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Kirk Douglas, en plena acció, interpreta ‘Johnny Hawks’  a “Pacte d’honor” (‘The Indian Fighter’),1955. Western estatunidenc dirigit per André De Toth. Producció: Bryna Productions. Comparteix cartell amb Elsa Martinelli  (Onahti), Walter Matthau (Wes Todd), Diana Douglas (Susan Rogers).  Oregon 1870. L'explorador Johnny Hawks, és enviat amb Núvol Vermell (Red Cloud) cap dels Sioux per tal de demanar-li l'autorització de fer travessar una comitiva pel seu territori. Però dos renegats, a la recerca d'una mina d'or, assassinen Llop Gris un membre de la tribu.


The Indian Fighter (1956)

Dir. André de Toth

For the most part, this is a very average Western. But it does contain some shockingly beautiful mid-50s CinemaScope cinematography.

This scene in particular was very striking. It takes place right as a wagon train stops for the night while traveling through Sioux territory. De Toth and cinematographer Wilfred M. Cline (who had been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Cinematography, Color for his work in 1941’s Aloma of the South Seas) present us with an extended tracking shot moving from right to left. The camera travels along a single horizontal axis much like the infamous traffic jam scene in Jean-Luc Godard’s Weekend (1967). But unlike Godard’s camera which traveled nonstop, De Toth and Cline’s camera pauses occasionally to present the audience with a series of tableaux. All of this is done without any editing.

This is a marvelous demonstration of Hollywood exploring the limits and capabilities of widescreen cinematography in an era when the American public was abandoning movie theaters for home television sets at an astonishing rate. Since television sets couldn’t provide audiences with color or widescreen images, Hollywood made these primary selling points for their films. But not all filmmakers and cinematographers were able to easily adapt to the new technological and aesthetic demands of widescreen cinematography. Many CinemaScope films from this era suffered because their filmmakers literally didn’t know what to do with so much onscreen space that needed to be filled. So, again, this sequence represents an incredible experiment in cinematic form and format.

(I wish my copy of the film wasn’t so blurry…)

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Alan Hale Jr.
Walter Abel
Diana Douglas
Elsa Martinelli
Eduard Franz
Walter Matthau
Lon Chaney Jr.
Kirk Douglas

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Douglas tries to convince the Sioux to leave his. Plot. The Indian Fighter | Read the The Indian Fighter movie synopsis, view the movie trailer, get cast and crew information, see movie photos, and more on The Indian Fighter (1955) With Kirk Douglas, Elsa Martinelli, Walter Matthau. The Indian Fighter: Kirk Douglas, Elsa Martinelli. The Indian Fighter (1955) - IMDb Director: Andr De Toth. The Indian Fighter: Andre De Toth: Amazon Instant Video Synopsis: Trail guide Kirk Douglas agrees to shepherd a wagon train through Sioux territory. Download The Indian Fighter Download Watch The Indian Fighter Full. Richards. The Indian Fighter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Indian Fighter is a 1956 Western movie. Johnny Hawks is a man who made his name fighting Indians. These all classic and many sure Joe. It is from an original story by Robert L. Douglas tries to convince the Sioux to leave his. Douglas tries to convince the Sioux to leave his charges alone, but such. Kirk Douglas, Walter Matthau and Lon Chaney star in this “exciting account” (Leonard Maltin) about a man who made his name fighting Indians but now must use his

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The Indian Fighter movie download

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Alan Hale Jr.
Diana Douglas
Lon Chaney Jr.
Elisha Cook Jr.
Eduard Franz
Kirk Douglas
Walter Abel
Ray Teal
Elsa Martinelli
Walter Matthau

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The Indian Fighter | Moviefone - Movies | Movie Times | Tickets. The Indian Fighter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Indian Fighter is a 1956 Western movie. Actors: Kirk Douglas: Johnny Hawks Elsa Martinelli: Onahti Walter Matthau: Wes Todd. The Indian Fighter is trail guide Kirk Douglas, who agrees to shepherd a wagon train through Sioux territory. The Indian Fighter (1955) - IMDb With Kirk Douglas, Elsa Martinelli, Walter Matthau, Diana Douglas. The Indian Fighter (1955) - Critics’ Reviews - MSN Movies The Indian Fighter (1955) critics’ reviews: movie reviews and rating for The Indian Fighter The Indian Fighter (1955) - Full cast and crew Director: Andr De Toth. Plot. The Indian Fighter (1955) - Overview - MSN Movies The Indian Fighter is trail guide Kirk Douglas , who agrees to shepherd a wagon train through Sioux territory. . The Indian Fighter | Read the The Indian Fighter movie synopsis, view the movie trailer, get cast and crew information, see movie photos, and more on Douglas tries to convince the Sioux to leave his. Richards. A scout leading a wagon train through hostile Indian country unwittingly gets involved with a Sioux. Produced by Samuel P. The Indian Fighter: Andre De Toth: Amazon Instant Video Synopsis: Trail guide Kirk Douglas agrees to shepherd a wagon train through Sioux territory. It is from an original story by Robert L. The Indian Fighter: Kirk Douglas, Elsa Martinelli

