muldez said: 

tru but as u said like i trust the writers to make a good decision here and if not i’m gonna be super disappointed lmao

ya, like logically i totally trust the writers but when i go into the general tags (bad idea!! i should know better than this!!) i see people saying that like “it’s too early” for her to know or w/e and i’m like?? how is it too early? i don’t get it. i feel like we’re at the perfect time for her to know. like i’m actually glad she didn’t know all of s1 and 2 bc now she loves him for the Man he is, and now her accepting him will be much more easier than it was before bc she loves him, before she’d def have run away forever, i think. but now we’re getting to the point where she’s pretty much the only character that is out of the loop (in lucifer’s close circle, you know - not dan, ella, etc) and it’s making it hard cause she’s not involved in his life that way and it really shows that they can’t move forward personally/romantically til she knows imo. if she doesn’t find out this finale i’d be like fine cause i think s3 would have to make them explore what happened w/ candy and their issues, stuff they couldn’t do properly in 5 eps with all the parental/blade stuff happening, and that could lead to her finding out in what is technically a short amount of time for them. but if all of s3 passed and she still didn’t know, i’d feel like it would get disrespectful to her character, esp how big a part of that story she actually is, you know? she needs to know.

Humans are STILL weird.

Yes, I’m still at it. I can’t stop. Send help. 

Human language is very difficult. Too much is conveyed by body language and what they call ‘tone’. Thankfully Humans are patient with misunderstandings, and largely shrug off difficulties and explain as needed. No one is quite sure what the word ‘fuck’ means, and they are all afraid to ask. Its use is wide and varied, and too often leads to violence of one kind or another. 

When Humans began signing on as crew for multi-species vessels, they began hauling in all sorts of… things. Things that had NOTHING to do with their abilities to do their jobs. Musical instruments, pictures that were cut to pieces which are then reassembled painstakingly, chemical enhancements imbibed for recreational purposes, miniature pre-contact transportation vessels built in containers of glass that serve no evident purpose, meters and kilometers and LIGHT YEARS of string and sticks and small fiddly bits. 
“What do you do when you’re not working?” 
“Prepare for more work.”
“Wow. Sounds boring.” 

Really, not just knitting. The construction of any and all garments on-board ship. Often garments that serve no clear purpose. All needed gear is issued upon arrival. So why is that human standing watch with a handful of long metal wires and a ball of string? AND HOW DID IT BECOME A SOCK? WHY DO THEY KNOW WHAT SOCKS ARE? Crocheted lace is banned among some species because it triggers a closed-loop neurological function when watched. 

It’s not so much being bored that confuses other species. Any beings who traverse the stars are familiar with moments, sometimes long moments, of nothing to do. It is Humans’ approach to this feeling that is unusual. They DO THINGS. Too often, they involve others. “Bands” playing harmonious sounds. “Movie Night” becomes a thing in Human space, so common that for a long time other species thought it was a ritual of some kind. They include the rest of the crew; the crew is usually confused by Human ideas of entertainment. Attempts to share stories in the other direction only lead to the Humans themselves being confused. 

The first Human to introduce rugby to a ship as a way to kill time was nearly tried for mutiny. 

Witch Tips: Spells Gone Bad 💣

🖤 There’s always talk about learning to undo anything that you do in case a spell or curse goes wrong, but what I rarely see is people writing them self a reversal into the spell it’s self.

🖤 Something along the lines of “Should the effects of this spell no longer be desired the lighting of this candle, (or crossing out these words, breaking this thing, etc) shall dismantle it”

🖤 You can write all sorts of fail safes into spells, not just for the purpose of stoping them, but also to close loop holes.

🖤 And while you should still learn to do reversals, this provides you with a quick and easy solution to a needed get out of jail free card.

So in sesong 3 we had a theme of parallel universes, right?

Well I think the trailer for sesong 4 is setting us up for some chaos theory, more specifically: the Butterfly Effect.

(I’m exhausted so I won’t go into details. I just wanted to get the base idea out. I got the idea from seeing this post.)

