Mark Hadlow: Thorin is trying to put all these slightly maladjusted Dwarves together as one body.

William Kircher: That’s why they’re the Dirty Baker’s Dozen.

Dean O'Gorman: The Dirty Baker’s Dozen.

Peter Hambleton: The Dirty Baker’s Dozen.

*Epic music*


Narrator: Forced into exile.

Narrator: Pushed to the limit.

Narrator: Thirteen armed renegades—

Balin: And not 13 of the best nor brightest.

Narrator: —on a desperate mission no one else dared to take on.

Narrator: Thirteen reasons not to mess with:

Narrator: The Dirty Baker’s Dozen.

from: The Hobbit - an unexpected journey; Extended Edition 


For @clois4ever30 who requested more Smaug!Roy XD Hope you don’t mind that he and I got a little carried away.. 

Coincidentally-ish, I also just learned that the final Hobbit extended edition comes out on my birthday next month (and it damn well better be enough to fix that atrocity that was the theater release). I just can’t escape it. >.<