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can you imagine probably how nervous/scared he was??? after growing his hair out for AGES it feels kinda like a security blanket and cutting it is genuinely scary but he was doing it for the movie, a brand new chapter in his life and i think its so cool that they caught this moment in the magazine??? not to be fake deep but im obsessed w this one 

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You are going to be great; you're not going to be perfect, but you will be great. I hope your roommate is open to getting addicted to Gravity Falls with you, that your professors are nice, the application process is straight-forward, and that you have a good year over-all. Ford would be incredibly proud.

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Ezekiel, dreaming of something that is almost but not quite like the Living Creatures of Ezekiel 1, as these are not tetramorphs– but on the other hand I wouldn’t like to try fitting a tetramorph and a sleeping Ezekiel into an illuminated initial that only spans six lines.

In the Middle Ages, these four creatures – angel, lion, ox, and eagle – were also thought to symbolize the four writers of the Gospels. This is easy to remember because the order in which the Gospels are arranged – Matthew, Mark, Luke, John – turns the first letters of the symbols into the handy-dandy mnemonic ALOE. Good for the soul in need of salvation and for skin in need of recovery from sun damage!

Manuscript description and digital images can be found here at OPenn.

Fol. 271v, Ms. Codex 236
Bible. Latin. Vulgate. [Biblia sacra manuscripta] [manuscript]
Origin: [France?, ca. 1235-1240]

The Christian Mystery of Initiation

After all we have told you about the Gnosis, you know that the gospel must be taken as a mystery of initiation. We do not see historical reports in the Holy Language, but the very real activity of the person who works their way upward on the path.

The gospel, as one of the expressions of the universal doctrine, places the pupil before the requirement of producing what is essentially real. Understanding it in this way, we can liberate ourselves from the immersion in time, experienced by our fellow human beings, who speculatively look back in history and resort to affected sentimentality in sermons, music, and singing without any understanding whatsoever. That is why we approach these matters according to the new gnostic dimension and encourage one another along this path to the Mount of Olives, to the Garden of Gethsemane, hoping and praying that we may understand one another in spirit and in truth.

The Christian mystery of initiation is a very wonderful and strange story. It is a sequence of processes that cannot possibly be understood by a layman, because it requires deep insight into the sacred universal science. Understanding these processes is the grace that touches those who have been lifted up. Before the orange-red rose can unfold in the sunlight, the roots of the plant must force their way into the dark earth to obtain necessary food. In order to understand the things pertaining to the new, true, and original life, it is necessary to possess a corresponding state of consciousness. A person who lacks such a state has ears, but they are deaf; they have eyes, but they are blind. Nothing and no one can help them; they simply lack the sense organs required for understanding.

This is why we speak of sublunary consciousness and gnostic consciousness and, also, of two absolutely distinct types of people, showing not only spiritual and moral differences but also bodily differences. The differences between these two types are at a given point so basic, that finally the can no longer live in the same world. Each type needs a different life-field, a different respiration-field, a different vibration-field. This is why, in the history of the world, we witness from time to time a parting of the ways between the earthly human type and the human type belonging to the new field of life. The Holy Language calls it the separation of the sheep and the goats, of the righteous and the unrighteous.

Professor Lupin


Crown The Empire - “The Initiation” (Live Music Video)


NEWS FLASH huge nervous wreck finally overcomes fear of people watching them draw (well baby steps anyway, IM JUST SO GLAD I FINALLY DID A SPEEDPAINT) !!!!!!!!!!!!