The Butterfly Effect can be, if we simplify it enough, summarised this way: a butterfly flapping its wings could end up causing a tsunami on the other side of the globe.
The idea that a seemingly small and/or insignificant action somewhere in the universe could trigger a chaotic chain reaction that will lead to a bigger and/or significant event.

In Sana’s trailer, we witness a sort of domino effect (only the difference between the domino effect and the butterfly effect is, how I understand it, that the domino effect is when one event sets off a chain of similar events whereas the butterfly effect has the chaotic element to it that makes the events triggered not necessarily similar or “chained” -> there’s no logical “suite”, no uninterrupted string, something unpredictable in the grand scheme of things: butterflies flap their wings all the time, yet not all of them end up “creating tsunamis”): her tripping Noora triggers a series of events that end up making Even bleed.

We see Sana seemingly in control of the reaction. The trailer ends with her smiling knowingly at us.
But that’s the reversed series of events.

Sana smiles before tripping Noora, indicating positive intent: we know Sana is not mean or “evil”, we know how much she cares for her friends,we know how clever she is. So we understand her smile as playful and her stare as knowing.
But the chain of events seems to get a bit out of control, ending up in bloodshed.
Maybe that was her intent all along. Maybe she knew (magic hijab I’m looking at you!) somehow that Even would end up with a nose bleed and she made it happen for some higher purpose that is unclear to us yet.
But I think that would be another show.
SKAM has been a very realistic show with realistic characters. No supernatural element (even the oui-ja board outing Isak can be explained really simply). I think Julie’s “shit’s about to go down” and the trailer is giving us an indication that there is chaos ahead. That not everything will go according to plan but please


Don’t jump to conclusions before THE conclusion. Don’t be like Isak who initially believed Sonja and misunderstood Even’s intent.
Don’t misunderstand whatever is about to happen.

You know how Julie loves her parallels and how much care she puts in closing plot lines, closing loops. I strongly believe we’re going to come full circle at the end of sesong 4. Full circle of a series of chaotic events triggered by our characters existing in the universe of SKAM.
See the first clip of sesong 1 as a stone thrown into a lake. The undulations it caused are ending: disappearing on the surface of the water after initially expanding.

We’re coming to the end, we’re going out

but not without a bang.

leaving you was cutting a piece of a string loose
which i had equated to freedom, which i had
assumed meant endless redwoods and vanilla skies
just how leaving the others felt like so

and it did; for months i swore it did
i was kissing fresh air and faces, and my heart —
it no longer felt like it was waiting for an echo
so that it could beat in response

so i don’t know how to describe what it was
standing on the edge of a ship at 2am, flying
underneath a bridge and making a wish to any god
where i finally felt the string i had cut off
circle to meet its closed loop

if you’re out there reading this
i hope you’ve found your vanilla sky
mine only came with time

—  time really does heal wounds // (goodbye, for real this time)
Movie Night Part 3

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 3387

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Smut, semi-public fingering, sexual penetration, teasing, fluff… the works.

Request: How would you feel about doing a part 3 to movie night? If not, I understand but I would like to read more! - Anon

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this! I got lost in the smutty goodness! (This can be read as a stand alone!)

Part One - Part Two

Alone time was hard to find in this compound.

You and Bucky hadn’t been able to be alone since you had snuck out of his room a week ago.

It was driving you mad.

You took a deep breath and opened the door to the conference room. You laid the files on the table and got the coffee brewing. You had just bent down to get the cups out of the cabinet when the door opened behind you.

“Unf… Buck, what are you doing?” you heard Steve say.

You straightened back up quickly and turned to see that Bucky had stopped right in the middle of the doorway, causing Steve to crash into him. You blushed because you knew that Bucky had gotten a great view of your ass. The slit in the back of your skirt had probably awarded him a peak of your thighs as well.

Steve pushed Bucky forward, walking around him to see you standing there. He laughed softly and shook his head. “Good morning darlin’.”

You sent him a shy smile with a wave and watched as Bucky sat down in the chair next to the one you always sit in. Steve laughed harder, sitting across from him.

You turned around and poured 2 cups of coffee for them. You bent over the table to hand Steve his. You almost dropped Bucky’s cup when you felt a hand wrap around the back of your knee.

