The Marriage Rites begin in the Rite of Ka. The Mouth of the Dragon is OPEN! 

I lay a simple compass for this solitary rite. The bell is rung three times, and invocation of my intent is declared. I shall be the Bride of the Serpent Path, marrying myself once more to the Crooked Way, a rededication of my vows and oaths. 

My familiar spirit comes to me as I begin the acts of self-sexuality. I pour all of my sexual fantasies into the vessel before me, an image of my Self, my own decapitated skull. From out my cock steams of the sexual ghost are given up into the Holy Graal of the Sabbat. I cut my forefinger and dribble precious ruby Life to commingle with Death. 

The essence is stirred with my blade, and then offered up unto the very stars before being sealed within the Marriage Vessel. 

neibulae  asked:

last year in the middle of chemistry class my teacher stopped talking and looked like he had remembered where the holy graal was and then he reached into the pocket of his lab coat and took a bread out of it. and then he just kept talking and started to eat the bread like nothing happened. i still think about that a lot