By fridouw

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“Hey Fishbones, should we blow something up?”
- Jinx

I can’t stare at this for any longer, she’s officially finished! … For now. There are so many things that bother me and I might update it later with a fix… But I’m dead right now x_x Anyway hope you like! <3

encontrasuya -thanks for the prompt!
- - -

“You said anything, Rae.” Jinx looked absolutely pleased with herself, spinning the permanent marker in her hand. “If I beat you, I get to write anything on your skin. Those were the rules.”

Raven groaned and stared at her forehead in the mirror, absolutely mortified that she was going to have to wear this on her skin until it faded. Why did she think this game would actually be fun? She rubbed at her forehead and sighed in defeat.

“I know what I said… but did you have to write ‘I love smut’?”

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anonymous asked:

YOU ARE THE KAYLOR POPE!!!! I sent you the ask to ask for Kaylor hangout and a week later they hangout and you just said you have a feeling they will hang out and BAM a few moments later Karlie went to Tays apartment 🙏🙌😘 plz keep asking for more kaylor

hahaha im not gonna ask for more other than a selfie (w/c btw everybody’s asking for) or just candids together. i’ll leave the rest to karlie and taylor cos tbh just the fact that they’re hanging out right now in tay’s apt just like before is already enough for me. im not gonna go greedy. i’ll just gonna be chill over here and thank god for such a wonderful blessed life:)