Hyangsan Hotel by Kalle Anka on Flickr.

Myohyang-san, DPRK


Miss A / I Don’t Need A Man

Last week my son and I took to the Alps and hiked up to Steinsee lake. We camped on the low ridge where this picture was taken. The next morning a storm came and thundered around the peaks but it was calm where we had put out tent. The sense of being truly in the land of gods was very acute here and we collected wild flowers and left them at a small stone cairn we had build to the thank the Spirit for bringing us and keeping us safe. 


Barbara rolled her eyes a bit, wrapping her arms around him as he hugged her, ignoring the tease he threw at her. Her head hit his shoulder, her breath still shaky from when she was crying, only due to fear.

“T–thank you.” She gave a little nuzzle, blushing at his compliment. “Do–you mind spending the night? I could use it after–well–this ordeal and all.”

Can you breathe and say that again? I don’t think you sounded very calm when asking. Continuing affections while focusing on the environment in which he grappled through, Dick rubbed noses with Babs. She looked a little dirtied up, was all. No bruises, really, no blood. Perhaps hoarse from screaming. What more could she have done?

If you can be my alarm before seven in the morning, then I so don’t mind. And with that, he teased another kiss on her lips as they landed on the roof of her house. Jim would have a cow and show off his gun like a good father should if they went through the front door. Though, he was also certain the cop father would hear them through the window just the same. If I didn’t know any better, Ms. Gordon, I’d say you got captured so as to sucker me into cuddling you.


Local Cultus: Frigga of the Summer Fog

after days in a row of scorching weather and sweltering nights, the fog comes in to sighs of relief. the heat has broken, the madness ends, and stillness comes to the land. the wise throw open their windows and breath deeply, savoring the chill. morning comes, and Frigg rises early, bathing in the damp air. in this calm, knitting is done, hot coffee is drunk, sweaters are worn, gentle things are said. when the fog comes in, we can survive through the fires, through the heat, we can make it through July.


B.A.P / One Shot

A Day In The Life of a Therian Soul

You clamber out from your den, yawning, whiskers twitching as you edge your way through the opening into the brisk morning air. The birds have long begun their morning refrain, twittering and singing in the treetops above, out of sight.

The treetops’ shady branches envelope you in cool shadow, shielding you from the sun’s warming embrace. A cool wind whistles against the branches, causing a rustling, shuddering creak throughout the familiar patch of land, the tall trees groaning and quivering. You don’t flinch; your warm fur protects you from the chill. You tip your muzzle into the air, tasting the sweet air as it surges through your lungs. You can tell that it’s going to be autumn soon; the dirt and stones worn down by your paws are laced with crackling leaves and the occasional twig or stick.

You swish your tail, absorbing the morning atmosphere, the birds’ happy chirruping and whistling morphing into calming white noise. You stretch your long, powerful body, your muscles rippling beneath soft fur before deciding to head to the stream for a drink before you begin your day of hunting, running, and frolicking in your own personal forest paradise.

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  • Name: Megan
  • Height: 5‘10/11
  • Fave bands/artists: Bastille, TDCC, CHVRCHES, Walk the Moon, and Arctic Monkeys… idk the list goes on and on but this is enough I think.
  • Meaning of URL: I started this blog pretty soon after I came back from South Korea which is known as the Land of the Morning Calm.. It also makes me feel very “zen” which I like. ^^
  • Birthday: June 26
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexual Orientation: I mostly like guys, but sometimes I see a gorgeous, curvy girl and I’m like IDK???
  • One place that makes me happy: Loch Lomond Shores <3
  • Last thing I said to a family member: “I’ll call you if anything changes.” That sounds quite mysterious ^^
  • Favourite food: fruit scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam is one of many faves!
  • Last movie I watched: National Treasure bc Nick Cage is bae.
  • Dream vacation: Taking Stuart to SK for like two/three weeks with endless monies
  • Dream wedding: MINE! 51 days away!!!
  • Dream pets: scrappy little dogs and fluffy baby cats
  • Dream job: I’m looking forward to being a SAHM in a few years but aside from that something crafty maybe - having my own etsy shop or something
  • Random fact: I was going to go to bed now as I’ve got an early morning tomorrow but then I remembered that it’s Wednesday. Bake Off > Sleep.

