The signs as different weather around the year
  • Aries:Sunny summer day with no clouds in sight. The pleasant sounds of seagulls and faint smell of sea salt oceans
  • Taurus:The beginning of autumn. The leaves on the trees are changing colours and the wind blows a bit chilly
  • Gemini:A warm spring day with flowers blooming on a soft green field full of butterflies
  • Cancer:A quiet, very dark rainy day accompanied with some thunder. Perfect for staying in drinking a hot beverage under cozy blankets
  • Leo:Loud desert sandstorm whirling around, creating new patterns and landmarks as it goes
  • Virgo:The calm and quiet morning when a thick layer of snow rests on the cold ground. Pale sun on the clear sky
  • Libra:A day full of rain showers ending with a rainbow and a sunny afternoon
  • Scorpio:Powerful snowstorm keeping all living creatures on earth frozen in their place
  • Sagittarius:Lush landscape with green hills and a blue sky. A few dots of white clouds decorating it
  • Capricorn:Tornado breaking lose over uninhabited land areas, wrecking all things in its way
  • Aquarius:A sunset bathing in warm colours in the horizon of the sea. Faint sounds of ocean waves
  • Pisces:Tropical thunder storm pouring down in masses, nature showing off her strongest and most emotional powers
We're Standing on Shaky Land


“I swear to god, Cas, if you don’t give me my book back I’m going to burn all of your favorite shirts for real this time." What a great way to start off the morning, with an argument. He’s not even sure what it’s about, it just sort of happened. Maybe once they’re both calmed down the origins of this mess will come back to him, but for right now, he’s mad and blinded by that and fighting without purpose. "Just hand it over.”

It’s one of his favorites too. It took him forever to find it. He wasn’t even looking, just passed by it in the book store the other day when browsing. He nearly had a heart attack right then and there, seeing as they aren’t printing them anymore. It’s about pirates and sisters and female empowerment. He knows, not exactly the kind of reading material one might think he’d like, but he does. A lot.

And Cas is holding it fucking hostage.

on the count of three

i heard that if you smile the first minute you wake then you’re bound to have a good day and the sky was red, so red like the chaos in my head i could see from the sea they jumped holding hands

I built a boat from the buildings to sail far away from everything so calm on the phone we love you darling, but sometimes it storms in the ocean you just can’t run from these problems it’s just so weird this morning we were happy

i set sail into nothing it was all i had i left the fire behind me still feel it burning my back like two birds landing on two trees so far away like a movie said if you’re a bird then I’m a bird, honey

now on the count of three

I built a boat from the buildings to sail far away from everything so calm on the phone we love you darling, but sometimes it storms in the ocean you just can’t run from these problems it’s just so weird this morning we were happy

like two birds landing on two trees so far away like a movie said if you’re a bird then I’m a bird, honey

now on the count of three on the count of three on the count of three

one night i went to sleep i dreamt of a good day you both flew back to me & whispered, “we’re so sorry for leaving” and in the morning i awoke, smiling

by: chris trevigne

Calm Nights

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Words: 1163

Summary: Jensen arrives home, and it is a calm night instead of the usual restless nights.

Part 2 to Restless Nights. Read part 1 here.

So, restless nights was such a big hit that…I kinda wrote a second part. ;) Enjoy!

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“Early Morning Magic”
My usual late night had turned to early morning by the time I headed home.
The sun was starting to rise on my left while the moon was setting on my right as I headed south towards Lake Ontario. Although I was getting tired, I was excited to get home to set up a timelapse.
I got home just in time to catch the early morning magic from my back yard. The unusually calm water reflected the colours of the sky while I basked in the beauty of the moment.
It didn’t last long, but I was happy to finally slip into my own dream land and get some rest, while simultaneously going on my next adventure. The only downfall being that I would likely forget it all by the time I opened my eyes again.
I miss my dreams! For at least a few years now, I haven’t been able to remember my dreams. I’m pretty sure that I’m still dreaming, because once in a while I’ll wake up sweaty, heart pounding, and a little confused. I’m pretty sure it’s from having a nightmare that I can’t remember after waking up. Strange.


