“Justiciar Sunvein, Report.”

I should be more affected by the transition of power at Kiden. Lochlyn secured the Duchy and has built up its legacy more than ten times over what it once was.

Unfortunately, her current state would bring even rudimentary matters to an absolute standstill. She’s a shell of the woman she once was. A devastation to us all. 

Miraculous confluence of expectations, no one has objected to our Heir Apparent assuming his rightful place as our new Duke of Kiden.

I’ve worked with Lord Nishan for several years. I understand his expectations and precision; I make a point of being prepared to respond intelligently about every matter set before me throughout the work day, for occasions just like this.

*I have finished drawing up a dossier on Mister Slater. Sir Barrowman has delivered an additional dossier on the Arch-Druidess Ivyclaw. Both have requested to adjust their respective statuses from Independent Contractors to Citizens of Kiden. I have expectations to meet and speak with Inquisitor Rommell later today. Mister Mahi and Miss Redpath, however, remain in expectation of meeting with you at your earliest opportunity, Sir.*

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Ignis was raised alongside Prince Noctis to be adviser to the heir apparent. An intensive education instilled in him the resourcefulness and composure required for the role, his tactical acumen proving invaluable over the course of the prince’s journey.

Happy Birthday, Cooking Mama Ignis! [2/7]

The Three Pillars theory of Azula

Azula is one of the most fascinating and complex villains in children’s media, or indeed in any media.  She is both abuser and victim, both deeply cruel and deeply afraid.  Often, discussion of her breaks into two camps, either she was born the way she is, or that she was abused, and she was made into the character we see onscreen by that abuse.  Either she is a “psychopath” (an outdated term that has been widely misunderstood and keeps shifting in meaning), and she was born the way she is, and she either wasn’t abused, or abuse didn’t affect her, or she was abused, and how she was raised made her into who she is.  I don’t think either of those positions are correct.  There is no code that says that predators don’t abuse other predators, and there is nothing in the world that makes abuse magically not damaging.  I have spent a great deal of time figuring out what makes this character tick, and what made her stop ticking at the end.  So how did nurture and nature come together to make Azula?  Bear with me, it’s a bit of a story.

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looking for beta readers!

I’ve got a new project on the go, and I’m hoping to find some people who might be interested in reading my drafts. This would be for original fiction involving my One True Love called ‘Felixverse’. There’s a description under the cut! If you’re interested, reply/message/send an ask/hmu on Skype or Discord, and I’ll give a password and the url for the writing Tumblr. The first post will go up next Sunday. :>

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the known world: THE QUEENS THAT NEVER WERE  

        For forty-six years, the Old King and Good Queen Alysanne were wed, and for the most part it was a happy marriage, with children and grandchildren aplenty.
        Two estrangements are recorded, but they did not last more than a year or two before the pair resumed their customary friendship. The Second Quarrel, however, is of note, as it was due to Jaehaerys’s decision in 92 AC to pass over his granddaughter Rhaenysthe daughter of his deceased eldest son and heir, Prince Aemonin favor of bestowing Dragonstone and the place of heir apparent on his next eldest son, Baelon the Brave.        
Alysanne saw no reason why a man should be favored over a woman…and if Jaehaerys thought women of less use, then he would have no need of her. They reconciled in time, but the Old King outlived his beloved queen, and in his last years it was said that the grief of their parting hung over his court like a pall. 

                                - [ The World of Ice and Fire - The Targaryen Kings: Jaehaerys I ]

This Cruel Fate | Yoongi | Oneshot

Genre: Prince!au, Angst, Fluff, Christmas themes, slightly smutty implications

Word Count: 9,194

Summary: You lived in the palace your entire life and so did he. The only difference was that you were a maid and he was the heir apparent. Still, that single difference brought you together and held you apart at the same time.

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From the moment Yoongi was born, he had everything he could ask for. He had been born into the lap of highest luxury and no one questioned it. Of course no one questioned it, who could? He was the only son of the King, and therefore Min Yoongi was the only prince in the kingdom. If he asked for anything, it would be swiftly brought to him. No matter how high the price, Yoongi could have whatever he desired.

Except for you. 

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Royalty AU - Imperial Prince Adrien, heir apparent to the Agreste Empire

Read the fic here

(Marinette, Alya, Nino, Chloé, Sabrina, Juleka, Rose, Nathaniel, Alix, Kim) (other classmates coming soon)

Batman Incorporated: The best BatCat story?

There are many stories that involve Batman and Catwoman. Some are phenomenal, others are disappointing. When we think of the best BatCat stories, one immediately thinks back to Hush, or maybe something from the Bronze Age like “A Night on the Town’ and I would include Injustice as well (especially Year 1).

However, there is one story that always makes me think, “Wow, that might be the best portrayal of the Batman and Catwoman relationship”. The story is from Batman: Incorporated, issues # 1 and 2 (November 2010). First off, this story does not have the greatest plot, it has some decent dialogue and the art work is pretty good in places. But I believe it captured the BatCat relationship perfectly.