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movie Golem: The Petrified Garden
DU textbook labels Bhagat Singh as 'revolutionary terrorist'

A major controversy erupted on Wednesday after Delhi University textbook labelled Indian freedom fighter Bhagat Singh as a ‘revolutionary terrorist’. Expressing disappointment, grandson of Bhagat Singh’s younger brother, Yadvender Singh Sandhu said it is unfortunate as they sacrificed their lives for India’s freedom. Meanwhile, historian S Irfan Habib said the meaning of terrorism has changed with the growing time, adding that now using terrorist with Bhagat Singh will offend people.
Interview with SFL CEO Bill Dosanjh: “Expect an MMA revolution in India soon”
Bill Dosanjh with Co-founder and pro boxer Amir khan

In 2012, celebrated professional boxer Amir Khan and British business tycoon Bill Dosanjh created the Super Fight League (SFL), in an attempt to setup a platform for Indian Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters.

It also brought in fighters from across the globe to give Indian fighters the required exposure for future international events. Since it’s inception, the league has helped MMA become the second highest viewed sport online in India, behind cricket.

Considering the popularity of cricket in India, SFL has successfully capture the young Indian market, which is slowly but surely entering the contact sports realm.

Now heading into it’s third season, Sportskeeda caught up with SFL CEO Bill to discuss how the new edition will change India’s MMA scenario.  

Q.India as a sporting nation is extremely cricket centric, how do you plan to inculcate an MMA culture or even digress the perception from the standard norm? 

One of the reasons MMA is the fastest growing sports in USA is because contact sports is in their educationsystems. For example wrestling is a part of every high school in the nation, similarly in India, we have the likes of wrestling in ‘akhadas,’ and to a massive extent Kabaddi in rural areas as well. Hence I firmly believe the core fundamental definitely exist in here, it’s now our job to streamline it. 

The fact that we are the second highest viewed sports league online, just behind cricket, also highlights how the young crowd really want to be a part of it. 

Q. Could give us some insight into the upcoming MMA league in India? 

In the coming few weeks, you will get to learn a lot about the things that we have planned. We really want to keep it a surprise as it will be quite intriguing to see this implemented in MMA. What I can tell you is that the team format has caught up with sport in India and we are looking to capitalise on that concept. 

Q. You have done several live shows in the USA, how do you think the American and Indian MMA scenario are different?

I’ll tell you what, US of course has pioneered the broadcasting of the sport. However, social media numbers in India have actually been very positive. You log onto Twitter, FB or YouTube, the numbers for SFL are very high. Both are very different, but as I said the core fundamentals are same, and we are expecting it to only get better.

Q, Amir Khan is arguably one of the most famous boxers in the world, are there any plans to use him as a tool to promote the league abroad?

Absolutely, I think after Pacquaio and Mayweather Aamir is one of the most famous boxers internationally. His fight on May 7 in Las Vegas is a headline fight, that’s how popular he is. He is electrifying around the ring and has a sense of agility about him, which him very popular. He is aware of the popularity of MMA in the US and UK, and wants to build it here in India. Ever since we setup this brand, our goal has been to bring the brand to India. 

Q.Will there be a major TV broadcaster as well for the league this time? 

Definitely, we are talking to several of the big sports channels, who seem very positive about what we have pitched forward to them. We really want add to our online presence. The Pro Kabaddi League showed how TV broadcasting changes a sport, and definitely we want to be a part of that as well. There will definitely be a broadcaster. 

Q.Reebok recently launched MMA gear and partnered with the UFC, are other famous brand planning on cashing in? 

Yes, there are sports brands who have approached and we are in talks with them to build a relationship. Recently, SFL fighter Dhruv Chaudhary was part of a Skoda advertisement campaign, which did really well. Such exposure help us in putting forward a the MMA concept to the Indian mass. 