Sitting his cup in front of him, you looked down at him incredulous. His fingers trailed up the back of your leg as far as your skirt would allow. “Thanks doll,” he said, his voice turning husky.

“Would you like me leave?” Steve asked abruptly.

You jumped away from Bucky and went to pick up the file folders. Bucky threw his coffee stirring straw at Steve, and mumbled something under his breath.

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The Road to Redemption: Arrow 5x11 Review (Second Chances)

Arrow introduced Tina Boland tonight, the new BC, and while we didn’t hit a lot of thematic new ground with her character, they set up an interesting juxtaposition between her, Oliver, Felicity and the road one takes to redemption.

My reference to the three characters in no  way means that I see a love triangle. Sometimes I’m gonna have to write their names all together in a sentence. 

Let’s dig in…

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Dragon au yuri on ice short

Sleepless Night

He was restless in his cave, trying his hardest to get some sleep but without avail. Yuri leered at the night sky from an opening on the cavernous place and he could assume it wasn’t even midnight yet, huffing out a cloud of smoke through his nostrils in frustration. He knew why he couldn’t be still, it was the competition right around the corner and he was feeling the pressure of the same, after all he had to keep the name of Victor high since he was his coach and it was all on how he would perform on the sky. Since he knew he wouldn’t get any sleep no matter how much he tried, he decided then to sneak up some training, the sky was clear and the moon bright, so it was a good and clear night for it and maybe it would make his body tired enough for rest later.

Getting up and stretching his wings and extremities, he flew out into the night sky, soaring quietly away from the other caves to not disturb any of the competitors nor his coach that was in a cave beside his own. Far enough, he decided to head over towards the nearby lake so to have a safe cushion in case when he was flying he screwed up a spin or trick and went falling, water is definitely softer than still ground and he couldn’t get hurt now. With lake in sight, he flew towards the edge to get up on some throughout warm up, stretching his wings and flexing his joints as he thought on which moves to start to train up. A few minutes passed and he felt good enough to take back to the skies, taking a jump and flying in quickly doing a few laps around the lake before starting to do some spins and hard turns at high speed. Soon his moves got more intricate, making closed loops on himself, half loops and drops, or combination of all three. While he worked on those, a thought came to mind, flying upwards fast in an almost 90º angle, reaching at a certain summit before dropping backward spins;




‘Yes!’ he mentally shouted on the last loop as he had slowed down considerably and before finishing the loop, he flared his wings and tail in show to the sky as he fell backwards towards the water. He had just partially replicated Victor’s signature move; the triple death drop and now remaining was the sharp turn near the ground, at the moment water, to fly off without touching it added with a spin. He focused, looking downwards he neared the surface and at the nick of time, he spun, flared his wings and glided along parallel with the water, feeling drops on his scales due how close he was to the surface and how water rose due the air pressure he added. He mentally cheered, a low chuckle coming from his throat but it was short lived, he loosened his tail and it dipped in the water, his tail webs acting as anchor and making him loose his altitude and control, splashing into the water.

He mentally cursed, swimming upwards and breaking the water as cold air hit his maw, huffing in response before swimming towards the edge to get himself to dry. At the edge he shook majority of the water off, blowing hot air on his scales for the remaining water before being startled by moving trees and the obvious blue hue of glowing eyes staring in awe at him.


I had been working on this for a few days now and wanted to have it sooner but work and such. But for @aradan-san who was feeling a bit sick in the past few days and wanted to give em a gift.

Car Boys Theory

I’ve been thinking about that one Car Boys theory going around that the whole show is a time loop of reincarnation and only when the loop is closed does the post-credits finale take place (for those who haven’t seen it, the basic idea is that after an infinity or so in the Time Void, Nick gets reincarnated as Busto 1.0 in an attempt to warn his past self about the game, Griffin then reincarnates as Busto 2.0 to try and prevent past him from relooping the timeline again, and Ball reincarnated as Blob, who while still complacent and peaceful is now in a form far more powerful and unpredictable that proves a threat to both boys, despite the fact that they still feel an odd, compulsory love towards them.) I like the theory a lot and it ties up a lot of loose ends in the series nicely, but there’s ONE thing it kind of forgets about-

if Nick reincarnated as Busto 1.0, Griffin reincarnated as Busto 2.0, and Ball reincarnated as Blob, then where exactly does that leave Ovo, who was also present in the time hole for an eternity?

and then it hit me

Ovo is the reincarnation of the fucking car. The loyal car that Nick and Griffin use the entirety of their playthrough in different fun forms, the one they drive to the ends of the earth and eviscerate from the inside out over and over, the one they themselves dragged into the time hole with them on their final mission.

