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Here is how the new (PS4 exclusive -_-) KOF XIV works.



-Throws all the moneys-

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Birthday : august 30th 1996

Gender : female

Status: single

Favorite subject: psychology , art, and english

First three songs on shuffle:
Crystal by fleetwood mac
Comfortably numb by pink floyd
Infinite arms by band of horses

Siblings: 4 older siblings

Height : 5′4

Favorite Color : black and blue

Pets : 0

What time do I wake up: 11am

Last thing I googled: Damien Echols (Im a woman in love do not judge)

Favorite Books: So far, water for elephants

Favorite Bands: Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, MGMT, system of a down, kings of leon, and my chemical romance

Favorite TV shows: probably Friends is my top choice AND GREYS ANATOMY

Dream jobs: inmate psychologist, working in a prison or with criminals, inmate rehabilitation (getting them preparing them for life away from prison) …. Anything involving criminology. Believe it or not though if I could Id wanna be a surgeon

Why I made my blog: I was watching Scream (tv show) and the kid had a true crime podcast and I was like… Yo theres probably tons of people like me that wanna talk about true crime

Lemonade or Iced tea: lemonade

Cats or Dogs: cats and dogs have an equal
place of love in my heart

Coke or Pepsi: pepsi

Day or Night: night depressed me but I prefer it oddly

Text or call: call , less work

Met a celebrity?: not that I remember, but I probably have lmao I just dont pay attention to my life in general

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