Q. As you know the ISL became one of the highest viewed leagues in the world, due to India’s population. Should SFL expect the same?

Since India is a highly populated country, the numbers will be high in terms viewership. But our goal is to related each an every audience member to the sport, so that people actually start participating in it as well. 

Q.Is the ultimate goal to match UFC’s success in the USA? 

We want to create our own legacy, our motto is not to ape the UFC, of course they have been very successful when it comes to marketing their product. We have a different landscape here, and also have an advantage because we are the first market drivers. Our realistic goal is that each MMA fighter can connect with Indian mass. Right now we are the third largest sports promotion agency, and SFL success will help us do better globally. 

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Video shows Indian youth as ISIS’ new poster boy

AN INDIAN ISIS fighter, who was reportedly killed in Afghanistan while fighting for the group in 2014, has become the new poster boy for the terror outfit as it looks to lure more youth from the country.

In a new video released by the ISIS features Indian terrorist Anwar Hussain saying, “ Jihad is our duty. For this we ( jihadists) have come from several parts of the world. Despite this, Allah ensured good food for all of us. We got best of best food and friends here. In this fight Allah has given us all those things, which one cannot get, even being rich.” Intelligence agencies believe the video is a propaganda technique to revive the recruitment drive as the attraction for the global jihadi outfit has been reducing among Indian Muslim youth.

Aaj Tak got exclusive video footage, which is being used by ISIS to expand its footprints in India. Hussain ( 39) a resident of Bhatkal town in Karnataka was a van driver. “ No one has provoked me nor did anyone force me. I have come here at my will,” Hussain said in the video. This happens to be his final message before he was killed in Afghanistan.

The YouTube video features a man purported to be Hussain speaking on his reasons for migrating from India to Dubai and thereon to Afghanistan for the cause of jihad and carries statements of men said to be his fellow commanders who recall how he died fighting but not before killing seven men of the “ enemy”. According to agencies, teams of Indians are undergoing terror training in Afghanistan from where they will be sent to Syria and Iraq.

The narrative of Hussain’s sacrifice in the 14- minute video is that he wanted his family in India to be informed if he was “ martyred”. In the beginning of the video, the narrator describes the background of Anwar Husain and the views of other jihadists about Hussain who say he was fasting the day he was killed.

The narrator says Hussain told other fighters that “ I will break my fast this evening, God willing, in the house of Allah with the houris ( virgins of paradise).” In the same video, a masked Afghanistani commander is seen narrating Anwar’s struggle to motivate India youth. He says Anwar was a ‘ fearless fighter’ and used to observe roza ( fast) during fights. After the training Anwar was supposed to go back to India to become a fidayeen.

“ Indian Muslim youth are being provoked by showing such propaganda videos. There are section of people who are also getting influenced by it,” said security expert Sushant Sareen.

Anwar Hussain ( 39) hailed from Bhatkal in Karnataka and was killed in 2014 while fighting for the terror group.

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I’M NOT FOLLOWING Please Uncle Stockie, Kona ji plz guide? Is he unmarried, widower or divorcee Dob of the boy is 18 Aug 1971 at 10.40p.m. in fatehpur sikar rajasthan. If he is divorcee or a widower, is he the father of kids?If he has any bad habits like drinking, smoking, eating non vegetarian. Also tell about his moral conduct and nature. We wud be thankful to u. – Radhey Um… … what? I realize…

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Strains of Nationalism

Was Jackson responsible for the Cherokees’ ‘Trail of Tears’?

Yes. And Harry Truman did Hiroshima, and Winston Churchill did Dresden.

Great men are rarely good men, and Jackson was a Scots-Irish duelist, Indian fighter and slave owner. But then, Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe were slave owners before him.”

This was Pat Buchanan defending Andrew Jackson and sounding furious about the warrior-president’s supposed demotion from the front to the back of the $20 bill. What is of note here is not even the fact that Jackson like other men long honored was a slave-owner, or that he was a butcher of human beings and a general bringer of misery. Instead, what is of significance is Buchanan’s adamant position that “great men are rarely good men.” Plainly and dispassionately noted, this is of course a true statement (and highlights why we ought to tame government and politics), though Buchanan lists it as a virtue and that such men must be held for all time as our national heroes and paid homage as such.