And if Busto 1.0 reincarnated to WARN past Nick and Griffin and Busto 2.0 reincarnated to STOP past Nick and Griffin, then that means Ovo reincarnated to GUIDE past Nick and Griffin and close the loop. Ovo is the one that set Busto 1.0 free and reunited him with 2.0 in Some Sort of Digital Heaven. Ovo is the one that provided any sort of resistance against the blob. The innocuous car Nick and Griffin used the entirety of Car Boys is the TRUE unsung hero of the Car Boys series and their actions in their reincarnation silently help to reunite the boys once more and close the time loop that directly leads into the end credits sequence.

anonymous asked:

Could you possibly write a drabble about viktor's reaction to yuuri in a crop top? And maybe him talking/screaming to chris about it and chris just making fun of him.

Hopefully this is sort of what you’re looking for…

Viktor stopped skating when his phone notification went off and skated over to the barrier ignoring Yakov’s yell.  The only time that particular chime went off was a social media update regarding Yuuri.  Yakov huffed and turned away from Viktor and started yelling at Mila who had the other half of the ice that morning.

Grabbing his phone, Viktor swiped it open and opened Instagram.  And there is was a new Instagram video starring Yuuri.  God Bless Phichit Chulanont.

Viktor stuck in an earbud and pressed play, once again ignoring Yakov’s yell that if he wasn’t back on the ice in under five minutes that he was going to pull him out of every competition for the season.  Viktor didn’t care.  He would, in five minutes, but right then the need to watch a video of Yuuri was much more important.

The music was some pop ballad that Viktor didn’t recognize, but he was very familiar with the moves that Yuuri was doing.  Floor work for ballet.  Yet all the ballet terminology fled his mind because Yuuri was dancing in a crop top.  Not just any crop top either.  He had been wearing a full men’s ballet leotard, but the top was pulled down and his stomach was showing.  The black cotton brushed the skin over his belly button as he turned and the metallic design in silver blurred as Yuuri went into a turn.

Viktor knew then that he had died.  He was dead.  Breath would no longer fill his lungs because it had all been stolen by that too beautiful man.  Fuck.


With a last glance at the looping video, Viktor closed his phone and set it down.  He only stumbled on his spins three times the rest of the day, each time because he couldn’t get the sight of Yuuri Katsuki turning in a crop top and leotard bottoms out of his head.  Fuck.


“Chris.  I need help.  Send me a nude or something.”

“WHAT?!”  Chris coughed and Viktor switched his phone to the other ear while Chris worked on not choking.  Viktor really did have rather impeccable timing when it came to making Chris choke on whatever he was eating or drinking.  "Are you insane?  I am not sending you a nude.  Why do you want one anyway?“

Viktor sighed.  "Did you see what that friend of Yuuri’s posted today?  Did you?  Because I did and it almost killed my spins.  I can’t handle it.”

“Hold on a minute.”

Viktor waited while Chris probably checked his Instagram.  He tapped his fingers on the tabletop and Makkachin came running.  His girl always knew when Viktor was agitated and he dug his fingers into her curls and rubbed her head.  "Good pup.“

Chris’s low whistle signalled his return to the conversation.  "Do you need a cardiologist, Viktor?”

“I need a distraction.  Send nudes.”

“No.  You need to book a flight to visit that boy.  Did you see the yoga video?”

Viktor swallowed, his heart starting to beat faster.  "Yoga?“

“Yuuri apparently is a master at Downward Dog.”

