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just because I’m an extra lil shit I calculated the rate at which my number of followers has been growing in the past 35 days. I came up with an equation which was pretty damn accurate (y = 11.3x + 219.5 where x equals the number of days and y equals the number of followers).
I tested it a bunch of different ways to see if it was accurate and it totally is, it’s awesome. So all I have to do is plug in a number and I can predict how many days it’ll take to reach a follower goal, or how many followers I’ll gain in x number of days.
For example, right now I’m at 615 followers and according to the current given information I have I’m on day 35. What if I want to know approximately how many followers I’ll have around this time tomorrow? All I need to do is add one to 35, then plug that in for x. That brings me to, let’s see… 626.3, so approximately 626 followers. Well, this time tomorrow, we’ll see if I’m correct!
Currently my big goal is to hit 1,000 followers. I wonder how long that’ll take me? Well, all I need to do is plug my desired number of followers in for y and solve. After solving for x I’m left with x=69.071. I just subtract the day I’m on (which is 35) from that, and now I’m at 34.071. So now I can estimate that it’ll take me about 34 days to hit my goal of 1000 followers, give or take!
And all it took was figuring out one equation, which was pretty simple to be honest. I think this is why people tell us algebra and shit applies to real life. Thanks to learning algebra and having y=mx+b drilled into my brain, now I can figure out cool things like all that. Neat, isn’t it?

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What placements can make someone indecisive? (More on the emotional side)

Things like, but not limited to:

• Having Moon aspect both Jupiter and Saturn
• Libra Moon, or possibly a mutable Moon
• Intercepted Moon
• Mercury or Mars in retrograde/intercepted (for the emotional part, also look for aspect to Moon)
• Moon opposite or square another personal planet

I should just say I focused strongly on the idea of emotional indecision for this!

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I have a question. I looked at my Venus Persona Chart and I have a lot of planets in the 12th House but it’s Intercepted. What can I do to help myself unlock those hidden planets even though there in my Venus Persona? I hope this isn’t asking too much😢😓😖

I understand the illusion that persona charts seem to be really deep inside of the psyche and hard to reach, but they actually aren’t… You have to remember that the persona chart is not “inside” the planet, it is just a delineation of that planet. It’s not further within; it’s a more detailed illustration of what is already there. So with that said, it’s not going to be more work to develop your Venus persona chart than it is to develop the placement of Venus in your natal chart, because it doesn’t add issues, it merely explains present ones – if that makes sense.

As for the actual development part, you can look at this post, apply it to both your natal and Venus persona chart, and synthesis them both through that approach. It always starts with self-discovery and conscious choice/effort.

Interceptions: FAQ

“What is an interception?”
It’s called an interception when an entire sign is contained in a house, falling between two cusps rather than on either of them. This is what it looks like.

When one sign is intercepted, its sister sign will be as well; in this chart, the sign of Cancer is intercepted in the seventh house (between the 7th & 8th house cusps) so Capricorn is also intercepted, in the first house (between the 1st & 2nd house cusps). The cusps end up landing on the signs on either side.

Planets can be intercepted as well; an intercepted planet is simply a planet posited in an intercepted sign.

“What is a duplication?”
Duplications are caused by interceptions. A sign is duplicated when two house cusps fall within it. This is what a duplicated sign looks like (from the same chart as the screenshot above).

Again, when a sign is duplicated, so will its sister sign be. In this chart, Gemini is duplicated on the 6th & 7th house cusps, and Sagittarius is duplicated on the 12th & 1st house cusps. This is because the houses & signs form axes.

Interceptions & duplications cannot happen in equal house systems.

“What do interceptions & duplications mean?”
They indicate an immense imbalance of energy. The intercepted signs are buried, repressed, overshadowed, and basically not allowed or able to operate normally in the chart. On the other hand, duplicated signs work on overdrive & typically have “too much” influence. Both of these things are very unhealthy.