The story begins with Batman enlisting Catwoman’s help to break into a high security vault in Japan which is something she is only too happy to do:

After successfully retrieving the special diamond from the vault, Bruce and Selina continue with the primary mission of recruiting Mr. Unknown to Batman Incorporated. At this stage in their relationship, there are no secret identities and the attraction is still burning:

Let’s be honest - we all know exactly what they did before going to work.

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The Other Prince + A CS Modern Royalty AU [Chapter 4]

Modern Royalty AU: HRH Prince Killian has grown up in the shadow of the crown while enduring tragedy and the burdens of being the spare to the heir. With a desire to escape his past, he agrees to play host to the visiting general’s daughter in exchange for an eventual life outside royal bounds. Moving on is never that easy though and he quickly learns that being the ‘other’ prince is even more difficult when you find yourself falling for the girl everyone wants your brother to marry.

Catch Up On Previous Chapters: One, Two, Three
Also on and AO3.

Word Count: 5,549

Okay, here’s the next Emma chapter. I’m sorry it ended up taking so long to post - life got really crazy for about a week and this took longer to finish than planned. A little more backstory here and the next chapter will be the one we’ve been waiting for :) thanks for being patient with me. The reviews and flails are all so wonderful and they make my day! As always, all rights, characters, and my soul belong to OUAT.

“So you still don’t believe me?”

Emma nearly laughed at her father’s quickly drawn conclusion as he flopped down in the seat across from her. Peeking up from the recent issue of Time magazine she’d borrowed from her mother’s bag, she found the analyzing eyes of the man who’d just asked her something of a question.

“I never said that,” she replied with a sly smirk. “Just trying to process your new level of popularity. I guess I didn’t realize how much things have changed since I’ve been gone.”

His gaze was understanding and the tiniest bit concerned, almost as if he needed to hear that she was okay with this little venture. She’d assured him she was a few times over the past couple of days and even if it wasn’t totally honest, Emma knew it was the right thing to do. Normalcy was the next step in her father’s recovery process and if being in regular communication with a few members of the royal family fell into their now typical realm of “business as usual"….well, she would just have to learn to deal with that.

"It’s not that different, Em,” he started with a raised eyebrow. “I used to tell you all the time about how I was in the active ranks with the Queen’s son years ago. We were quite good friends even back then.”

“Yeah, but you also used to say you’d help slay the imaginary dragon under my bed,” she replied, matching his expression. “You can’t blame me for questioning what sounds like the stuff of embellished fairytales, Dad.”

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anonymous asked:

prince cassian & smuggler jyn (like han and leia) pls?

Boy oh boy did I do a thing…instead of a drabble this turned into a fic just shy of 3000 words (I also kinda probably tweaked this from what the prompter probably intended but….eh. It’s fine.) (EDIT: NSFW)

Title: my darling, i’ll tuck your name under my tongue

Summary: It’s beneath his station, what he was doing. Cassian couldn’t bring himself to care.

Read it here on Ao3

Drabble (in theory) Prompts for Rebelcaptain are still (tentatively) open but there is a line!

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casual reminder that maven:

- dealt with the psychological trauma of watching someone die in front of him in war (the fact that he could’ve been saved / his death could’ve been prevented is even more emotionally scarring)

- has dealt with manipulation from his mother based upon his insecurities / shortcomings and his lack of birthright to the throne, which has made him spiteful beyond his years

- has obvious father issues, mostly in terms of being set aside in favor of cal (as he is heir apparent) and self-esteem issues over perceived shortcomings

- has a rather obvious cain complex, in respect to cal (there’s no doubt that he saw himself as having nothing but mare, and sees it as cal’s fault that she loves cal and not him)

NOT saying this to excuse maven’s actions. not in the slightest. just to cast a bit of a light onto his psyche as king’s cage is rolling around and i know i’ll see a lot of unabashed hatred for maven regardless of his mental health.

heres me hittin you fast with multiple aus all the time always

this is one ive had stuck in the back of my head for a few days now, bc i love court dramas and medieval romances n shit. as per usual it’s a derse kingdom prospit kingdom thing bc im unoriginal but also its cute so don’t judge just yet???

anyway so dave is the dersite heir apparent after dirk runs off to find himself in the great unknown (whether that’s fighting or finding cute boys, who’s to know) and dave has spent most of his life not worrying about being king, but now he has to, and he absolutely thinks he’s not king material. all of his worries come to a head when dirk “seduces” the adventurous king from the other kingdom, which leads prospit to blame derse for the loss of its ruler. the citizens cry out for war or whatever the fuck, and bro (who’s derse king) is like, ok, well, daves single and ready to fuckin mingle, let’s marry him off and heal the fuckin bond between our kingdoms. bro holds a v quick tourney to see who is going to protect dave on his journey across the country and lo and behold its a tiny scrappy little shit with a long sickle sword and a scowl that could curdle milk. karkat’s prospitian, and he’s far too emotive and tender for dersite court, and it eventually melts the heart of this prince who’s learned not to show emotion or affection to anyone. 

ANYWAY that’s the bulk of it. i don’t think i’ll write it bc writing is hard but if any of you want to take a shot at it, go ahead.