I love these kids a lot.

(PS for those curious this is the song Jaal is listening to)


I went to check out the Ikebukuro Jazz Festival today when suddenly-!! The game with the nasty crime kids was having an event space in the nearby Marui store! They had loads of merch, plus some exclusive like WIP figure designs - and copies of the original voice scripts! Wowee! I haven’t actually played P5 yet (due to the slight issue of not owning a ps4 yet) but I already love everyone in it and everything about it.

Wanna-One Ong Seongwoo Boyfriend Scenario!

Another boyfriend scenario, set in a school AU. Enjoy! (You + Ong)

  • Let’s just say we’re in a school/college setting
  • Ong is the class clown (he wouldn’t tolerate it any other way)
  • Loves making jokes and making people laugh
  • Gets jealous when others are funny (lmao his words not mine !)
  • If even one person doesn’t laugh, he is unsatisfied
  • And that one person was consistently you
  • You honestly didn’t get why he was so obsessed with being funny, especially since you didn’t get his jokes
  • And to you, he seemed needlessly arrogant
  • You just didn’t like him. It wasn’t that big of a deal
  • But whatever, it wasn’t really that big of a problem because it’s not like you were never alone or too close with him
  • One day the professor said that there was going to be a group assignment, in groups of three
  • You were waiting for your name to be called, not really paying any attention
  • As long as you weren’t with Ong, it wouldn’t be a problem, you would hard carry either way
  • So when the professor called out “Ong Seongwoo”, your attention snapped to ready
  • pleasenotmepleasenotmepleasenotmepleasepleasepleaseplease
  • “Kang Daniel,” the teacher called, the two besties slapping high fives with one another
  • okay okay Y/N you’re good likelihood is very low you’ll be fi–
  • And “(Y/N)”.
  • “nonononONONO” you whisper-screamed, slamming your head on your desk
  • “(Y/N) is there a problem?” your professor asked
  • “.. . no.…” you meekly replied with your face still on the table, the human equivalent of T_T (oh y/n you krazy kat)
  • You sulked for the rest of class, and when the bell rang, you picked up your stuff and walked out as fast as possible, trying to delay this (inevitable) meeting with ong for just a little longer at least
  • You were hurrying through the halls, before you felt a hand grab the clasp on top of your backpack, effectively stopping you from running
  • “Bro! I got her!” shouted the deep voice of Kang Daniel
  • Well, shit.
  • “Jesus christ (Y/N), you should enlist in the olympics for speed walking, we barely caught up to you!” Ong attempted at a joke, making Daniel double down in laughter, and making you blankly stare at Ong’s face
  • “I wasn’t walking that fast, and that really wasn’t that fun–” you angrily breathed out, before Ong interrupted
  • “HEY we should all go sit down in the library and discuss our plan for the assignment! Like riGHT NOW!!!!1!!1!11!!” he excitedly commanded, wrapping each of his arms around you and Daniel, dragging you to the library
  • You three plopped down at a table together, and Ong started spurting ideas for the project, pretty much assuming the leadership position (Daniel nodded along to everything he said and it seems like you didn’t have much of a choice but to go along with it)
  • You started to zone out, unintentionally staring at Ong’s face as he continued with the ideas: it was the first time he had been serious for so long, and you noticed for the first time that he was an attrACTIVE MAN
  • But alas, you were unable to snap out of your trance before Ong did it for you, snapping in front of your face and asking you if he was “really that beautiful”, making Daniel crack up
  • You immediately reverted back to your normal impression of him, scoffing and rolling your eyes
  • You didn’t say anything, because you thought you would rather say nothing than blow up and insult him or say something mean
  • You stared at the table now as he continued talking… maybe if you were paying attention or looking at him, you would have noticed that he wasn’t as animated and lively, and instead kind of… sad
  • After your meeting was over, you left quickly, for real this time, before either of your two partners could get your phone number or contact information
  • “Why is she so cold… (y/n) didn’t say a word the entire time, she’s making the atmosphere all tensed up now,” Ong sighed to Daniel
  • “I don’t know, you can’t win over everyone, Ong”, Daniel said, attempting to cheer up his best friend, patting his back
  • “We don’t even have a way of contacting her, and there won’t be a class with her for another two days, the project is due next week, so how are we supposed to finish this anyway? She should understand that this is her grades too, even if she doesn’t like me,” Ong sulked
  • “We’ll figure out a way. Don’t worry”
  • Hours passed, but Seongwoo couldn’t manage to stop thinking about you
