It’s a DRAGON!!! YES!

I shall dress up as a knight in shining armour and attempt to slay this dragon.

…Reminds me of the Subterranean Lava Dragon, Volvagia.
…I might need the Megaton Hammer for this.

Saw this from a Japanese Zelda Breath of the Wild Commercial on YouTube.

Happy 31st  Anniversary to The Legend of Zelda! Zelda is practically double my age! 

Ocarina of Time was my very first Zelda game. I played it on an emulator years ago because I was curious about Zelda. I wasn’t born when it came out so I’ve never had that “Zelda childhood” that most people talk about.

happy holidays to my zelda blog @triforce-princess ! i’m so grateful for their support, patience, and politeness. i’ve had nothing but positive interactions with the zelda fandom on tumblr over the past two years. i can definitely say that ill be continuing to make zelda related works and otherwise! i really cant thank them enough for bringing a little light into these past couple of years.