This came in today! Still waiting on my floral copy of the record… I don’t think I’ll like it as much as Shed or TLTYF but I do like a lot of the songs on it and it is a good record from a band that will always have my support.

  • Title Fight-Floral Green on Black Tape/500

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Miss Perfect
  • Miss Perfect
  • Title Fight
  • Acoustic

You look so pretty in your sleep, tell me

Are you dreaming of me?

Or do you dream about the way that things used to be?

It never was this bad and I was good at more than just always making you sad

I know that I told you that if you just stay with me, things would be fine until the end of time

But you know that there’s no such thing, as a promise ring, that doesn’t lose its shine

No One Stays at the Top Forever
  • No One Stays at the Top Forever
  • Title Fight
  • The Last Thing You Forget

247. No One Stays At The Top Forever-Title Fight
I try to find myself in the shadows of my room but I was suffocated by vacant walls and solitude. Knee deep and losing sleep, can’t find yourself when you’ve lost everything. I’m hanging off of my own words. Beneath the sheets you buried me, I’m suffocating quietly. Is this record on repeat? You left me with the weight of the world to lift.