regietheater sondheim

sweeney todd masturbates during epiphany

joanne removes an article of clothing during each verse of the ladies who lunch so that by the time she must reflect on herself, she’s naked

during the intermission of sunday in the park with george, stagehands smear fake blood on each figure in the painting. at the beginning of it’s hot up here, the painting rises to reveal the cast posing in the same tableau that we saw at the end of act one, except now they are covered in blood.

during the gun song each of the assassins fellate their gun, and during the lee harvey oswald scene they take turns fellating lee harvey oswald. the guy in the santa suit fellates a dildo with the american flag on it, but when he gets up off his car seat and turns around, we see that in fact there is a dildo with an american flag on it penetrating him through his pants.

every time henrik rises from a chair in a little night music, we see that he has peed on the chair.

bobby masturbates for the entirety of company. during ‘what would we do without you’, each of the couples have a simultaneous orgasm in turn but bobby just continues masturbating. he’s edging, so that on the final note of being alive he just explodes

during the transitions in merrily we roll along the actors beat each other with clocks

the wolf in into the woods has a visible penis


I don’t think this song gets much better than this. Elaine Stritch performing “The Ladies Who Lunch” before it gathered all the baggage of being her signature song.


Elaine Stritch - “The Ladies Who Lunch”


Alan Cumming’s “The Ladies Who Lunch” at joespub.

you: breaks your arm

all of your friends and family, that one kid you haven’t seen for three years who was in your algebra class, the lunch ladies, your great grandfather, the mailman, the squirrel from down the block, the mayor of your town, taylor swift:  can I put my signature on your protective arm shell?

Evolution of Anna Kendrick's Voice
  • Evolution of Anna Kendrick's Voice
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Evolution of Anna Kendrick’s voice.

So I decided to make this, since I love her voice and she is just very talented. 

Following songs in order:

1. I Love Paris (Musical: High Society, 1998)

2. Life Upon A Wicked Stage (My Broadway Leading Ladies, 1998)

3. Ladies Who Lunch (Movie: CAMP, 2003)

4. For Good ft. Kristin Chenoweth (Trevor Live Concert, 2012)

5. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Christmas In Washington, 2013)

Program used: Garageband 6.0.5