“Fuck.”  Viktor turned to his computer and hit his bookmark for Instagram and there it was, posted just minutes prior.  Yuuri doing yoga.  No leotard this time, he was in sweatpants and a different top.  It might have been a crop top, might not have been.  All Viktor knew was that the sweatpants were resting low on his hips, his hipbones jutting out and the shirt had fallen down around his neck, and the expanse of lightly tanned chest could be seen.  "Seriously, fuck.“

Chris took a breath.  "You know you’ll be disappointed with any nudes that are not of Yuuri, so either call the boy or watch those videos on repeat.  Or you could always pull out the video of his bondage skate…”

Viktor inhaled sharply.  "Why are you my friend?“

"Because I give great advice and drink with you when you ignore it?”

“There’s that.”

Ashes and Wine ― The DELENA Album - best delena songs and songs that should have been delena’s (skip to disk three for songs that aren’t from the show)

Listen on Spotify (you need an account but it’s free :) just make one with fb or with your email address. Takes 2 minutes. THIS MIX IS WORTH IT)

or just add the songs listed to your delena playlist (if you think there are any of your favourites that I missed pls message me xx


Disc 1: Season 1 ― 4

1. Say (All I Need) ― OneRepublic (1x01)

2. The Weight Of Us ― Sanders Bohlke (1x07)

3. Brick By Boring Brick ― Paramore (1x18)

4. All I need ― Within Temptation (1x19)

5. It Is What It Is ― Lifehouse (1x22)

6. Come Home feat. Sara Bareilles― OneRepublic (2x01)

7. Ashes And Wine ― A Fine Frenzy (2x03)

8. I Was Wrong ― Sleeperstar (2x08)

9. Skinny Love ― Birdy (2x21)

10. I Should Go ― Levi Kreis (2x22)

11. Make It Without You ― Andrew Belle (3x01)

12. Echo ― Jason Walker (3x02)

13. Distance ― Christina Perri (3x03)

14. Holding On And Letting Go ― Ross Copperman (3x10)

15. Give Me Love ― Ed Sheeran (3x14)

16. Never Let Me Go ― Florence + The Machine (3x19)

17. Twice ― Little Dragon (4x01)

Disc 2: Season 4 ― 5

1. Fear And Loathing ― Marina and the Diamonds (4x02)

2. Feel So Close ― Calvin Harris (4x04)

3. The Thread Of The Thing ― Fay Wolves (4x06)

4. Little Deschutes ― Laura Veirs (4x07)

5. Kiss Me ― Ed Sheeran (4x07)

6. Eyes On Fire ― Blue Foundation (4x08)

7. Speechless - Acoustic ― Morning Parade (4x08)

8. Oblivion ― Bastille (4x09)

9. New York ― Snow Patrol (4x10)

10. Belong ― Cary Brothers (4x23, 6x07)

11. Royals ― Lorde (5x01)

12. Don’t Deserve You ― Plumb (5x02)

13. Satellite Call ― Sara Bareilles (5x03)

14. Fire Breather ― Laurel (5x16)

15. Do I Wanna Know? ― Arctic Monkeys (5x17)

16. Chemical ― Kerli (5x20)

17. Be Alright ― Lucy Rose (5x22)

Disc 3: Season 6 ― 7

1. Light A Fire ― Rachel Taylor (6x01)

2. Salvation ― Gabrielle Aplin (6x02)

3. All Through the Night ― Sleeping At Last (6x02)

4. The Power of Love ― Gabrielle Aplin (6x04)

5. Unbreakable ― Jamie Scott (6x06)

6. Another Love ― Tom Odell (6x07)

7. Compass ― Zella Day (6x09)

8. Lost ― Kris Allen (6x09)

9. Always Take You Back ― Night Terrors of 1927 (6x12)

10. Time ― Mikky Ekko (6x13)

11. You’re Mine (The Chase) ― Meiko (6x17)

12. When You Sleep ― Mary Lambert (6x18)

13. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You ― Cary Brothers (6x19)

