• Darkrise
  • The Superconducting Supercolliders
  • Supercollision

Here is the next SuperCos song- Darkrise.  Apologies to Beethoven for changing the key.  I refuse to apologize for the drums, the electric guitars, or the multiple simulated thunderstorms.  This song immediately follows Burden of Proof and they segue together (the mastering is a little off but you’ll get the idea).  Finally, you’ll notice that this song cuts off as well.  It’s going to segue into yet another third song!!!  An epic three song trilogy of SuperCos!  Question- will this next song be weird?  Answer- yes!  Luck all of you.

Music written and performed by me (and Beethoven).  As always, lyrics provided by cleanwhiteroom.  Technical help on this one from elementals. Hope you like it!

today as I was taking my physics final there was a question where we had to figure out how long it would take a giant spinning spherical rock to stop if you applied a frictional force of 120 N to it and I got what seemed like a really high number but then I thought to myself “what’s a 120 N frictional force to a 2400 kg rock? what’s a king to a god? what’s a god to a non believer?”