For a Catholic of his apparent faithfulness, and for his current ideas on America keeping out of a war in Eastern Europe and Syria, he does not appear to be one who has given adequate reflection to the past and how the same aggression he presently bemoans ruled as the state of things then. This is no call to weep about the past, for what can be done to alter it now? Instead, and far from employing the strictest standards of our contemporary sensibilities, and with enough recognition of the political affairs of human societies as they were back then, one can still conclude that General Jackson was a ruthless man who committed terrible deeds. One can render that judgment because not everyone during his time behaved in the same way he did.

The trouble with always saying we must only judge by applying the standards of the era in question is that such an attitude implicates all who walked the Earth during that particular era, and so long as an act was being committed at whatever time it was being committed it will by definition be thought of as being culturally and morally acceptable for that time. For instance, if we cannot apply our modern horror at the idea of human chattel slavery to 19th Century America, then why bother applying our modern horror to industrial-scale extermination of human beings in 20th Century Germany? So long as we accept actions as just symptoms and manifestations of their time, then everything is permitted, to paraphrase Dostoevsky’s Ivan Karamazov. Furthermore, it is a tautology. To say things happened during a measure of historical time because they were in keeping with the standards of such a time is to also say only those things that are in keeping with the standards of the time occur within any given measurement of time. It is self-fulfilling, and self-justifying, and ultimately means nothing that every happens can be deemed wrong. In the discipline of Logic, this kind of reasoning is immediately thrown out for it can never be proven to be a negative.

Buchanan though, as I have long noticed, is not so much a man horrified by war and empire so long as they are in the interests of some European Christian actor against a non-European Christian actor. This has long marked his feelings towards colonialism and imperialism in Africa, the Middle-East and other regions and continents into which the British in particular voyaged to go cause mayhem, exploit people and their natural resources, and impose the superstitions originally trafficked by the disciples of one man crucified in the Palestine area some millennia before. He speaks and writes warmly of the colonial projects that brought mass death to many, states that the possession of a superior culture and faith warranted these invasions, and yet now laments in tones of despair the reversal of that historical trend - with Africans and Arabs now transplanting themselves to Europe and even North America.

So it is not the act of “invading” that is the problem, the problem is who is doing the invading. The London mayor, Boris Johnson, echoed this same Buchanan-type sentiment when he just recently wrote as a riposte to Barack Obama‘s strong urging against a British exit of the European Union, that it could be reasoned, and indeed some have already done so, that Obama cares not a fig about Britain’s welfare because he is “part-Kenyan”. The logic here, and one long repeated before Johnson got around to it this time around, is that Obama inherited the grievances of his father against the British empire’s legacy in what became Kenya, and so loathes everyone from Winston Churchill all the way down to I suppose the cherubic Charlotte Cambridge. Well, I would hope not only Barack Obama hates colonialism, but that we all do. In fact, all Americans must consider it with distaste, for it was such an attitude towards it that made the United States an independent nation. But again, we get to see that it is not a principle that is held, but the players involved in its dramatization that ignite either support or derision. For Buchanan has himself engaged in discussions of the Kenyan Mau Mau uprising and the righteousness in crushing it. That’s a word he enjoys using in his weekly columns, “Crush”.

These are not principled proponents of human liberty, Buchanan and Johnson. They trust in a superiority of one people over another. I do not engage in cultural relativism. I do hold that indeed some cultures are better than others, but simply on account of practices instead of the righteousness of their gods or even worse, some argument from biology. Yet, no matter how fine one set of practices and values are over another, there exists no cause or reason for conquest, colonialism, enslavement, death and other dreadful, blood-soaked, atrocity-laden coercion. Some of the same men crying out for a free West and the urgency of its safeguarding against migrants and those who will not integrate, are people who can be found also voicing with pure glee the majesty of their once great invader ancestors. They cite the righteousness of their god and the superiority of their dogmas and think it justification enough to have spilled some blood towards some national end. Something tells me quite a number in the streets of the Levant and beyond share that idea too. To them Osama bin Laden was also a great man if not a good one, employing Buchanan’s logic. To them their god is the true one and so others can have violence done to them if it means bending their knees. Both sides of such fanaticism play with equally pernicious strains of nationalism.

While the U.S. Military did find, capture and massacre many of the followers of Dull Knife at Fort Robinson, the Little Wolf Band was never located or captured. Neither did they capitulate until their objective – “coming home” – was accomplished. Only then did Little Wolf agree to parlay with General Miles at Fort Keogh. General Miles, a veteran Indian fighter was very familiar with the Northern Cheyenne and Little Wolf, personally.2 ggSusa