“What do intercepted planets mean?”
Intercepted planets are hindered, internalized, weakened, and (again, like intercepted signs) basically not allowed or able to operate normally in the chart. They have to be reached & brought out, like retrograde / 12th house planets in a way. They’re trapped because their mode of expression is stifled.

“How do I regain balance & heal my intercepted signs / planets?”
This is a very personal process that no stranger can help you through without analyzing your natal chart as a whole. Remember to use common sense; look at what the sign/planet in question is associated with, locate the core of the problem, and make the healthy decisions you feel will solve it.

“Once the imbalance & issues of interceptions / duplications are resolved, where would the intercepted signs manifest, since they have no influence over the areas of life represented by the houses?”
They would manifest through the placement of their ruling planet, and possibly as a shadow of the house they’re intercepted in (behind the influence of the sign on the cusp). When the function of the sign is healed, its energy will come through no matter what, so you just have to look for it.

“What if the ruling planet of the intercepted sign is very strong?”
It may be relatively easier for you to bring it out, because you have an equivalent energy to channel it through. Or the interception may not be much of a problem at all – the ruling planets function similarly to their signs, so it may work itself out naturally. It depends on the rest of the chart.

“What if the ruling planet of a duplicated sign is intercepted or weak?”
If it is weak, there will be less of a problem, because the sign will not be as consuming & will have limitations. If it is intercepted, it will be even more of a confusing experience, because the excessive expression of the sign will not have a clear course & the native may end up subconsciously trying to repress it entirely or inflate it further. It also depends on the rest of the chart.

“What if the house associated with the intercepted sign is strong?”
It may increase the influence of the archetype, or have no effect. (Note: it will not increase the sign’s energy, only the power/prominence of its archetype.)

“What if the house associated with the duplicated sign is weak?”
It will likely not have a notable effect.

Report: Russia Launched Cyberattack On Voting Vendor Ahead Of Election

Russia’s military intelligence agency launched an attack before Election Day 2016 on a U.S. company that provides voting services and systems, according to a top secret report posted Monday by The Intercept.

The news site published a report, with redactions, by the National Security Agency that described the Russian spear-phishing scheme, one it described as perpetrated by the same intelligence agency — the GRU — sanctioned by the Obama administration over the 2016 cyber-mischief.

According to the NSA report, Russian hackers sent emails to people who worked at a company that provides election software and hardware, trying to trick them into giving up their user credentials. The goal was to get custom software onto their computers so that Russian spies could find out more about the workings of the network. The Intercept reports, “At least one of the employee accounts was likely compromised, the agency concluded.”

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We all know John is protective of Sherlock. We know the chief called him a weirdo and John punched him in the nose without a second thought. But can you imagine how much even more that’ll show once they’re together, like

They’re walking in a tube station and someone shoves past Sherlock and John just yells “Hey! Watch it!” Or they’re on a walk in the park and somebody throws a ball that nearly hits Sherlock in the head but not before John can intercept it and calls out to them, “D'you mind?” Just motioning from the ball to Sherlock with a look of disbelief as if they’d been aiming for some expensive artifact

Listen I’m just trying to highlight that John loves his boyfriend and wants to take good care of him

Basic Interception Meanings

If you don’t know what interceptions are or how to find out if you have one, please read this post: Interceptions FAQ.

*These are arranged according to the position of the axes in the houses of your natal chart, so pay attention to the order of your interception. If you have Aries & Libra intercepted, for example, and Libra is in the 4th while Aries is in the 10th, read the “Libra-Aries” interpretation before “Aries-Libra” (because the sign earlier in the houses is the foundation of the issue). Both interpretations may still apply.

Aries-Libra intercepted: you weren’t allowed to be fully independent, so now you can’t cooperate or share. You weren’t taught how to be raw in expression, so now you don’t know how to be harmonious in expression.
Libra-Aries intercepted: you weren’t allowed to stand with others, so now you can’t stand on your own. You weren’t taught how to assert justice for the sake of others, so now you don’t know how to assert justice for the sake of yourself.

