Everyone, you realize what this means, right?

Caliborn, as Lord English, is just cosplaying his OC.

The OC that he stole, from fanart someone drew.

Fanart that is wearing that coat, because it was seen in the Felt Intermission.

Let that sink in for a moment. Homestuck has actually established a closed paradox loop OUTSIDE OF THE COMIC PROPER.

  • Me:*Sends more than a few messages over a period of time even though the other person is not replying*
  • Insecurities and paranoia:they HATE you, I bet that message they sent was the last one you're ever getting, I can feel them slowly starting to become annoyed and tired with you as we speak.
  • Reason:That's so irrational, there could be multiple reasons why they are not responding, maybe they're sleeping, maybe they're busy talking with someone else or have gone out. I very much doubt they hate you. Just be patient and focus on something else.
  • Insecurities and paranoia:okay but what if they actually DO hate you?
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A girl named Audrie whom is a dear friend to many people at my school, was sexually assaulted, and some boys took photos of the assault, the photos spread around school to shame and bully Audrie and 8 days after that, she took her own life. The boys who admitted to harassing her only served 30 and 45 days, please sign this petition on behalf of Audrie, to close the loop hole about juveniles time in jail,
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DIABOLIK LOVERS DARK FATE | Soundtrack CD  [Album Download]

◆ // Track List //



03. SHIN


05. 月蝕遊戯ヴァンプス

06. 続、ある奇妙な一族の日常

07. 目には目を、牙には牙を

08. DIABOLIK LOVERS ピアノのためのハ長調

09. 麗しき微睡みの中で夢を観よ

10. 崩壊ペシミズム

11. DIABOLIK LOVERS ピアノのためのイ短調

12. 愛しさが運命を或いは Change (Not) Fate

13. 絶対的な闇 Dark Fact

14. 慮れば恋

15. 愛の種

16. 吸欲ト滴ル×液

17. 始祖 The Apocalyptic Cantata. Opus Zero

18. 決戦、暗黒運命黙示録

19. 再会への想い -original ver.-

◆ // Specs: 320kpbs || 58.04 MB RAR // ◆

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◆ // And as always, proof of my copy (x) // ◆

(*´・∀・)ノ Enjoy~~~