And so, my dear, that is the inspiring tale of your people, and why you should feel rather privileged to be in the position for which I have groomed you meticulously. Are you not grateful?

Are you paying attention, protege? This is where your role in the story begins. 

The Handmaid (FB / IG) || Aradia Megido (FBIG)

megido rotation

Damara(ancestors troll) -> The Handmaid (beta troll) -> Aradia (alpha troll) -> Damara


 *just re-design.  u_u

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 *HS rotation finally complete!













Aw yeah I love the Homestuck ancestors

You know the ones

  • Spooky Psychic Sweetheart Wife
  • Badass Beast-Tamer Bull Husband
  • Sarcastic Sparky Psion Husband
  • Class Ass Crab Husband
  • Feline Fine Sign Wife
  • Matronly Mothergrub Wife
  • Aligned Lawful Lovely Wife
  • Irate Pirate Pilot Wife
  • Lorg Force Horse Husband
  • Mega Mirthful Maniacal Husband
  • Finely Tailored Sailor Husband
  • Fish Witch Bitch Wife 
Dreamworks Ancestors

(Suggested by anon)

The Signless:

The Handmaid:

The Summoner:

The  Ψiioniic:

The Disciple:

The Dolorosa:

Neophyte Redglare:

Marquise Spinneret Mindfang:

E%ecutor Darkleer:

The Grand Highblood:

Orphaner Dualscar:

Her Imperious Condescension:

Homestuck Ancestor Asks
  • The Handmaid: Talk about your favorite myth or urban legend.
  • The Summoner: Are you good with animals?
  • The Psiioniic: Are you an optimist, a pessimist, or a realist?
  • The Signless: Talk about a cause you're passionate about.
  • The Disciple: Do you keep a diary?
  • The Dolorosa: Are you the Parent Friend in your social group?
  • Neophyte Redglare: How strong is your sense of justice?
  • Marquise Spinneret Mindfang: Talk about your most valuable possession.
  • Executor Darkleer: Would you disobey the law if you knew it would save someone's life?
  • Grand Highblood: Do you have chaotic tendencies?
  • Orphaner Dualscar: Do you believe in revenge?
  • The Condesce: Is power important to you?