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Hello, i was wondering what university u go to and what u study, also can u just talk a little in general about how living in australia is like cuz i rly wanna live there as well

I’m not at Uni, I am actually just about to finish high school. Living here is incredible and I’m so unbelievably lucky. It’s amazing to live a two minute drive away from the beach and to have a long and hot summer each year. The people are laid back and friendly and very accomodating. I love this place so so much. xx


The first of seven stories from “THE LONG HOT SUMMER”, my risograph zine collab with Priscilla Boatwright! You can preorder a copy at ! The chapter title page will be included as a preorder gift in the form of a large fold-out poster.

“THE LONG HOT SUMMER” is a collection of seven short comics about life in a magical city. Stories deal with subjects such as commuting plants, time traveling tourism, figuring out how to break up with your boyfriend during a star explosion, and cleaning up living graffiti that threatens to swallow the entire neighborhood. 48 pages, printed in two-color risograph.


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