Taurus-Scorpio intercepted: you weren’t allowed to resist change, so now you can’t create it or find fulfillment in it. You weren’t taught how to protect or treasure what you value, so now you don’t know how to purify or purge it.
Scorpio-Taurus intercepted: You weren’t allowed to transform yourself, so now you can’t remain invincibly secure within yourself. You weren’t taught how to let go of (and share) what you value, so now you don’t know how to hold onto it.

Gemini-Sagittarius intercepted: you weren’t allowed to openly share your thoughts, so now you can’t openly share your truths. You weren’t taught how to seek definition, so now you don’t know how to find deeper meaning.
Sagittarius-Gemini intercepted: you weren’t allowed to focus on the bigger picture, so now you can’t focus on the details. You weren’t taught how to develop a vision, so now you don’t know how to be satisfied with / interested in the view.

Cancer-Capricorn intercepted: you weren’t allowed to be emotionally open or active, so now you can’t be open/active with ambitions. You weren’t taught about personal productivity, so you don’t know about professional productivity.
Capricorn-Cancer intercepted: you weren’t allowed to express your goals & desires, so now you can’t express your fears & needs. You weren’t taught about self-discipline, so now you don’t know about self-nurturance.

Leo-Aquarius intercepted: you weren’t allowed to be the center of the show, so now you can’t be a member of the audience. You weren’t taught your singular value, so now you don’t know your value in context to the collective.
Aquarius-Leo intercepted: you weren’t allowed to find yourself in a community, so now you can’t find yourself alone. You weren’t taught how to fill your role in humanity/family, so now you don’t know what your role is in your own life.

Virgo-Pisces intercepted: you weren’t allowed to improve your physical reality, so now you can’t improve your spiritual reality. You weren’t taught how to extend a helping hand, so now you don’t know how to offer the healing touch.
Pisces-Virgo intercepted: you weren’t allowed to escape to your inner world, so now you can’t invest in the outer world. You weren’t taught how to ease or grow from pain, so now you don’t know how to prevent or persevere through it.

You compensate for suppression & blockage of (intercepted axis) with excessive expression of & concern with (duplicated axis).

Aries & Libra: identity and connection

Taurus & Scorpio: possession and purgation

Gemini & Sagittarius: exploration and expansion

Cancer & Capricorn: emotion and ambition

Leo & Aquarius: individuality and integration

Virgo & Pisces: service and sacrifice

Intercepted Planets

Note: this is the basic, natural manifestation of intercepted planets, but it isn’t permanent. You’re able to heal and move forward from these issues.

Sun: The ego is misplaced, and drives the native inconsistently – personal or impersonal reactions & decisions don’t arise in the appropriate contexts. Identity will be poorly defined and the native will feel lost in their sense of self, not having direction or an accurate perception of what makes them unique. They can be indecisive and easily confused, lacking solid framework of personality to build their lives upon. Experiences can be wasted, as not everything will be filtered through their “being” properly. They won’t understand their role or place in the world and will often feel alienated. Extreme self-esteem issues will arise as a result of poor self-image, absent self-awareness, and an inability to self-express. They don’t give themselves room to grow, and may stagnate in a pattern of reflection of others, isolation and limitation, causing decontexualized perception of self to separate them from their past and their potential; they float in hazy misunderstanding of what it means to be themselves, and can’t progress.

Moon: The emotions will not have a safe resting place within the native, and there will constantly be a sense of “looking in” on how they feel from a detached outside perspective. They won’t understand the source of their emotions, will have little positive experience of sharing them, and will not have a close connection to their own inner self, so expression will seem impossible. Blank, directionless, or vapid thoughts typically fill their mind without external stimulation because interior richness is stifled. May have trouble with memories and imagination. A painful lack of self-nurturance permeates their life. Intimacy and empathy are heavy, uncomfortable, perhaps even distressing. They filter their feelings through a “normalcy standard” that they fabricated through observation, and it limits their self-understanding because they feel a constant inner discomfort which alienates them from themselves. They handle themselves impersonally, and that lack of self-compassion is damaging.