14. Fly ― Meadowlark (6x20)

15. To The Wonder feat. Kina Grannis ― Aqualung (6x21)

16. Hunger ― Ross Copperman (6x22)

17. Silhouette ― Aquilo (7x22)

Disc 3: Should have been Delena / Make me think of Delena

1. With Love ― Christina Grimmie

2. I’m A Mess ― Ed Sheeran

3. Never Ending ― Rihanna

4. fOoL fOr YoU ― ZAYN

5. Say It feat. Tove Lo― Flume

6. Running Up That Hill ― Placebo

7. Words ― Skylar Grey

8. Bloodstream ― Ed Sheeran

9. Trouble - Stripped ― Halsey

10. Decode ― Paramore

11. Breathe Again ― Sara Bareilles

12. Losing Your Memory ― Ryan Star

13. You Found Me ― The Fray

14. Stay feat. Mikky Ekko ― Rihanna

15. Fix You ― Coldplay

16. Love Somebody feat. Wafia ― Ta-ku

17. Bumper Cars ― Alex & Sierra

18. Let It Go ― James Bay

19. For The First Time ― The Script

20. What Now ― Rihanna

21. Hypnotic ― Zella Day

22. My Everything ― Ariana Grande

23. Higher ― Rihanna

24. Bloodstream ― Stateless (this is actually a Datherine song but it’s too good)

Disc 4: Should have been Delena / Make me think of Delena

1. Beauty Of the Dark ― Mads Langer

2. A Drop In The Ocean ― Ron Pope

3. In My Veins feat. Erin Mccarley ― Andrew Belle

4. Orbit feat. Ashe ― SŸDE

5. Open Your Eyes ― Snow Patrol

6. Stop And Stare ― OneRepublic

7. Loop ― Paces

8. Close To You ― Rihanna

9. TiO ― ZAYN

10. Touch It ― Ariana Grande

11. Do You Remember ― Jarryd James

12. Hold ― Vera Blue

13. Not Over You ― Gavin DeGraw

14. High ― Zella Day

15. TALK ME DOWN ― Troye Sivan

16. Wings ― Birdy

17. Between ― Courrier

18. iT’s YoU ― ZAYN

19. Never Say Never ― The Fray

20. Mercy ― Shawn Mendes

21. Never Be Like You feat. Kai ― Flume

22. Down ― Jason Walker

23. Chasing Cars ― Snow Patrol

24. Playback feat. Reija Lee ― Paces

Disc 5: Should have been Delena / Make me think of Delena

1. Sex With Me ― Rihanna

2. I Found ― Amber Run

3. Run ― Leona Lewis

4. 1000x feat. Broods ― Jarryd James

5. Clarity feat. Foxes ― Zedd

6. Be The One ― Dua Lipa

7. Bridges ― Broods

8. Keep You ― Wild Belle

9. Cruel feat. ZAYN ― Snakehips

10. Over And Over Again feat. Ariana Grande ― Nathan Skyes

11. How Would You Feel (Paean) ― Ed Sheeran

12. Best Mistake ― Ariana Grande

13. Love On The Brain ― Rihanna

14. Without A Word ― Birdy

15. Unsteady ― X Ambassadors

16. Settle ― Vera Blue

17. Breathe ― Fleurie

18. Perfect ― Ed Sheeran

19. Dream ― Imagine Dragons

20. Hold On ― Chord Overstreet

21. Now Or Never ― Halsey

22. All The Time ― Jeramih

23. Outside ― Tender

24. Only You ― Zara Larsson

Ever since Dean and Cas finally started sharing a bed in their own motel room, Sam can’t seem to get them out of bed in the morning. They take forever. Sam has found them day after day, snuggled up against each other, Dean asleep while Cas holds him.

“Shh,” Cas always says. “Let him sleep.”

Sam has watched how Dean stirs at Cas’ whisper, then buries himself even further in the angel’s neck, sighing and gripping Cas even tighter. Refusing to get up and start his day.

And if Sam let them, they would stay there until nightfall.

So Sam decides at some point that it keeps them on schedule- and amuses the hell out of him- if he simply bursts into their room and throws a motel ice bucket full of freezing water over them. Dean shouts, on his feet before Sam can even get a good laugh in. It almost earned Sam a black eye once, but not having to wait around for them is worth it.

Dean never learns his lesson, never gets up earlier. He just stays sprawled out on top of Cas, mouth open and snoring slightly, until the ice cold water wakes him up. Cas never seems to really mind, and Sam doesn’t much care either as long as Dean’s ready to go when he is.