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xander0729: 🇰🇷대~~~한~민~국!!!👏🏻 광복70주년 대한민국 만세!!!🙌🏻 🎉😁 Happy 70th National Liberation Day KOREA!!!🇰🇷 May the Lord continue to bless this Land of Morning Calm! 아자아자 화이팅!!!💪🏻 #대한민국 #Korea #RepublicOfKOREA #LandofMorningCalm #70th #NationalLiberationDay #Xander #hanbok #TimeToCelebrate

Chapter 2: Arrival

Marc opened his eyes several times during the flight - once when he heard the sonic boom of the shuttle breaking the sound barrier, and again to look at the large helmets on either side of him. Each time he awakened after that he noticed the gray circle in the front window get larger until it wasn’t a circle at all, but a series of circular shadows.

Destination arrival in approximately five minutes. Please prepare for landing.

The calm female voice brought Marc out of his sleep as a flight attendant would on any airplane. He was embarrassed to have slept the entire flight, afraid that he missed the opportunity to befriend the other students.

“What the hell?” A younger female voice sounded irate in his helmet. “How long have I been asleep for? We’re there already?”

“We’ve all been asleep,” yawned a male voice. “Did everyone else take that pill this morning? The last thing I remember is two guys dragging me down a hallway.”

Marc remembered the round boy he saw before taking his own pill. “Yeah. I took it,” his voice hoarse as he spoke for the first time. “I didn’t even ask what it was.”

“Roofies,” chimed in another male voice.

“Ugh. Figures,” returned the young female voice.

The passengers fell silent, stretching their arms in front of them and turning to look at one another. Circles of blue-gray glass glittered on the moon’s surface. As the shuttle made its final approach, Marc realized the glass was reflecting the distant brown and green textures of Earth.

Passengers, ensure you are completely fastened in your seat, facing forward with your head pressed back.”

Immense pressure pinned the students backward in their seats as the shuttle nosedived toward two strips of red, blinking lights shining on the moon’s surface. A young girl’s scream was drowned out by a loud hum and the rattling of whatever held the space plane together. There was a hard bounce as they hit the runway before coasting across the smooth surface. Where the red lights terminated, a wall slid sideways to allow entrance to the base.

Please remain seated with your helmets on while we prepare for disembarkation.

They sat in darkness listening to a steady high-pitched beeping while the entry door slid back into place and air swept through the room at a high velocity.

“We hope you have enjoyed this once-in-a-lifetime nap,” one of the boys mimicked the flight attendant. “We at Omnicore know you have a choice when you travel and we–”

Light flooded the shuttle. Marc squeezed his burning eyes shut.

You may now take off your helmet and gloves. Release your harnesses by pressing the buttons on your shoulders and knees. Move slowly as you exit the shuttle as your body may be temporarily weakened by the flight.

Marc removed his gloves and blindly ran his fingers across his chest until they found the buttons on his shoulder. His upper body slumped forward before he realized he had pressed the buttons. There were moans of pain throughout the cabin. Marc released his leg restraints and strained every muscle in his body to stand up.

Leaning against the chair, Marc opened his eyes and looked at the rest of the cabin. No one else had stood up. He felt for the release clasp he was trained to use the previous day and took off his helmet. “Everyone OK?”

“What’s with all the gravity?” Marc saw the face of the girl sitting beside him for the first time as she removed her own helmet. Sweat rolled down the smooth dark skin of her cheek. She suddenly laughed. “Was I supposed to pay extra to experience weightlessness?”

She released her harnesses and waved away Marc’s hand offering to help her up.