Mercury: Rational intellectual activity is blocked by splintered thinking & inconsistent logic (due to the vitality and style of the mind being suppressed). Original thoughts and ideas are dismissed out of a lack of a sense of mental uniqueness. Logical complexities take considerable attention, time, and careful conscious energy to comprehend. Learning may be stunted. Communication is highly difficult because the native struggles to find their personal voice, and ideas must be sorted out before spoken (making writing easier than speech). Often feels misunderstood, may need to find unconventional ways to communicate with others in order to feel heard. They may also misunderstand others and lack the social sophistication to understand complex use of language, although they have their own complex use of it. There’s a barrier between what is natural for them and what is natural for everyone else. They are enclosed within their own mind, scrambling to build a bridge between it & others’.

Venus: Values and personal taste are inconsistent, ill-defined, or based in external influences; individuality can’t be expressed through style, so the native feels poorly represented in the world. They may doubt their positive qualities or physical attractiveness and feel highly insecure about their appearance, status, material possessions, or wealth. Their priorities won’t be well organized and this will negatively impact relationships. The native won’t have an accurate perception of where they stand with others, nor how they behave when in love. They will have trouble expressing love and committing, as their desires tend not to be very stable (due to lack of self-awareness and self-acceptance). Creativity is blocked, so they will have many good ideas but no way to execute them, which can cause a feeling of being ‘trapped’ in an inability to express. They will feel disconnected from others, and their love will likely be conditional because purity of emotion is difficult to access due to their tendency to over-analyze and misconstrue social contexts & dynamics. They may lack solid ideals.

Mars: Self-assertion will be severely limited, and the native’s personal power will be tightly reined with extreme effort (consciously or not). Strong emotions and ambitions are repressed. The native spends much time convincing themselves not to take action, carefully suppressing impulses. Overt passion or anger are embarrassing for the native; they’ve been taught that intensity in expression is unwelcome, for whatever reason. Bottling it increases its strength, so emotional responses typically have a hostile edge. Passivity can become a habit, reducing the native’s reactivity, direction, defense mechanisms, and ability to cope with confrontation to an unhealthy extent. They mute & slow themselves. They feel as if they were not born with the innate ability to protect themselves, so they may have an anxious, defensive disposition due to inflated survival drive. Instincts and intuition confuse the native, and they shy away from risks. More inclined toward flight rather than fight. They may be scared of or uninterested in sex.

Jupiter: Expansion turns inward; the native may feel as if they have a hard time keeping up with themselves. They will feel like the world is harsh on them specifically and their luck is absent, weak, or selective – a general sense of being underprivileged will arise. They grow rapidly, but much of it feels inconsequential (& may be discarded) due to not having an adequate way to express their personal wisdom; what they learn is held inside, and they will resent their inability to share their insight. They may feel like they possess a wealth of knowledge or truth but that they cannot access it, which negatively affects their confidence and enjoyment of life. Their perception of what they deserve is warped, so they may be extremely selfish or selfless. Trust is difficult for them, and they may be skeptics or become arrogantly opposed to things they disagree with because they can’t grasp relative morality or the concept of personal journeys; they are terrified of universal truths not existing.

Saturn: Self-restriction and personal limitations take place without the native understanding their source or necessity. The lessons within difficult life experiences will be lost on them because they don’t maturely analyze their shortcomings or wounds. Their flaws could be their downfall because they easily become complacent; it’s unlikely for them to fully heal from pain because they don’t learn from it first. Ambitions seem too far away to achieve, so they are often unwilling to try. It’s difficult for them to find their inner strength, but they can’t build healthy structures in their life until they do. They may lack dignity, humility, or responsibility, which is ultimately a form of self-sabotage. Self-control is warped as well, leaving them either under self-tyranny or self-anarchy, never feeling secure in their “personal code” & regulation of themselves, not knowing what they should allow into their lives or what they should not. This affects their identity and they may adapt to a circumstance or pattern that is unhealthy, just to try to feel comfortable in who they are and “pick a life to lead.” They rush, and often make the wrong choice because of it.

