hc where kaneki is rarely ever alone when he returns underground,

except that one time that he came back like unexplainably covered in filth, at which point everyone she asked simply frowned and pointed touka to the bathroom he was using to clean up.

that there’s areas for bathing at all underground is fortunate for the lot of them burrowed down here. (and probably more thanks to tsukiyama’s maneuvering than anything else.) touka follows a trail of muddy footsteps — a gray puddle pooling beneath clothing wrung out and hung to dry on a bowed wire — and then, finally, a door with light beneath, which she opens. there’s a flutter of water.

“— touka-chan,” kaneki realizes. he scrambles to cover himself up, and then stops, grimacing.

“welcome back,” touka tells him.

“yeah…i’m back.” he smiles. “hello.”

“want some help?” she asks, and kaneki blinks at her. he seems confused.

“no, i don’t need…” he starts, and then he trails off.

“okay,” he says, quietly.

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This is a base design for one of Drew’s friends, Eve!

Her hair are tied up twice (the second know it’s not pretty clear) but considering to make her hair to be untied (probably I’ll go for untied)

this is like the beginning of her design so there are no sure things, no shapes are canon, gonna keep the colors, the mole under her eye and the freckles everywhere

She’s v positive and her favorite season is fall

Elizabeth Poldark Appreciation Week?

Hey ho, fellow Poldark fans!

Today, whilst making some Poldark season 1 screencaps and edits, I stumbled across an idea to make Elizabeth Chynoweth-Poldark-Warleggan appreciation week, sometime in August.

I know that she may not be the most popular character in this fandom, but I know a fairly decent amount of people here who actually DO like her, and perhaps it would be nice to make such a thing? I don’t know if something like this was organized before, but anyone would be interested? 

If a relatively big number of people is willing to partake, then I can start thinking of more precise things, like the exact date, themes for each day of the week, and so on. :)

Like/reblog/comment/message/ask me if you would like to participate, and even if you’re not Elizabeth fan, feel free to reblog and spread the news. :)

anonymous asked:

i'm not a terf & disagree with the majority of their stuff but i wish y'all would leave lesbians alone who wouldn't date/are wary of trans women. i'm sure there are lovely trans women existing right now but trans women's violence rates are scary. they match men's, women's are 10x lower. a trans women murdered a black lesbian couple & their black son not long ago. they rape/pester for sex from women in shelters. they blackmail lesbians into sex. seriously grow up and stop being afraid of radfems.

i have no problem with lesbians knowing what they’re attracted to and dating who they want to date, that’s everyone’s own decision to make for themselves. but that mindset that you have of demonizing trans women is extremely backwards and transphobic. trans women are not sex-crazed murdering rapists?? in fact, trans women (especially trans women of color) have the highest murder rate in the united states, with already 15 reported murders in the us in 2017 alone according to the Human Rights Campaign ( and where are your sources of trans women attacking/killing/raping lesbians? because the only things i could find were extremely offensive and transphobic threads on reddit and an article that referred to being a trans woman as a “psychological disorder that causes them to claim that they are actually female, even though they are male.” despite what you may believe, anon, trans women are not monsters. they are people, and extremely marginalized and discriminated against. although there is an argument that trans women harbor a tendency for violence like men, there really isn’t any data that can prove that, and i really see that as yet another way to invalidate trans women identities and demonize them. it’s very much like when white people like to generalize all black people as lazy and violent when that really isn’t the case. while i’m sure that there are violent trans women in this world, it’s dangerous and transphobic to let the actions of a few speak for all trans women. ultimately, i think that you are very poorly informed on this topic and are allowing fear mongering and transphobic opinions to cloud your view of trans women. seriously grow up and stop being afraid of trans women (lol). and again, if you disagree with me that’s fine, just don’t follow my blog or interact with me. i promise i’m okay with that.


I had promised a KiriBaku kid something like months ago, and tbh most of the reason why it took me this long is because I couldn’t pick between these two so?? In the end just have them both I guess - some info about them under cut, in case you wanna know more!!

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