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Hi there! I've been looking into trying to find some of the theatrical work that Dan has been in, because my first love is theater. Do you know of any sources for some of his earlier roles? Specifically The Romans in Britain and As You Like it. It would be great if these were made available to rent legally so theater nerds like me can appreciate them ten years on. So often, they disappear into the mist... Anyway, thanks.

This is a video with some clips and home movies of the 2004-05 production of Sir Peter Hall’s As You Like It with a very young Dan Stevens and Rebecca Hall

This is the show that lost Dan his First from Cambridge… lol. He went on the tour of the US thinking he could also write his thesis. 

There are to my knowledge no video clips of Romans in Britain or the other plays he performed in the West End like Arcadia. 

There are some clips within this Charlie Rose interview of The Heiress which was Dan’s (and Jessica Chastain’s) Broadway debut. I love this interview. There is a move by to release streaming versions of Broadway plays but limited engagements like The Heiress were not filmed in completion for public release (so far…). There are a couple more short interviews on you tube with the cast. (

If anyone else has other information please add it. 

I will treasure my memories of seeing The Heiress. My first Broadway experience…and it was truly magical. 😊

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HI ! I'm very curious about something : in the Top 5 lines Dan ever said ask you answered, you talk of The Heiress. Have you seen it onstage or is there an online version somewhere ? I have been trying to watch that play forever ! Anyways, love your blog, so nice to see the fandom is expending ! <3


I’m with you on the fandom expanding thing…I’ve been here four years though–started the blog in 2013 right after I saw Dan in The Heiress on Broadway Feb 1 and Feb 2 2013. Yes I saw it twice on successive nights–the first night I was only six rows from the front at the Walter Kerr Theater…. SIGH.

.. a life changing experience in so many ways.

 The play was marvelous. Morris was a broken man by the end, haunted now by a love he had let slip through his fingers… that last moment of him pounding on the door while Catherine (the luminous Jessica Chastain) slowly ascends the staircase will live in memory forever.

 Dan as Morris Townsend (which has only proven correct as more and more people see his work) was nuanced and clever. He made a three dimensional character out of what could have been just a mustache twirling villain. It is not available online except for a  couple of excerpts from the Charlie Rose show (which I highly recommend watching. 

I met Dan after the play at the stage door. It was freezing cold with sleet but he and Jessica Chastain met and talked and signed autographs and took pictures with every single fan. 

He’s a lovely lovely man. And I won’t even start talking about the hair… :)

SOOO glad to talk to another long time Dan fan! 

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Hi, do you consider Dan's hair to be blonde or brown? Or even bronde?


His natural hair is curly haired brown.

a mop of curls I adore… (and want back…lol)

Like sweet Nick Guest

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or dashing Edward Ferrars

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but as he said he was asked to “go blonde” for Downton (thank you for that…) 

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..but even that slid sometimes into that “bronde” you called….but it’s the blonde we love…

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oh sweetie…I love that quote considering what’s in store in the rest of his career…

namely this look

BadAss Dan in The Guest. Yes thanks Adam Wingard  for knowing that we wanted the cool as ice blonde look… and erm…the rest

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And so these days he moves between all three looks… depending on project and whether he’s home with time off…the more time off he has…the more brown his hair becomes… lol. I love them all…  yes even the hat look

He’s filming Apostle now (thus the clean shaven look in those fan pics and now a scruff as he’s got a few days off)…. the hair is looking good… I think his publicists etc prefer he stick to the blonde/brown scruff look just to maintain a single image because it can get jarring when he goes from this

to this

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or that…

so let’s love all the Dan looks… eh?

I particularly love this one… but then why wouldn’t I? I took it…lol

as Jessica Chastain says… He’s


Drab Majesty - The Heiress(2015)