I don’t think this song gets much better than this. Elaine Stritch performing “The Ladies Who Lunch” before it gathered all the baggage of being her signature song.


Elaine Stritch - “The Ladies Who Lunch”


Alan Cumming’s “The Ladies Who Lunch” at joespub.

Inquisition Companions and Advisors as Highschool Teachers
  • Cullen: The awkwardly hot math teacher that gives you too much homework
  • Iron Bull: The gym teacher that works you too hard, but wants you to succeed
  • Josephine: Social Studies/World History teacher who is a little too passionate about her work
  • Leliana: The strict music teacher that everyone's scared of
  • Blackwall: Woodworking teacher that never actually makes anything useful
  • Solas: Art teacher that has a weird obsession with drawing wolves
  • Vivienne: The principal that is usually really nice, but has a strict dress code
  • Sera: Science teacher who does way too many dissections in class
  • Cole: The nurse/doctor whose name you never can remember
  • Varric: The awesome English teacher who hardly gives you any homework
  • Dorian: The librarian that everyone has a crush on
  • Cassandra: The lunch lady who complains constantly about her job
Evolution of Anna Kendrick's Voice
  • Evolution of Anna Kendrick's Voice
  • Anna Kendrick
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Evolution of Anna Kendrick’s voice.

So I decided to make this, since I love her voice and she is just very talented. 

Following songs in order:

1. I Love Paris (Musical: High Society, 1998)

2. Life Upon A Wicked Stage (My Broadway Leading Ladies, 1998)

3. Ladies Who Lunch (Movie: CAMP, 2003)

4. For Good ft. Kristin Chenoweth (Trevor Live Concert, 2012)

5. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Christmas In Washington, 2013)

Program used: Garageband 6.0.5