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STEPH I know these things have been spotted already but I really need to fangirl rn! how can ASIB be so pro tjlc?? I'm still shocked by the amount of subtext there! Look at the girl sent by Irene trying to convince JOhn to come with her ("I know what he likes")! She totally looks like Sherlock! And the tremor of John's hand during Battersea!! I mean, I would be already certain of John's love for Sherlock just with this episode!! (but I still think that he's not aware of his feelings yet!)BYE ILY


Okay, see it’s hilarious because I HATED ASiB when I first saw it, and I couldn’t figure out why (this was before I realized I was a Johnlocker) and after I learned to read subtext, OMG what a glorious episode. But it also hurts SO MUCH now because little things like Sherlock talking to John when he’s not there (yeah, [John] said you do that) and CONSTANTLY texting John ( Sherlock ALWAYS has the last word!) are things John KNOWS Sherlock does and yet he fails to realize that it’s because Sherlock can’t stop thinking or talking to John, that John has become such an important part of Sherlock’s life that even when John’s not there, Sherlock talks to him to comfort himself. But John misreads everything because these two are idiots and are so scared to talk about feelings to each other, that it hurts.

PLUS Sherlock checks out John, and then fumbles on his words because JOHN is showing interest in Irene (the camera supports this theory). Like, it’s not just John in this episode showing jealousy. Sherlock is too… like he even brings up John at the end and NO ONE EVEN FUCKING MENTIONED HIM. AT ALL. It’s ridiculous.

And John cancelled his date to be with Sherlock. Not once but also at Christmas. Like. THEM OMG.

And yes, Irene DOES know what John likes. I’m just sad that she was trying to keep them apart because she had to. And I would KILL to see what Sherlock said while he was drugged up.

BUT YES. They love each other SO much even this soon in the series and still they’re both so scared to ruin what they have and the threat of Moriarty looms over them so Sherlock doesn’t want to risk John’s life again.


“Don’t blame us for things that aren’t there. It is infuriating. We get pilloried for these things as if our show – we haven’t even made the thirteenth one yet – has to have the shoulders to bear every single issue and every single campaign point. (x)

Yeah, you’re absolutely right. As a content creator, you have no obligation to explore every single social issue in your show. Mark and Steven are right in saying that they cannot be held responsible for implication, only what’s canon and yes, that is true. 


You are responsible for the decision to have a female character who defines herself as a lesbian becoming sexually attracted to a man and not acknowledging it.

You are responsible for the complete lack of autonomy among the female characters who are either working for, married, or being threatened by men.

You are responsible for the next to no representation of poc.

You are responsible for only having 1 conversation in 10 episodes (12+ hours of tv) that passes the bechdel test.

You are responsible. As the head writers and producers you literally have no one else to blame and the “this is our show, we can do what we want” excuse doesn’t cut it because you’re not making a show in a vaccum for your eyes only, you’re making it for an audience who care about issues like feminism and labeling and your latent disregard for them is immature, unprofessional and something we can blame you for.


Irene Jansen Interveiw (Magna Femina)

Jessie: “Your sister, Floor Jansen, do you ever feel over shadowed by her?”
Irene: “No, not at all. Absolutely not, for several reasons. Because first of all she decided to really focus her life on music and did so quite successfully, I think. [Laughs] And I didn’t. So I decided to study and then look for a job and start a family. And create a whole different life for myself outside of music.”

Red Velvet Reaction to: How Their Relationship With a Girl is Found Out & Dealing With Anti’s

Irene: is a lady and takes care of it with all the poise and respectability of a lady. she holds a press conference to confirm the relationship and asks people to support her falling in love with you.

“I didn’t choose to fall for another woman but now that I have, I have no regrets. I feel happier being with this person than I ever have before. and people don’t have to like it. but that doesn’t give them the right to threaten us or our families. please, respect our love. thank you”

then struts out of the conference with her head head high, looking like a beautiful goddess

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Wendy: immediately reacted by breaking down and crying. “why do people hate us, just for being in love?” but with the support of the rest of red velvet and you, she learns how to block out the hate and appreciate the people who support the relationship

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Seulgi: just like wendy, she’s a softie with a kind heart, and cries for days on end. until she’s cried to the point where there’s no more tears left. and she catches a glimpse of her disheveled hair and red blotchy face in the mirror. and she realises “oh my gosh. I am a grown woman and I’m crying like a baby”

so she womans up. and starts to confront the haters (not aggressively) but explaining that she has a right to live her life her way and this earns her a lot of respect around the world

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Joy: denies it at first. sm uses sungjae as a cover up which works. until joy gets to the point where she can’t live with herself, keeping you a secret, as if she’s ashamed of loving you. which she isn’t. so against sm’s wishes, she comes clean and it’s a massive, dramatic scandal with lots of publicity. and there was talk of kicking her out of sm.

but through the chaos comes true fans who support her no matter what. and they say they won’t buy any of rv’s future albums without joy so sm can’t kick her out. and in fact she garners lots of attention and respect for the group and for gay/lesbian rights in korea

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Yeri: panics and freaks out. she tries to bottle her fear up at first, keeping on a poker face and starts acting distant towards you. she even considers breaking up with you. but her unnies talk her through it, give her advice and tell you to give her the space she needs to think.

and just as you think she’s going to dump you, yerim shows up on your doorstep at 2 am one night with tears pouring down her face. “I’m sorry for being so cold! I love you so much and I don’t want you to leave. please don’t leave me. I can deal w the anti’s but I can’t deal with you leaving me”

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