I Think I’m Yours

Request: “Eye colour Soulmate AU (where people are born with heterochromatic eyes, and they only revert to their genetically inherited colour when they interact with their soulmate.)”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1028

Warnings: None

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Newt sifted through his writing, letting out a long, tired sigh as he looked for a certain paragraph that he had forgotten to edit. His eyes, one blue and one green, flitted across the pages lazily, only half-heartedly putting effort into the search.  

“Newt!” A voice called. “Order for Newt!”

He jumped to his feet, running a hand over his face in an attempt to push away the creeping tiredness. Editing his manuscript was such a monotonous job that even now, in the early hours of the afternoon, he longed for his bed. He came before the little lady who held out the paper bag containing his lunch and a cup of coffee. She looked up to him, doing a double take as she spotted his eyes. Then she cast a sorry gaze upon him, a sad smile tugging at her lips. Newt took the meal, ashamedly hanging his head lower as he walked back to his table. Not many people noticed, but once up close many could tell the slight significance in the hue of his eyes.

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badass alto songs [x]
a long list of songs that don’t go higher than a c. because who needs high notes? (requested by getdrunk-singshowtunes and longlivenightvale)

maybe this time (cabaret) // buddie beware (anything goes) // hold on (the secret garden) // i want to go to hollywood (grand hotel) // a trip to the library (she loves me) // the ladies who lunch (company) // day by day (godspell) // always true to you in my fashion (kiss me kate) // i’m going back (bells are ringing) // he’s the wizard (the wiz) // muqin (thoroughly modern millie) // last midnight (into the woods) // days of plenty (little women) // a little less conversation (all shook up) // as we stumble along (the drowsy chaperone) // there are worse things i could do (grease) // calm (ordinary days) // ireland (legally blonde) // send in the clowns (a little night music) // like it was (merrily we roll along) // no time at all (pippin) // stepsister’s lament (cinderella)

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The Ladies Who Lunch
Alice Ripley
The Ladies Who Lunch

Alice Ripley singing a number from Company, with a funny Soundheim story. This was such an amazing show at 54 below! I was lucky enough to see it but this is not my master. The date of the audio is 9/19/13 Other songs include “Who Will Love Me as I Am?”, “I Miss the Mountains”, “I’ve Been”, “Beautiful Eyes”, “Tommy Suite”, and many more including original work that has not been commercially released. I have the full audio for trade! 

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I don’t think this song gets much better than this. Elaine Stritch performing “The Ladies Who Lunch” before it gathered all the baggage of being her signature song.


Elaine Stritch - “The Ladies Who Lunch”


Anna Kendrick - “The Ladies Who Lunch” (Camp, 2003)

Went to see Pitch Perfect 2 tonight, and it reminded me that tiny vengeful baby Anna Kendrick in Camp is still my favorite flavor of Anna Kendrick.

The Ladies Who Lunch
Orginal Broadway Cast & Elaine Stritch
The Ladies Who Lunch

Rest in Peace you fabulous diva Elaine Stritch. Not only did you play the best character on 30 Rock but you were a shining example of how amazing a performer could be without having to do much. You were such an inspiration for me as an atypical Broadway star.  I’ll drink to your memory!

The Ladies Who Lunch
Original Cast Recording
The Ladies Who Lunch

365 Showtunes DAY 24COMPANY - The Ladies Who Lunch

Last post tonight! The roommate and I had a couple friends over for dinner tonight. At one point, I told one of these friends about this project, and that led us to a conversation about this song.

Have you seen THIS VIDEO (and the second part?) yet? The recording of Elaine Stritch recording this song for the cast album? If you haven’t, I recommend it. Amazing. And crazy when you think about the fact that she was still in the throes of her heavy drinking at the time. 

You go, Elaine Stritch. You’re awesome.