main stream, always does what other people tell him to do etc.thus you making decisions for him is actually kinda ironic. It also turns out that Tatsuya was never the leader of the original Masked Circle, it was actually Jun. Both Jun and Maya are actually way better leader types than Tatsuya in the game and technically the game is about Maya (due to the Oracle of Maia) and even more about Jun than about Tatsuya.

In Batsu Tatsuya now has a voice. Maya is now silent and the switch of their roles basically was when they met each other at the station. Maya is silent due to the dualism between Tsumi and Batsu and due the dualism between her and Tatsuya. Batsu is actually about Tatsuya due to him influencing every plot point and showing him maturing. Maya is actually supposed to be in the dark at first and what is going on. It’s also Tatsuya who has to retell what happened on the Other Side thus there is no way they could have left Tatsuya silent. Interestingly Ginji Sasaki at his mini cult also steals Maya’s motto. Maya’s personality is still the same, however the voice was given to Tatsuya this time.

It’s kinda remarkable how Tsumi which is about teens centers on the adult (Maya) while Batsu which is about adults centers on a teen on the verge of adulthood (Tatsuya).

Persona 3 and Persona 4 both follow the Fool’s Journey from Tarot. They are definitely self insert games since the MC are the center of the stories, the new guys etc. You are also immediately the team leader basically.

So basically my judge of character for people in this series entirely depends on what they do or say or how they present themselves around the walking glass ceiling that is saitama. One of the main reasons i loved the Garou arc was cause it was about how people respect these characters on a very shallow level and ignore all their actions. Ironically this is something the actual opm fanbase(or at least part of it) does where their enjoyment of a character is purely based off of their appearance which is fine i guess but doesn’t anyone think that’s funny? Like Garou explained that the ugly characters will always get put as the villains, the ugly kid got picked on because of that, sweet mask stupud weakness is because of that, people who read this series do this with a lot of the heroes.

Again it is fine to love a character entirely on their appearance but that doesn’t mean I can’t find that funny in this situation.