Marc moved toward the door that had opened at the back of the ship and suddenly noticed how dry his mouth felt. He turned around to check on the rest of the students and was startled to see a different girl standing directly behind him. Her dark, almond shaped eyes were filled with determination. Marc considered moving to allow her to exit first, but there was no space in the small cabin as the other students queued to disembark. He moved down the chrome staircase, attempting to appear calmer than he actually felt.

“Alright! First man on the moon camp!”

Their shuttle took up most of the cavernous space bordered by unadorned concrete walls. A man who appeared equally uninteresting plodded across the hanger pushing two flatbed skids that floated in front of him. He wore the standard middle-management uniform of khaki pants and a white dress shirt, both of which strained to contain his hefty physique. He paused in front of the students gathered at the back of the shuttle and used a yellowed handkerchief to wipe the clammy bald spot on his head.

“Welcome to Moon Camp,” the man forced a smile and read off a piece of paper. “I’m Edward Pierre, your program director. On behalf of Omnicore, we look forward to the scientific advancements in phase two of Project Lunar. Applau– Oh.”

The pale, dark haired girl clapped apathetically, causing several of the others to snicker.

“Right,” sighed Pierre. He crumbled the paper and stuffed it in his pocket. “Let’s unload the shuttle. This side should be your stuff.”

Pierre tapped a black, plastic circle the size of a bottle cap against the side of the shuttle and a hatch lowered slowly, revealing dozens of boxes of various sizes. He grabbed the largest of these and hoisted it onto the skid which bounced slightly inches from the ground.

“Get started on this and I’ll grab a couple more magskids,” Pierre barked as he walked away.

Marc marched forward and grabbed a large box. It was heavier than Pierre made it look and his weakened muscles caused him to drop on the magskid with a large thud. He turned to hide his blushing face from the other students and grabbed another large box.

“Wow. You’re really into this,” a pleasant voice came from behind him. The young woman who had been seated next to Marc on the shuttle smiled and leaned her back against the shuttle.

“Oh yeah!” he dropped the box on the magskid as smoothly as he could. “I’m gonna be the moon camp champ!”

“I’m Regan,” she said as she stood up and extended her hand.

“What’s up, Regan? I’m Marc.” He smiled and passed a navy blue case labeled DAVIS to her.

“That one’s mine!” another girl exclaimed as she rushed over. Marc barely recognized the woman he had seen arrive at the terminal back in Florida. She was still beautiful, but looked much younger in a bulky spacesuit, hair braided tightly against her head and not a trace of makeup. She smiled sweetly at Marc and ran her fingers over his as she took the box from him. “I’m Rune.”

“I’m Andy,” said a boy with neatly combed blonde hair as he grabbed a box and heaved it onto the magskid. He was much smaller than Marc, who was surprised his wiry frame could handle the heavy cargo.

A boy with a kind round face hung back and turned to the almond-eyed girl.

“Does any of this seem strange to you?” He asked quietly.

“Nope,” she replied cooly. “Just normal first day of camp stuff.”

Pierre returned with two more magskids and helped the kids unload the rest of the cargo. He led them through two large glass doors which automatically parted to allow them entry to a massive lobby. Blue light bounced off glossy white tiles on the floor and flooded the whole room in a mesmerizing glow.

“Whoa,” Regan said as she froze in her tracks.

The students paused and followed Regan’s gaze upward. The Earth shone brightly through a single pane of crystal clear plastic that extended across the entire ceiling. Everyone stood silently transfixed. It was substantially larger than the moon appeared from Earth. White clouds sat peacefully atop shades of blue and tan, more vibrant than any colors they had seen before.

“I know,” said Pierre, bringing them back to reality. “It’s a shame you have to be this far away to see how beautiful she is.”

Pierre moved forward across the vast space, followed by the students who ambled slowly, still staring up. He tapped his black device on the wall next to a gray door accented with a long pane of blue glass which extended from top to bottom.