It was a tuesday morning, at the beginning of autumn, not cold but not warm enough to wear a short sleeved shirt. I was just finishing up training with Cera”

“Cera?” the man interrupter her.

“My horse, I train her weekly you see…”
“Ah, continue” 

 “Where were we? I was done training Cera for that day when a car loudly pulled over on a part where you’re not supposed to park. Another spoiled brat, I thought, who borrowed daddy’s Land Rover again and made the streerts unsafe. I didn’t think much of it, just mildly annoyed, so I calmed down my horse, got off the track and headed to the stables to change, before those kids showed up and ruin todays progress.

Waking Up

As soon as Steve recognized that he was sitting in his bed, the yell faded from his lips. The tears remained, however, as the vivid memory still haunted him. 70 years down the road and he could still feel the fast increase in air pressure, hear the crack in Peggy’s voice as she made their date, feel the sense of calm as he had accepted his fate to be with his best friend again. 

It was one of the worst parts of the serum. Making him relive every bad moment with excruciating detail. It was all too real and made some nights… most nights if he was honest with himself, impossible to sleep through.  He rubbed his cheeks as his eyes landed on the glowing light of the alarm clock. 3:27 in the morning. Steve sighed softly and rubbed his arms, as though to warm up from the memory of the cold.

the smile i had when i woke to only my own problems is the kind of happy that kills me

because each of us is a box filled with what we are given and i never knew how heavy you made me until i was finally empty

i’m sorry to only myself that i didn’t understand it sooner but this morning when a wild hawk landed on the sidewalk it wasn’t choosing to make a scene

it just stood there calm and new and untouchable


John Mortara, from “You Were My Depression,” published in The Scrambler

John occupies such a big room of my heart, & they are one of the most talented, necessary poets around. 

Happy (extremely late) birthday, Mama!

For grimminsanity <3 (Sorry it’s so late!)


Dís awoke to a bust of hushed giggles and a foreboding thump, and it took her a moment to recall the occasion.

“Hush, Kee, you’ll wake her up!”

“I thought that was the point- Fee!”

Her bed dipped and she suppressed an amused smile, keeping her eyes firmly shut.

“C’mon, Kee, get up before she wakes up!”

Another muffled thump and a sudden pressure as the form of her youngest son landed heavily on her shins.

“Mum! Mama, wake up, it’s your name-day!” Kíli chanted, bouncing slightly. His brother laughed.

“She’s awake, Kee, no need to give her bruises on top of it. Morning, Mum.”

She sat up and smiled at her boys, laying a gentle kiss on both of their foreheads and laying a calming hand on Kíli’s head.

“Calm yourself, love, or you’ll vibrate right off the bed.”

“We made breakfast!” Fíli announced, grinning, as his brother subsided.

Dís gave a theatrical gasp.

“Oh no, we still have a kitchen, right?”

Kíli pulled a face. “Mu~um, Fee’s a good cook!”

She grinned at him, ruffling his hair.

“I know. I was worried about the ‘we’ part of the sentence.”

Kíli scowled and ducked out from under her hand, straightening his wild curls haughtily.

“Well, if that’s the way you want to be”

She laughed and caught both of them about the waist, wrestling them to the bed as they shrieked with laughter.


Thorin and Dwalin lay before the fire, attempting to entertain a very unimpressed Gimli as Glóin and her sons roared with laughter nearby. Behind her, Balin and Óin were carrying on a quiet conversation next to the kitchen, where a heavily pregnant Mizim was doing incomprehensible things to a large platter of cake containing a baffling mishmash of blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

“All right, move it, you old farts, lady with a baby coming through.” Mizim called, pushing past Balin and Óin to plop a slice of cake in Dís’ lap. A chorus of protests arose and Mizim glowered her family into submission.

“Is it your name-day? No? Then be quiet and let Dís eat her cake.”

“But Mum always takes forever,” Kíli whined, flopping onto his back into his brother’s lap.