Uranus: The native will be disconnected from a drive for moral action; it is difficult for them to maintain strong beliefs, values, and principles, and even when they manage to do so, they lack the courage to validate or integrate them. A lack of courage is the overarching theme – they are afraid to rebel, afraid to stand out, afraid to go against the current. This is because original thinking and unapologetic individuality was not encouraged in early life, but rather they were punished for being “different” or more so rewarded for aligning with authority to the point where it was painfully futile to protest or even disagree. Conformity becomes a weakness because the native doesn’t understand that it isn’t required, and can’t access or discover a way to openly be themselves.

Neptune: The subconscious realm is ignored and never explored, leaving the native with a self-unawareness that can’t be eradicated. They rely too heavily on logic or conscious rational thought; they often become the “see it to believe it” type of people and completely disregard their intuition & higher mind, which can cause great despair and a feeling of being lost or alone in their lives. They don’t trust themselves, they neglect their spiritual needs, and scramble to satisfy a deep inner longing that they don’t understand. Feeding the starved soul with oblivious superficial pleasures only makes the hunger worse, but they don’t see this. They may also lack the ability to be genuinely empathetic, and can be socially inept due to not being open to powerful spiritual connections with others.

Pluto: Transformation ravages the ego & “rattles the chain” of the native’s anchor in their own personal world. Intense depth – whatever its nature – can be unbelievably damaging to their whole psyche (especially their subconscious) because they resist it and refuse to understand its power and truth. They will be rather fragile and helpless during difficult times, and they won’t have the backbone to confront their wounds or problems. Circumstances and other people (especially hostile manipulators) get the best of them. By being unwilling to develop the courage or take action to defend and improve, they relinquish all their power to forces that wish to harm them, and then in their self-ignorance cannot fathom why they’re so often hurt by the world.

Intercepted Planets

Planets are intercepted when they are positioned in intercepted signs (I have a post on that here)

Intercepted planets don’t exhibit their energies very well, the planet wasn’t developed very well in childhood and usually creates a lacking in the personality.

Intercepted Sun: The ego wasn’t developed very well and as a child the person may have not been given much validation or praise in childhood. The person may have also had a hard time connecting with their father

Intercepted Moon: Emotional support or nurturing wasn’t a prominent theme in this person’s upbringing. As a result, these people aren’t very good at handling their emotions, or that of others. They may have also had a hard time connecting with their mothers.

Intercepted Mercury: These people don’t have much faith in their intellectual capabilities. They may have been told they were stupid growing up. They may have trouble believing their own judgement. 

Intercepted Venus: These people may not have felt a lot of love growing up and so they find it hard to love and have confidence in themselves.

Intercepted Mars: They may have found it hard to assert themselves in childhood, they could’ve had an overpowering parent, or on the flip side, a parent who never let them fight their own fights.

Intercepted Jupiter: These people may not have had any solid direction in their life and tend to feel like the unluckiest people in the world. It is important they surround themselves with optimistic people. 

Intercepted Saturn: Authoritarian figures in this person’s life may have not been very present or they may have exploited the influence they had on the native for their own gain. These people find it hard to fight their problems because they’re never really sure of the cause.

Intercepted Uranus: These people may find it hard to embrace their own individuality and they decide to stay in the safe side because they’re not sure how to express their unique side. 

Intercepted Neptune: These people may have had their imaginations suppressed by their family or parents, they may not have been able to develop their own dreamy, imaginative side.  

Intercepted Pluto: These people were taught that the darkness in life should be avoided and not explored. These people often feel the need to explore this darkness but the innate fear they have prohibits them to do so.