White lights turned on as they entered a new room. Nine circular windows the size of basketball hoops formed a grid on the ceiling, offering a much less impressive view than they had just seen.

“Here’s your dormitory.” Pierre said stoically.

The students looked around, dumbfounded. A kitchen area was set up in one corner with a sink, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Rune opened the door to a bathroom area with two stalls and a shower area. Regan opened the only other door which revealed a large empty closet.

“Where are the beds?” The California prep school boy asked.

Pierre tapped his palm on the top of a box.

“Excuse me?” Rune scoffed.

“You’ve got everything you need right here,” Pierre shrugged. “Courtesy of Omnicore.”

“Wait. What?” said the round faced boy. He looked puzzled, but amused.

“Sharing a room with teenaged boys?” Regan shook her head.

“Oh yeah,” California Prep grinned and elbowed Andy in the side.

The almond-eyed girl crossed her arms and shifted her weight to one hip. Marc recognized the stance of a woman about to put someone in their place. “No. This is unacceptable,” she said tersely.

“Oh yeah?” Pierre chuckled. “Want to check into the five-star hotel down the street?”

“I am Liza Osaka, as in Osaka Industries. My grandfather sponsored this trip so I could conduct groundbreaking research alongside the world’s best scientists– not put furniture together.”

“I don’t know what to tell ya, sweetie.” Pierre said, no longer smiling.

“Where is the phone? I’m calling my grandfather.”

“If you want to reach Earth, your best bet is the room next door.” Pierre jerked his thumb toward the wall behind him.

Liza turned swiftly and stomped out of the room and into the hallway. She slammed the door behind her. The sound of pressurized air soon followed.

“I guess she forgot.” Pierre turned and looked fiercely at the other students. “There are no phones. THIS IS THE FUCKING MOON.”

Rune gasped and pointed at the window above her head. Liza’s lifeless body quickly flew past, shrinking until it disappeared from sight. Pierre continued yelling before anyone had a chance to speak.

“Build your beds! Get some sleep!” He pointed to a monitor mounted above the dormitory door which displayed the time. “Work starts at eight thirty! Be ready in your uniforms! And unpack those white coolers before all your food defrosts!”

​“We are the children of the Great Steppe” – new brand of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan should show a new brand to the world says Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

We must show the world a new Kazakhstan under the new brand, said President Nursultan Nazarbayev during a national teleconference on the Industrialization Day, BNews.kzreports.

“Japan is the land of the rising sun. Korea is the land of the morning calm. Netherlands is the land of tulips. China is Celestial Empire. All this is not enough for us. Kazakhstan is the land of great steppe. Great Steppe, the eternal blue sky … The color of our flag was born from the great green steppe and blue colors of the sky, I came up with. The uniform light signifies the unity of the country. We are children of the great steppe, we are not just nomads. We must show the world a new Kazakhstan under these slogans, under the new brand. To this end, I proposed the idea of industrialization, a new economic policy, and the five industrial reforms. All this is done for Kazakhstan youth, who should light up by this idea,” said Head of State.

i also think about this… 

i think…. fuck SM 

from 2011 onward all of k-pop wants to do bad things to seohyun ~ to her person and to her career 

it’s sad comment on the closeness of korean kultur to ISIS and the russian federation versus the West…

we’ll see if they eventually assume their (still possible) position amongst the true leaders of human progress…. they can be like germany or france one of these days but doubtless lots of yokels in the land of passed-out / hungover morning calm rather play these stupid like-dislike games 

they are in a time of moralistic haughtiness because they got rich quick… as smeone said of alexander the great whose alcoholismj inspired many future drinkers, koreans are less proud of their diligence than their shitty attitude towards women, collectivism, pageantry etc……. as if it were their nerdiness and not to mentino, insome cases, cruelty and sadism of culture rather than their diligence and conscientiousness of application to good things…… 

alas i know i am being high-handed but i still believe this is so…. Seo Juhyun is not cut out for Korea…. she needs a higher ceiling…… i really feel this… wish she would study abroad instead of crawling forward with Soshi……

why so shy SJH……. they will take you at Sorbonne, Cambridge, Heidelberg

Koreans don’t know how to take you… Except for their .001 pecent that are true philosopher-kings but the rest really ought to be muzzled, just keep at the grindstone and don’t even talk or go drinking…. 