And then one day, Sam bursts in with his wake up call, only to stumble on Cas and Dean definitely not asleep. Sam gets an eyeful of skin and the sound of one loud moan before he’s backing out of the room, eyes shut and brain trying to erase everything he just witnessed.

Sam’s waiting at the car, leaning against the hood and trying not to vomit, when they finally come out an hour later. He has a speech waiting, is ready to give them hell for their bad timing and his own bad planning, is ready to tell Dean that he needs to bleach his eyeballs now.

Instead, he watches as Cas shyly smiles up at Dean, as Dean hooks a finger in Cas’ belt loop and pulls him close, whispers something that makes them both laugh softly. He sees the ease in Dean’s shoulders, shoulders that no longer carry the weight of the world. And Sam stays quiet.

He never bursts into their room again. Instead, he just buys the loudest alarm clock he can find and hopes for the best.

22/50 - “Can I open my eyes yet?”

Fandom: All for the Game/The Foxhole Court
Characters/pairings: Neil, Andrew/andreil

Neil kissed Andrew like he hadn’t eaten in five days and Andrew’s kisses were the nourishment he needed to survive. Andrew reciprocated the hunger, the need to hold only one person so close.

Going from only seeing each other a few times a year to seeing each other nearly every weekend still wasn’t enough. Not when for the three years before they had scarcely left the other’s side for more than a couple of hours at a time.

“Missed you,” Neil breathed into Andrew’s mouth, fingers twisting in his hair.

Andrew didn’t bother telling him that was ridiculous. He didn’t feel the need to put up his walls and pretend he didn’t feel the same way. Not every time Neil said something about his feelings for Andrew anyway.

Instead of pointing out that they saw each other five days ago, Andrew pulled Neil closer with his hands on his hips under his shirt. His thumbs rubbed over old knife scars.

He pulled at the hem of his shirt and Neil let him discard it somewhere in the general direction of the kitchen. Andrew managed to undo Neil’s belt while Neil sucked a mark onto Andrew’s collarbone beneath his shirt.

Andrew’s fingers ran over Neil’s skin making him shiver. “Wait.” Andrew froze, took a step back.

He cocked an eyebrow when Neil told him with a grin on his face, “I need to show you something first.”

“I flew across the country,” Andrew reminded him.

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anonymous asked:

1/2 (While i do NOT ask this to be negative at all, i realize it could be a controversial topic so feel free not to answer!) I have a friend who stopped watching SPN a few years ago after, according to her, they jumped the shark to the point she just couldn't take the show seriously anymore. Now, i'm so deep in fandom it's hard to step back and be objective, but that's not the first time i've heard that complaint, and it got me thinking; obviously i love the show.

2/2 But it did make me casually wonder what keeps me coming back to it specifically, because ibr if any other show had made some of the same writing, plot, etc. choices as SPN has, i’d diagnose it with a serious case of the trope “seasonal rot” and move on. But i haven’t. And i think it’s because SPN is SO character driven. Like, these characters make the show and the genuine heart and love shows through in the writing. I think that’s what balances out the at times questionable quality for me.

Hi there. I just reblogged this post over here that mostly expresses my feelings about this:

I think it’s really not accurate (nor fair) to describe the character growth and narrative progression as “seasonal rot.” I think that’s sincerely missing the point.

From a podcast interview with Davy Perez shortly after 12.04 aired (Not About The Weather, episode 8):

(Sorry, y’all, I started transcribing this two hour long interview, spent two days transcribing the first hour last November, got to 7.5k, and haven’t had a chance to finish… )

N: It’s really interesting, because what you mentioned as well with Dean when he was living his sort of normal life with Lisa and Ben, it’s interesting as well because we’re six years on from that. So how do you look at that kind of thing and then go okay. How do you stop it being regressive, if you know what I mean? How do you go like, oh, he’s actually grown from that, or if he hasn’t or if he has. How do those decisions get made?