  • He knew that you were normal and happy around other people and your friends, but he had no idea what he had done to irritate you so much for you to treat him like this
  • Throughout the rest of the day, he tried searching for your phone number by finding your friends and asking them
  • Partially to contact you about the project, but also because he was worried that you really didn’t like him and he wanted to talk to you and fix that/find out why
  • Eventually he found a friend of yours who gave him your phone number, and he immediately texted you
  • From Ong: Hey Y/N, this is Ong, when will you be ready to meet up again to continue on the assignment?
  • He paced around while staring at his phone, impatiently waiting for a response
  • He stopped and dropped to a chair when he saw the two checkmarks next to his message, indicating that you had seen the text
  • He waited for a response,
  • and waited,
  • and got nothing.
  • Angered, he found Daniel and asked him to text you with his own phone
  • From Daniel: Hey Y/N, Daniel here, when will you be ready to meet again for the project?
  • Ong peered over Daniel’s shoulder, and gasped when he saw your almost immediate response
  • From you: Tomorrow afternoon is fine. We can meet in the library
  • Ong was furious and confused that you had ignored him so blatantly, whining to Daniel and shaking his shoulders, asking what had he ever done so wrong
  • The next day, Ong arrived in the library, ready to give you death glares until you cracked and revealed the reason for why you hated him so much
  • He sat at the same table, waiting for you and Daniel, when suddenly he got a text
  • From Daniel: Sorry bro my dance practice got delayed and I’ll have to meet you there later, good luck with y/n lmaoo
  • Ong sat back and ran his hand through his hair
  • Great. Now I have to deal with Y/N on her own… who knows if she’ll even talk to me
  • You soon arrived, and narrowed your eyes when you only saw Ong at the table where you were meeting up
  • You sat across from him silently, the both of you literally just staring at each other wtf
  • Finally Ong broke the silence
  • “Daniel can’t be here for another hour, so let’s get started, okay?”
  • You continued staring at him, but automatically nodded in response
  • Progress, Ong thought, rolling his eyes as he picked up his laptop, out of your field of vision
  • He started showing you on his computer what he had worked on the previous night
  • After a couple minutes of talking, he looked at you, finally realizing that you were stretching your neck across the table to see his laptop
  • “Oh god, sorry, I didn’t know you couldn’t see clearly,” he said, moving around the table to sit in the chair next to you
  • “You should have said something,” he mumbled, not thinking you would hear, causing you to speak for the first time
  • “Well, you know what I think? I think some of these ideas are horrible and would earn us very low marks on this assignment, Ong”, you said through your teeth, enunciating his nickname to a point of mockery
  • Stay calm, at least she’s talking now, be the bigger person, Ong instructed himself
  • “Oh, well that’s why we’re doing this as a group! So that we can contribute together and bounce ideas off of one another”, Ong said in a tone that was overly positive, earning a magnificent side-eye from you
  • You shook your head and started giving out proposals of your own, some of which were completely opposite and contrasting to what Ong had suggested, both of you knowing that what you were saying made absolutely no sense
  • Ong immediately lost all maturity and desire to be the “bigger person”, thinking Oh, so she wants to play this game, ok tRY ME!!!!
  • “Weeeeell (Y/N), I happen to think that these are horrible ideas that frankly would probably earn us bad marks on the assignment, eh??” smirked Ong, sticking out his tongue at you
  • And that’s pretty much what happened for an entire hour: both of you giving out your own ideas, purposely making them contrast one another, getting absolutely nothing done
  • Cue Daniel walking in to the room: “Hey guys what have you accomplished so far, catch me up!”
  • You and Ong met eyes… and burst into laughter, to the confusion of Daniel
  • Ong stuck his tongue out at Daniel, you instinctively doing the same, the both of you giggling like little kids
  • Ever since that moment, the both of you got closer, and your opinion of him slowly started to change
  • You realized that he was actually pretty funny, once you got over that arrogant impression that you had of him; you didn’t really understand his type of confident humor before but now you were getting used to it
  • You would still argue and bicker over the course of the project, but grew to appreciate each other’s ideas and… presence
  • You all gave a successful presentation, but even once the project was over the three of you continued to hang out together