Jessica and Seohyun…. the most feminine members of SNSD ironically or not ~~~ stuff like that is why they say asians are “like children” “emotionally immature”…. won’t let girls be women….

 ahhhhhhhhhh i am not of westmoreland’s tcamp though i swing my hammer in hope only, the hope of peace throughh understanding 

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost....

The other day I decided to skip everything and take a day off to spend with my friends. It started with a super long drive to wherever the way led us to. It so happened that we reached the other part of town. 

The early morning long drive and great music topped with awesome weather turned out to be an aphrodisiac for our ever shut minds! How music affects us is just plain amusing!! You just go into a trance.

So anyways, after the excitement on Palm Beach Road could not satiate our hunger for real food, we embarked upon a journey to find somewhere to eat… you know what I mean, we just Zomato-ed some place nearby!! And we were super excited to land upon this great little place called ‘70 beans’ to calm our growling tummies. The place is a must checkout. Awesome ambiance and great food. 

If you have time to kill, they have superb board games and a pool table! Nope, not kidding!!! We stared at the menu so hungrily that the waitress must have feared the safety of that menu!! 

As we waited for our coffee and respective orders to arrive, we settled into random easy conversations. The next thing we know is my friend received a text from his friend about how her folks were giving her a hard time for being clueless about what she wants to do with her precious life!! We all know the feeling, don’t we?

From there the easy conversation took a U-turn and dived straight into the wall with all serious life changing talks and ideas. The coffee level in our cups kept going down and the adrenaline levels in the conversation kept going up up up.. threatening to explode!From random stories of who said what to whom and how… it just came to a standstill at a question! 

Why is it necessary to have every single plan in life chalked out and inked on the stone? Why is it not okay to be clueless once in a while ? 

J. R. R. Tolkien said  “Not all those who wander are lost”.

Why can’t we wander a little from time to time? Why can’t we be lost a little? Eventually everyone finds a way, so why the hurry? A few wrong turns here and there only make the journey memorable. And at least we are sure we did not settle for the wrong choice. That’s worth something. No twisting and turning in our graves thinking what would have been… !!

Why is this society so hell bent on us getting everything right the first time and that to, on time!! Who decides this time for us! If its our life, should we not be the ones to decide what to do with it and when? Why the rush? Why the hurry?Why the pressure?

With a little freedom, I am of the opinion, that paths can be found better and even earlier!! All we need is support and freedom. A loved one sitting by our side as we explore our options or stare away into oblivion. 

After all, “Life is found beyond all our doubts”.

We did not get any solution to our rants, so we decided to just eat and be merry. At least we have that freedom!!

Wednesday the 2nd

Wednesday the 2nd EDT

The Moon Shifts to Taurus today and the restless energy that seemed to drive us over the last two days, comes to land and rest. The morning is relatively quiet and this is a great time to remind yourself to stay grounded and appreciate the beauty of nature. The Virgo Sun speaks to the Taurus energy with calming, open arms.

Mid day brings an optimistic note, with an earthy lunar trine to Jupiter… we can see the earth sunny side up!

From the early evening on, pleasantries are harmoniously served up with the Moon’s sextile to Neptune, followed by a Sun/Moon earth trine. This is one of those times that I suggest we take advantage of the ease in this flow of energy while its here… relax, create, connect and enjoy this beautiful planet. Its mellow time!

Just before midnight, Uranus and Jupiter kick up some agitating energy that can wake us up to something we need to attend to or grow beyond.

With Big Love,
————– Merrily Garrett