Weakness for Barreness and Bleakness- a Lord Dominator Mix (Listen)

I’v barely seen this show but I’m so gay for her

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im still bitter that the Malec kiss didn’t get any sort of award or acknowledgement

because, aside from being an epic fucking kiss, it’s also a statement. a gay man coming to terms with who he is and making a decision to come out to his homophobic family and a homophobic society.

it is a man choosing love over the horrible racial prejudices of his people. it is an interracial gay/bisexual couple, engaging a gay man that’s anti-stereotypically tough and badass and a bisexual Asian man who’s anti-stereotypically bold and desirable and powerful and rocks make up like a king.

it is proof that people should not be judged by the way they prefer to look or the lifestyle they have, whether it’s repressed or open and free.

this kiss was a fucking statement and it deserves so much recognition