  • One time you and Ong played that hand game called “tennis”, where you both hold hands and smack the other person’s hand until one of you can’t take it anymore
  • Ended in tears streaming down your face and a lot of laughing as the both of you desperately tried to hold in your pain for the sake of winning
  • Lots of fights that turned more and more playful over time, both of you very competitive with one another lmao
  • When Daniel wasn’t there to laugh at your bickering, the atmosphere between the two of you turned significantly more calm, almost shy even
  • Definitely not as much fighting, there was way more subtle glancing at one another when the other wasn’t looking
  • Lots of “umm”s and silences that were sometimes awkward 
  • oh you GUYSSS…
  • Ong started to feel more comfortable joking around when it was just you, and when he heard your laugh and saw your smile, it made him indescribably happy, to a point where he got shy and blushy
  • He felt satisfied just seeing you happy because of him
  • Like getting your approval was something he wanted so badly, but now that he had it he never wanted to stop making you smile, making you happy
  • oooooooh someone’s got a cute little crushy wushy
  • And you couldn’t say you didn’t feel a similar way with him
  • For a long time, you had never laughed so hard, or been so happy
  • And now that you did, you felt like something had been filled in you that had never been before
  • ANYWAY these were feelings that both of you pretty much refused to acknowledge!!! good golly
  • One day you three were hanging out together in Ong and Daniel’s dorm room, and you and Ong were in the midst of an intense insult battle
  • “You always had bad ideas during our project!!”
  • “UH Y/N I could say the same about you”
  • “Well at least my only talent isn’t folding my goddamn ears”
  • “At least I have a talent”
  • “Well I feel sorry that you have that face”
  • “Well you have a weird laugh anyway so it doesn’t matter if others laugh at you, when you laugh you’re really just insulting yourself”
  • “Well that’s all your fault because you’re the one that makes me laugh in the first place, so essentially you should take the blame”
  • “Well that sucks for you because I’m going to keep making you laugh as long as I keep liking you”
  • “Well– wait, what?”
  • sldkfjsdlkfj SEONGWOO WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, Ong thought, eyes widening as he realized what he had just said 
  • Suddenly the both of you heard an awkward cough behind you. Daniel.
  • “Uh yeah, so this just got weird I’m leaving bye”, he mumbled out, awkwardly running out and slamming the door behind him
  • You and Ong just stood there, alternating between sneaking looks at the other and staring at the floor
  • Ong scratched the back of his neck, catching you looking, and confessed, “well I guess I can’t really take that back, can I”
  • You looked at him and quietly responded, “no, don’t take it back”
  • “What?”
  • You felt your cheeks heating up, averting your eyes
  • “I mean… I’d like it… if you kept making me laugh”
  • Ong, having gained a sudden surge of confidence thanks to your confession, started teasing you
  • “HAHA Y/N you like it when I make you laugh?? More like you just plain old like me!!!”
  • ….
  • “Did you forget that you’re the one who wants to keep making me laugh because you actually do like me?? HAHA yourself Ong”
  • Yeah so that confession turned into more fighting LOL
  • Anyway that was the start of that relationship
  • The playfulness never stops with you two
  • But more serious times happened with you both, including you apologizing for being mean to him at first/not understanding him, which he totally got
  • Brought the two of you even closer
  • Ong loved the sound of your laugh and treasured it
  • Thanks to that your tummy was always in pain from his joking
  • Basically when you were together, there was just a lot of laughing
  • Sometimes Daniel became your mutual target, as both of you joined forces to torture him LMAO
  • Just a really happy, free-spirited relationship
  • :)))))

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💙Mermaid playlist! For Mermaids, By Mermaids.💙

💙 Hey, you know… I’ve seen a lot of playlists about mermaid songs but… all of them are sad, and mermaids aren’t sad all the time people. Accept it. 

Now a mermaid has made a more joyful playlist, but still themed with the Ocean, the Moon, singing… that kind of things we merfolk love(?

It’s mostly dubstep, but it’s not the only type of music we’ve here!

💙 Black Sea - Natasha Blume | Lullaby of the Moon - Nightcore** | Deep Sea Girl - English cover* | How i became the Sea - Owl City | Siren - Kat Krazy ft. Elkka  | Oceans - Nightstep** | Lights and thunder - Krewella  (feat. Gareth Emery)  💙

💙  Listen to it here!  💙

💙 *=This song is originally on japanese.

💙 **= This songs are nightcore edits of the original songs.. I think they sound better that way tbh.