Very Busy People
The Limousines
Very Busy People

We’ll end up numb from playing video games
And we’ll get sick of having sex
And we’ll get fat from eating candy
As we drink ourselves to death

We’ll stay up late making mixtapes
Photoshopping pictures of ourselves
While we masturbate to these pixelated videos
Of strangers fucking themselves

We are very busy people 

Flaskaboozendancingshoes sentence starts
  • "Anything can happen."
  • "We could both be flattened by a double decker city bus."
  • "Otherwise a perfect night."
  • "If we're not dead before it ends."
  • "Don't you worry."
  • "what's your hurry?"
  • "Just focus on tonight."
  • "We could fall in love."
  • "Maybe we'll both hate each other."
  • "Shitty sex and separate beds."
  • "We could get restraining orders."
  • "I'll just be me and you be you."
  • "Two perfect strangers being sneaky with a flask of booze."
  • "You just bring your dancing shoes."
  • "We'll never be this young again."