“I do it deliberately, just to torture you,” Dís informed him seriously.

He released a noise like a dying animal as Fíli laughed at him and tangled his fingers in his hair.

The fire was roaring, her family was laughing, and a smiling Dís sat back in her cushioned throne to savor her cake and survey her kingdom.

Romanticizing the Smallest things so Everything You do Feels Beautiful
(And so You Can Calm Down When it Hurts)

The sunlight is pale and filtered gently through the curtains only half shut. The covers have been warmed by the glow seeping through, and only the top folds are illuminated, while the rest are in shadows, softly caressing the body they hold. Her small hand gently lands on top of the sheets, her fingers stretching in the light, causing ripples of shadow to flow on the brick wall. The hand slowly slips the blanket off the body underneath them. She is fragile and warm, and hesitant. A body worn and wise, wiser than she knows. A small raspy sigh escapes her lips as her spine stretches out and gives a satisfying crack. The voice of a bird is light and full of spirit outside the window, reassuring her that it is glad she made it to morning. At last, she wiggles her toes and allows her feet to touch the pleasantly warm clay tiles of the floor. She steps towards the window and her silky nightgown feels like cream brushing her thighs as she moves. Her breath fogs a dewy patch on the glass as she lifts the curtains to find the songbird. She squints her deep, gold-flecked brown eyes as all the light rushes through, draping over her every curve- her jaw, her cheeks, the nape of her neck. It dances over her collarbones and jumps over her shoulders like a child. Her lips draw in a deep breath and the bird flutters across the window, bursting out of the tree it nestled in. Its wings glide as it swims across the sky, the tips of its feathers and the underbelly a striking gold in the newborn sun. There is a soft breeze that blows a strand of her hair across her cheek, tickling. She laughs and it sounds like honey, soft sugar in sound. She laughs, and she is filled with it; the sunlight comes from within her, bubbling up from inside her belly. She clutches the translucent pearly curtains, her eyes moisten and close. This feeling, she realizes at last, is healing.


First Argument:

((“how they make up” preference will be coming soon!))

Sandor – The spark would be instantaneous and would lead to things being thrown around, both physical things and verbal. Both of you would be too stubborn to apologize and one would end up leaving for days. Sandor would be guilty the next morning after he had had plenty to drink and time to clear his head, but – again – too stubborn to apologize and you would refuse to acknowledge that you had been wrong.

Tormund – The first fight with Tormund would leave him confused and while trying to figure out what had just happened he’d somehow manage to say something that only further upsets you. It would land with him grabbing you, shaking you slightly, to try and get you to calm down and you slapping him before storming out of the tent/room.

Brienne – The first fight would more than likely be over something honorable/moral that the two of you disagree with. Brienne would want to do nothing but the honorable thing while you leaned toward doing whatever was necessary, even if it was somewhat dishonorable. Brienne would be the one to leave, unable to continue looking at you…probably feeling like she had misjudged you completely.

Podrick – There wouldn’t be a fight. Podrick is too loyal and does whatever is told of him. Unless, your first fight was about him being like this and even then, it wouldn’t go very far since he’d be more than aware that he’s like this but wouldn’t know how to change it.

Bronn – The first fight would be about Bronn’s lack of empathy, or lack of emotions in general, when it comes to things you care about. Caring mostly about money and fucking, you would feel like you made a big mistake in dating him and Bronn, being Bronn, wouldn’t say anything to help his case and make you stay.

Margaery – Fighting with Margaery for the first time would be amusing and confusing all at the same time. The thing that sparked the fight would probably be Margaery’s feelings toward Cersei and anyone associated with the Queen Mother. Margaery would rant and shout at you whenever you’d try to cut in, and suddenly you’d be wondering if her ranting was only leading up to whatever you had done to upset her.

Jaime – The first fight with Jaime would more than likely be about his relationship/loyalty to Cersei. He’d deny that she means more to him than you, but you’d be able to tell that he was either conflicted or not telling you the complete truth. You’d scream at him, and cry…or not.., and then storm from the room before he could stop you.