DP: For me I think it’s funny because I might have read it in a book somewhere, or maybe it was advice I got, in regards to writing television versus writing film. When you’re writing a film, you’re writing what is hopefully a complete journey, where a character gets called to action, where they go on their journey of discovery or their journey of tribulation, and then they arrive to an end point and you find, “Oh, I’ve learned this lesson,” or “I’ve grown so much.” And that was a satisfying, closed-ended story. Television doesn’t work that way. Television is about a character that you become invested in, and that you fall in love with. That character grows in incremental ways. Not only do they grow in tiny little increments, and sometimes don’t even grow, they go backwards. You don’t close the loop. You keep the loop open, so that hopefully when you know that okay, this is our final season, this is our final run of episodes, that’s when you can find those landing points, and that’s when you can sort of say this is the end of this journey.
As far as having to imagine what Dean might be eight years ago, well all I can say is that’s who Dean is. There’s a well of knowledge to watch, and you can see that that’s who he is. Maybe they’ve grown in some small way. Maybe Sam can talk about the psychic stuff where maybe before he didn’t even want to talk about it, but he’s not a completely different Sam in that he’s learned from his mistakes and will never make the mistakes again. You want to make sure that you’re staying true to who they are, and allowing the characters to just live in those moments, and to of course grow and have that journey, but to really take time. In an essence you really enjoy those incremental growths and they mean so much more.

This is exactly what I’ve described as the “spiral narrative” where the same things come up over and over again, putting the characters in similar situations. But this has become a character-driven narrative. The mytharc is entirely secondary to what the characters are going through.

Playing “spot the difference” each time you see a “wait, that’s really familiar” moment is where you really SEE those incremental growths. This is not “seasonal rot.” I find myself irrationally offended on behalf of the writers here… like, got up and stormed around the house ranting out loud to myself.

So when meta writers talk about how the writers are doing all of this intentionally, we literally really truly do mean the writers are DOING THIS ALL INTENTIONALLY. They have even TOLD US THIS IS THE CASE IN ACTUAL WORDS.

I  wrote a thing recently that sort of touches on this a bit, that started out as a reply about character driven vs plot driven narratives, but I think it also goes a little way toward explaining some of the reasons why people are having difficulty understanding what the show is doing now:

If folks are still looking at the show as if it was actually a plot-driven narrative, there’s bound to be some sincere disappointment. But if you see it as a character-driven narrative, everything begins falling into place. I don’t mean to say that someone might be “watching wrong,” but if your impression is that the narrative is inconsistent and has made questionable plot choices, then I feel at least slightly obligated to politely suggest maybe watching it from THIS perspective and see if the entire picture doesn’t become perfectly clear.

Like this sculpture illustrates, look at it from the wrong angle and it all seems random. It’s supposed to inspire you to walk around looking at it all from DIFFERENT angles until the entire picture clicks into place.

This is the amazing beauty of the story Supernatural is telling us right now. I just want as many people as possible to realize this, because I think a lot of people right now are just seeing the random scattershot dots and feeling like they aren’t telling us a full story… I’m just trying to drag as many people around to the other side, to see what it looks like from where I’m sitting. Because it looks like art to me.

Look. I really think Toby is a genius, and “Heartache” is one of the most amazing songs he’s ever done.

This fucking song and the way it really tonally establishes what the hell Undertale is, it’s so important to me. Because this song starts out and it’s pure chiptune, it’s not even SNES era music, it’s really lo-fi NES era, the sound is straining the limits of the speakers. You expect at any moment for it to become too much and give you bad feedback.

And then at :11 the first curl of brassy sound folds over it, crystal clear and perfect. It fades, and then comes back to punch you in the teeth. But it maintains that tinny NES sounds– I love the almost chiptune flute that warbles at :22, like an 8bit songbird.

THEN BA BA DA DA BA BA DA DAAAAH the full force of the song just explodes, like anguish, like it cannot be contained by its antique forerunners and so we have this cacophony of brass and this fucking phenomenal almost dance beat clap-clap/tap-tap sound. 

This sound feels like old fashioned magic updated for the new age, it’s frantic and pained and steeped in nostalgia while literally reinventing itself over the span of 1:48.

I fucking die at that tumble of da-da-dum-dada-da, every time.

And the way “ASGORE” has that exact same tumble of notes and closes this loop you’ve been traversing for 10 to 20 hours. Fuck.