Bernadette: All Jane Austen, all the time. It’s the perfect antidote. 
Prudie: To what? 
Bernadette: To life. 

This movie still remains one of the few comedies that I really enjoyed to watch on big screen. It is really rare to find original material in these movies, where there is always the same kind of plot, where the love story is so boring that you risk to die of diabetes while watching it, and where the end is so predictable that you can actually stop watching the movie before the first half even ends. The brilliant dialogues, Jane Austen and  the actors performances made this one very enjoyable for me to watch! 


Hugh Dancy - Favorite roles

- Buddy Wittenborn in Evening (2007) / Grigg in The Jane Austen book club (2007) / Adam Raki in Adam (2009) / Will Graham in Hannibal (2013-2015) / Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett in Deadline Gallipoli (2015) / Cal Roberts in The Path (2016)