Dany – The first fight with Daenerys would more than likely be over her ideas of how to rule. You’d try to help her do things that wouldn’t result in a complete downfall of things, but it would only anger her so much that she’d remind you who’s queen and that she didn’t ask for your opinion. She’d dismiss you like you were just another one of her advisers and you’d storm from the room.

Lexa woke up just before one in the morning, grabbing her phone from where it rested on the side of her pillow and pulling it out to check it, noticing that the call was still on. She allowed herself a moment to just lay there in silence, listening to the sound of Clarke’s breathing and letting it calm her nerves. In under an hour she was going to be on a plane ride home, and only a few hours after she landed, she was going to be meeting this girl. She finally ended the call, dragging herself out of the bed despite how much she wanted to take another nap, and changed into her clothes. She’d picked out something comfy for the ride, a bit more presentable than the pajamas that she wore but enough for her to relax in for the few hours that she’d be sitting down. Once she arrived to the airport, she waited for a half hour until her flight was called, boarding onto the plane a little before two o’clock. She sat down in her seat and sent out a short ‘Good morning, beautiful. <3′ text to Clarke, before powering off her phone and waiting anxiously for her flight to take off.

Her flight landed at 5:15 AM as there were no delays, and she rushed off of the plane to be greeted by Anya. Lexa had insisted that she could call for a ride home, that it was silly of Anya to have to wake up so early to pick her up, but Anya had argued with her until she agreed. She was one of the only constants that Lexa had in her life, they both gave each other a hard time and teased the ever living shit out of each other, but Lexa was grateful for her. It was only an hour into the two catching up that Anya picked up on the fact that Lexa was near shitting herself, and demanded to know what or who was causing her to pace the floor like she was. That was when Lexa finally told her about Clarke. She told the brunette the whole story, probably in more detail than she should have and would have if she wasn’t so anxious about their impending meeting. “You mean she still doesn’t know?!” Anya asked loudly, and Lexa winced at the volume of her voice. “No. I… I just, I didn’t want to tell her at first because I liked the connection that we built, you know? When she was just getting to know me. As me, not ‘Alexandria’. And now, I want her to know every part of me.” It was better for Clarke to find out in person, right? Her eyes were wide and frantic now, looking to Anya for answers. “Have I screwed everything up? What if she wants to end … this … whatever is going on right now? Anya???” Before she could continue her questioning, Anya started laughing and shaking her head. “Relax. Jesus, kid. Everything is going to be fine. And if not … then we’ll just have to go out and get really, really drunk.” She said as if that were going to solve all of the problems, letting out another chuckle when Lexa went to interject, clearly exasperated. “I’m kidding. Look, from what you’ve told me about this girl, she’s just as sickeningly head over heels for you as you are for her. I’m sure she will understand. Besides, I can just kick her ass if she doesn’t.” She shrugged, earning a pointed look from Lexa. “Anya.” She warned. “Fine, I won’t kick her ass. Now go take a shower, you reek.”

Lexa arrived to the coffee shop that she knew to be the one where Clarke worked at approximately 11:55 AM, butterflies running rapid in her stomach as she stood outside of the door for a moment, before finally gaining up the courage to open it and walk inside. She walked down the aisle of tables hesitantly, immediately feeling eyes on her as she made her way to the front counter. It wasn’t anything that she was not used to, but it didn’t help her increasing anxiety as she waited for the blonde to enter. She hadn’t spotted Clarke yet, thankfully. She was dressed in attire that, while it wasn’t like she was going to an interview or anything, she was not trying to hide who she was. The girl at the counter definitely recognized her, she could tell by the way that she kept looking at her when she thought Lexa wasn’t noticing. It was confirmed when said girl asked for a picture, to which she immediately agreed to and posed promptly beside her for the shot. She ordered herself a cup of coffee, decaf because she didn’t need to be any more of a shaky wreck than she already was, and took a seat toward the side of the small cafe. ‘I’m here. :)’ She sent out a text to Clarke before setting her phone on the table and waiting nervously.