Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Poster Revealed
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A poster for the animated film, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract has been revealed via The Mother Box’s Twitter. The film, which has been in development hell for years now, is finally coming to fruition. Whether it is a coincidence that the film is coming weeks after the news of Young Justice’s return for a third season, remains to be seen. The film is set to have Deathstroke as the main…

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Here’s a curous comparison. At roughly the same time, both DC and Marvel had superheroines that were mindcontrolled for a significant amount of time by a supervillain, but the reactions to said mental violation vary differently between the two Companies.

In the Marvel example, from the series Alias, it has the superheroine Jessica Jones being mindcontrolled for eight months by the supervillain the Purple Man. It was treated as being something utterly horrible, which not only left Jessica with severe PTSD, but also underlined future appearances of the Purple Man by emphasising what an utter monster he was.

Compare this to the DC example, where Cassandra Cain (one of the Batgirls) was revealed to be under the mental control of the superviallin Deathstroke (it was retconned in due to Cass’ fans rightly getting mad at her being thrown under the bus to make Tim Drake look better).

By all rights both Cass’ adopted family and the greater DC superhero population should have been giving her the same kind of support as Jewel, while also removing any “morally ambiguous“ points from Deathstroke. After all, Slade kidnapped and drugged Cass for at least a year so he could use her to murder people for him, that should put him in the same league as the Purple Man, right?

But… after the reveal/retcon about Cass being kidnapped and drugged, the general reaction to Cass from both Dick Grayson (a man who broke Slade’s own daughter’s mindcontrol to get her to the hero’s side once more) and Cass’ former teammate Green Arrow is still hostile to say the least.

Should probably be noted that prior to his Ollie Queen has deliberately killed several people, and would go on to kill at least one other person afterwards. I would point out the hypocrisy of this, but considering this is a guy who, despite his liberal bluster, reacted to his sidekick being addicted to heroin by kicking Roy out onto the street… yeah.

And as for Slade? The reveal that he mentally enslaved a young woman to do his bidding for his own profit was casually ignored by the other writers, even though his doing the exact same thing to his own daughter several years prior resulted in her gouging out own of her own eyes, so there was precedent.

I suppose that it’s all too predicatable that the blame for the whole affair was placed on Cassandra Cain, after all, back in one of Slade’s iconic Teen Titans story the Judas Contract, people blamed the 14 year old Terra for Slade implictly sleeping with her there too. Urgh.

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract has been announced at SDCC 2016 to be an animated movie.

Which means not only has DC given us an almost underage relationship with the Babs/Bruce Killing Joke animated film, they’ve decided to also give us an actual underage relationship with Terra/Deathstroke

Gee, thanks a lot DC

On another note this means we get Joey which I’m hella excited for, because JOEY

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Justice League vs. Teen Titans! Spoilers!!! Bring it, DC. I dare you! And don’t puss out like the CN Teen Titans. Make her a sociopath! 

New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract almost had a movie!

“At Comic-Con 2006, a Judas Contract animated movie was announced. Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, creators of The New Teen Titans, were assigned to work on the direct-to-DVDmovie. However, the film has been cancelled due to a lack of a "broad fanbase appeal”, which would have put it ahead of other projects.“ - taken from Wikipedia

Hello DC everyone loves New Teen Titans, EVERYONE

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract is Getting an Animated Movie

It’s long been discussed, but it’s now officially confirmed. TEEN TITANS: THE JUDAS CONTRACT, the popular New Teen Titans storyline by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, will be adapted into a feature length animated film in 2017.
Revealed during tonight’s packed Batman: The Killing Joke World Premiere panel, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract was announced alongside two other intriguing-sounding DC Universe Original Movies slotted for next year.
First out of the gate will be Justice League Dark, an adaptation of the popular comic book series that will bring John Constantine to the world of animation for the first time in a supernatural story that promises plenty of mystery and thrills, along with an amazing voice cast. While Constantine’s world of demons and magic are an important part of the DC Universe, it’s been largely unexplored in DC’s connected universe of animated movies until now.
Teen Titans: The Judas Contract will follow in the spring and will serve as something of a follow-up to last year’s Justice League vs. Teen Titans. “The Judas Contract” debuted in 1984 in the pages of New Teen Titans, when the Titans’ comic book popularity was at its height. Written by Wolfman and drawn by Perez, it introduced the perhaps not-to-be-trusted Terra to the Teen Titans and was the storyline in which Dick Grayson first adopted the identity of Nightwing. “The Judas Contract” was one of the most popular comic book storylines of its year and is continually ranked among the greatest Teen Titans stories ever told.
Finally, the 2017 lineup of DC Universe Original Movies concludes with Batman and Harley Quinn, a brand new, wholly original story from DC animation legend Bruce Timm. The storyline for this one is tightly under wraps, but considering Timm’s beloved style and complete understanding of both these classic characters, fans can expect this movie to be the talk of next summer.

I just found out that Teen Titans: The Judas Project was supposed to an animated DC film but it was cancelled and there are no plans to revive it.  I’m really upset. Also how I didn’t know this before is baffling to me as its not new news.

To be fair we kind of get it in the Teen Titans cartoon but it would have been nice to see an animated full feature dedicated to a plot line that had such resounding effects on that particular team.