A Classic….


This is the Pokemon that first achieved Honey-Badger level, “I don’t give a fuck. There’s an anime episode where the other Team Rocket members, Butch and Cassidy are running a salon or something, and they’re using this Drowzee to control all these other Pokemon. Of course things go belly up at the end, but what does the Drowzee do while everything’s going to hell? 

It dances. It’s does not give two shits about the world around it.

Drowzee is my hero.

Morality and Logic’s next chapter

This is my first SanderSide fic and I haven’t written anything in a long time, fanfiction or otherwise so please keep that in mind.

“Alright, kiddos!” Morality said, clapping his hands together. “It’s getting pretty late, we should all probably hit the hay.”
“Why? It’s not like we’ll be sleeping anyways.” Anxiety drawled, smirking at Roman.
“Oh, are you having problems sleep, Anxiety? I could make you some tea.” Morality offered. 
“That’s not what I-”
“That’s exactly what he meant.” Logic interrupted with a pointed look. “I propose we play one last round.”
“Why, Logan! You’re not usually one to put off bedtime!” Morality said with a small frown.
“Bonding and social health is important as well as physical, Father Dearest.” Roman said, wrapping his arm around his boyfriend. 
“A few more rounds isn’t going to hurt. Its charades ” Anxiety added.
“Alright, now I know you three are up to something.” Logic said, putting his hands on his hips.
“Afraid you’ll lose?” Anxiety taunted. 
“Now, now. Let’s not be rude, but if you all want to play some more I suppose I’ll play along. Our turn, right HoneyBadger?”
Roman handed Logan a folded piece of paper and he stood at the front of the room. 
“Ready when you are!” Morality said, sitting on the edge of his chair with wide eyes.
Logan pointed to his ring finger and Morality started shooting off answers.
“Finger! Hand! Skin! Knuckle! Finger!” Logic shook his head and mimed putting a ring on his finger.
“Ring! Ring finger! Jewelry!”
Logic got down on one knee and mimed pulling a box out of his pocket.
“Wedding proposal! Wedding ring! Marriage!” Morality shot out of his seat in his excitement, hopping up and down with every guess. “First comes love, then comes marriage! Engagement ring!”
Logic shook his head, a grin splitting over his face as he pointed to Morality. 
“Me? Dad? Morals? Oh! You!?”
Logic nodded and motioned Morality forward.
“WILL YOU MARRY ME!!” Morality cried excitedly.
“Thats it!” Roman said, beaming.
Morality flopped back down on his chair, a big cheesy grin on his face. “Ugh. I love this game.” He said, clearly exhausted.
“So?” Anxiety prompted.
“Will you?” Roman said, practically shaking out of his seat.
“Will I-?” Morality turned to ask Logan what they meant, only to see his boyfriend, still down on one knee, holding out a real ring box. He shot up and let out a high pitched scream before tackling Logic. The eldest trait was a mess of kissing noises and various forms of teary “Yes!” as he cried with a huge smile on his face.

“I think we lost this round.”

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Already pre-quidcrushing for all the teams I haven't yet been able to see but will see for the first time at the Polish Winter Games and the Eispokal. Looking at you, Berlin Bludgers, Black Diamond Silesia Miners, Deluminators Dresden, Honeybadgers Olsztyn, Kelpies Bamberg, Mannheimer Greife, Poznan Capricorns and Thunderbirds Trier.

I feel like the badger is an incredibly applicable and accurate representation of hufflepuffs because they can range from like these chill, cute little Eurasian Badgers, to the intimidating lil American fucks, the the goddamn African Honey badgers, which are like fuckin wolverines n you don’t fuck with that shit